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    19 Survival Items That Will Last Forever

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    19 Survival Items That Will Last Forever
    Bottom image via Hunting Mark / CC BY 2.0

    There are two kinds of survival items: those that last forever, and those that don’t. Let