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    10 Weird Canned Foods That Are Surprisingly Good

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    10 Weird Canned Foods That Are Surprisingly Good

    For those who are preparing for tougher times, canned foods are invaluable. Of all the food storage methods, few are more convenient or long-lasting than canned food.

    If all you’ve ever done is browse the canned goods aisle of your supermarket, you may be surprised to learn just how much variety there is when it comes to canned foods. There is a lot more than just canned meat, veggies, and soups. All sorts of foods can be canned.

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    These canned foods probably sound weird, but they're actually very good. If you're looking to add some variety to your food stockpile, check these out.

    1. Canned Bacon

    If you are one of the many people who consider bacon to be the world’s finest delicacy, you’ll be excited to know that it is possible to stockpile bacon in a can. Canned bacon comes fully cooked, which means that it is ready to eat right out of the can.

    And while it may not taste quite as fresh as the bacon you are used to buying, canned bacon is certainly a passable substitute. Just heat it up in a skillet and enjoy.

    2. Canned Bread

    Of all the foods that might come to mind when you think of canned foods, bread is probably at the bottom of the list. However, there is such a thing as canned bread, and it’s actually quite popular in certain parts of the country such as the Northeast.

    As you might imagine, canned bread isn’t something you can use to make a sandwich. However, it can be a tasty addition to a number of recipes. I personally like slicing it up and adding butter and jam.

    3. Canned Haggis

    If you've never had haggis, you're in for a treat. It's a Scottish dish made of sheep entrails mixed with oatmeal, suet, and seasonings. Now I know that probably doesn't sound great, but you have to try it for yourself.

    If you already love haggis and want to enjoy it post-disaster, you'll be thrilled to know that haggis is available in cans. Just pour it into a saucepan and heat it up.

    4. Canned Hot Dogs

    The fact that “fresh” hot dogs are able to last up to six months is, for many people, cause for concern. If you need even more shelf life out of your hot dogs, though, you can always purchase them in a can. Several companies offer cans that are packed full of individual hot dogs. Not Vienna sausages, but actual hot dogs.

    Figuring out how to acquire hot dog buns in a post-disaster scenario is a different matter, but at least you’ll have the hot dogs themselves. Or you could slice them up and mix them with the next canned food on our list.

    5. Canned Macaroni and Cheese

    Macaroni and cheese is an American classic, and if you are worried about having to give up this food when SHTF, worry no more – Heinz along with a couple other companies offers macaroni and cheese in a can.

    Canned macaroni and cheese isn’t that much of stretch when you consider the fact that many types of pastas are sold in cans. However, given the popularity of boxed macaroni and cheese, canned macaroni and cheese is a food item that many people don't know about.

    6. Canned Pancake Mix

    Purchasing pancake mix in a box is a convenient way to prepare this breakfast treat. However, boxed pancake mix doesn’t have a particularly long shelf life.

    Canned pancake mix, on the other hand, lasts much longer and arguably works just as well. If you stockpile canned pancake mix along with maple syrup stored in glass bottles – which has a near indefinite shelf life – you can always have the makings for a breakfast classic.

    7. Canned Pork Brains

    Yes, this is exactly what you think it is — pork brains in a can. And it's delicious! However, you can't eat it out of the can. Cook it up first, and for a great breakfast, try mixing it with scrambled eggs.

    One thing that should be noted is the amount of cholesterol: 1060% the daily recommended value! So if you're trying to watch your cholesterol intake, don't eat this. Otherwise, enjoy.

    8. Canned Potato Salad

    A summertime classic, potato salad is known for spoiling rather quickly. Seal it off in a tin can, though, and potato salad is able to last for quite a long time. Outside of disaster prepping, we’re not sure why anyone would want to purchase canned potato salad.

    If you still want to put together all the fixings for a summertime picnic after disaster has struck, stocking up on canned potato salad is certainly a viable option.

    9. Canned Reindeer

    As one of the reviewers on Amazon said, “Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas' like a can of reindeer meat.” The Newport Jerky Company sells Alaskan reindeer chunked in gravy. It's good enough to eat right out of the can!

    Given the price, it's probably not the best food to stockpile for doomsday. However, it makes a really great gag gift or stocking stuffer.

    10. Canned Whole Chicken

    Canned chicken is a relatively common food item that you would likely have no trouble finding on the shelves of your local supermarket. A canned whole chicken, however, is another matter. Thanks to a company called Sweet Sue, you can purchase a 50 ounce can that contains an entire whole chicken stuffed inside it.

    Whether you find this idea appetizing or not is ultimately a personal preference. However, there’s no denying the appeal of being able to cook an entire chicken at a time when canned foods are the only thing you have available.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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