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    21 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Prepper In Your Life

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    21 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Prepper In Your Life

    If you have a friend or family member who is a prepper, you might be struggling to come up with a good preparedness-related gift they don't already have. After all, most preppers already have the typical prepping supplies such as flashlights, fire starters, and water filters.

    Instead, you want something they might not have purchased for themselves. Things they would love that they didn't know existed. To help you out, I made a list of great holiday gift ideas for preppers.

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    Note: At the time of this writing, all of these items were under $40.

    1. Titan SurvivorCord

    Titan SurvivorCord is a parachute cord that integrates three survival strands. The paracord is made from 100% nylon that contains 21 individual strands.

    Titan incorporated a single strand of waterproof waxed jute for starting fires, a 25-lb fishing line, and a 30 AWG wire that can be used for snares or conductive wire.

    2. Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

    All preppers know how vital water is to survival. People debate between the LifeStraw and the Sawyer Mini. The Sawyer filters down to 0.1 microns, and it filters 100,000 gallons of contaminated water. LifeStraw only filters 264 gallons.

    The Sawyer Mini is ideal for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, and emergency preparedness.

    3. Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle 

    The Nomader Water Bottle is a sturdy bottle that rolls up for portability. It can loop around your wrist for easy carrying. You can attach it to your bag for quick access.

    Nomader is leakproof with its patented, sealing twist cap that doubles as a hygienic spout cover. This bottle is made of 100% food-grade materials, and it’s free of BPA, BPS, PVC, lead, latex, and phthalates.

    4. UZI Tactical Pen

    UZI is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and has a durable carbide tip glass breaker for emergencies. If you're trapped or need to get out of a vehicle, you can use the end of the pen as a glass breaker.

    You also can use the pen to write, and it's compatible with standard pen refills.

    5. The Original Emergency Keychain Car Escape Tool

    Hopefully, your prepper friend never needs to escape from a situation, but the Resqme keychain tool is an inexpensive gift that could save a life. The high hardened steel double hammerhead can break glass with one punch.

    It's a multipurpose tool that can be used as a window breaker, seatbelt cutter, and other emergencies. Even though it's not a large tool, it's helpful when you need it.

    6. SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw and Fire Starter 

    Carting around a chainsaw isn't convenient in a survival situation, but a pocket chainsaw is the best option. Pocket chainsaws are great for backpacking, wilderness camping, hunting, and fishing.

    You might not be able to saw down gigantic trees, but you can take down small and medium-sized tree limbs for wood. SOS Gear also has a built-in compass and a whistle for rescuers to find you.

    7. Thrive Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit 

    Everyone needs to have a roadside assistance kit in their trunk. These kits are meant to be kept in your car for those bad times. It’s designed to handle most disasters.

    Inside of the Thrive Auto Emergency Kit, you’ll find over 40 content items stored in a waterproof pouch. A few of those items include rope, safety vest, tools, jumper cable, flashlight, first aid kit, screwdriver, etc.

    8. Don’t Die in the Woods Survival Tent for 2 

    Who doesn’t appreciate a tent labeled “Don’t Die in the Woods”? Aside from the humor, this two-person mylar emergency shelter is what you need if you’re in a pinch.

    It’s made of tear-resistant, extra-thick mylar that is more flexible than average mylar because it’s made with HeatFlex. This tent only weighs 9.5 ounces, and it belongs in everyone’s bug out bag.

    9. Swiss Safe Emergency Myler Thermal Blankets – 4 Pack

    Having a few thermal blankets need to be added to any survivalist kit. They are used by first responders to wrap around those who might be suffering from shock.

    Thermal blankets also can be used by runners and competitive sports players. You can use them if you suffer from hypothermia as well.

    10. WYSI Multi-Purpose Expandable Wipes – 100 Compressed Tablets 

    Chances are your prepper friend doesn’t have a set of these in their emergency kit. You might wonder why anyone would want compressed toilet paper tablets. Not only do people sometimes just need a bit of comfort, but these tablets can be used to start a fire, hygiene wipes, dressing wounds, and more.

    To be honest, these wipes are cool! Add a few drops, and you end up with a soft towel that you can use. These wipes dry out in seconds.

    11. Open Seed Vault Survival Garden 

    When we think about long-term survival, seeds are a necessity, and every prepper appreciates long-term security. This kit of seeds contains 32 varieties of all-natural vegetable seeds, such as:

    • Tomato Beef Steak
    • Lettuce Ruby Leaf
    • Corn Golden Bantam
    • Watermelon Sugar Baby
    • Radish Cherry Belle
    • Eggplant Black Beauty
    • Beet Detroit Dark Red
    • Cabbage Golden Acre

    All of the seeds are non-hybrid, non-GMO heirloom seeds. They’re open-pollinated seeds with a high germination rate.

    12. Ever Ready First Aid Israeli Bandage Battle Dressing

    A fully-stocked first aid kit is a necessity, but not all kits have Israeli bandages. This one is vacuum-sealed, low-cube packaging. It’s quick and easy to apply themselves.

    The dressing is six inches wide and 70 inches long. You can use these bandages to control hemorrhaging.

    13. QuikClot First Aid Advanced Clotting Sponge

    QuikClot is a must-have item in your first aid kit. This sponge stops bleeding three times faster than blood on its own. It’s tested and proven in years of combat by the US military.

    The clotting agent doesn’t contain botanicals or animal proteins. It confirms to wounds. All you have to do is apply the sponge to the source of the bleeding and apply pressure.

    14. Ven-Ex Snake Bite Kit

    You can hope that you never encounter such an incident, but the Ven-Ex venom extractor removes poisons or venom from snake bites, bee stings, wasp stings, mosquito bites, and more.

    This kit comes in a hard-shelled carrying case. It has two different plastic extraction cups to use on different bites or stings.

    15. Prepper’s Natural Medicine by Cat Ellis

    When you’re a prepper, you need to know how to handle yourself without a doctor. Cat Ellis teaches you how to use herbs, natural remedies, and essential oils.

    Prepper’s Natural Medicine is a guide to creating compelling and useful home remedies for any health situation. You'll find information on herbal salves, poultices, natural ointments, and soothing teas.

    16. Survival Frog Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag

    The Survival Frog Sleeping Bag is made of ultra-lightweight HeatEcho reflective polyester film. It’s a thermal survival blanket that only weighs 4.8 ounces.

    This sleeping bag compresses into a tiny sack, so it’s easy to carry in your backpack. Also, Survival Frog made this bag in bright orange, making it easier for rescuers to help identify you.

    17. RunningSnail Solar Crank Weather Radio

    Here is another must-have item for any emergency . It is an AM/FM and NOAA weather alert radio that broadcasts weather alerts for your area.

    You can use this during emergency and survival situations. The 2000mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of light or 4-6 hours of radio time.

    18. IUNIO Military Portable Folding Shovel and Pickax

    Carrying around a full-sized shovel might not be easy, so this portable folding shovel by IUNIO. It's a versatile shovel that can be used for other purposes, such as a saw, bottle opener, nail extractor, hoe, emergency whistle, and even a compass!

    The shovel is made of high-carbon steel, which is durable and robust, along with being wear-resistant. It folds up and fits into a carrying pouch.

    19. REXBETI Folding Saw 

    Saws are hard to put in your bug out bag, and it’s made of a durable 5K-5 steel blade that makes or efficient cutting during survival situations.

    The REXBETI saw is heavy-duty with a rugged 11” long-blade to help you saw through thicker branches. This folding saw can take down 6”-7” diameter branches.

    20. Sulkada 9-in-1 Portable Survival Gear

    This portable kit is a 9-in-1 survival case with a fishing tool, compass, survival knife, flintstone, whistle, glass breaker, bottle opener, paracord, and a gift card.

    The tools are made with aircraft-grade aluminum except for the glass breaker, which is made of high hardened tungsten steel.

    21. RediTape Colored Compact Fold Duct Tape 

    Duct tape fixes anything, and every prepper needs to have some available. It’s a multi-pack that includes orange, green, and yellow duct tape. The pocket-sized kits bond fast to surfaces and have high tack.

    So, you can keep it in a backpack or emergency kit. RediTape is the perfect balance between performance and versatility.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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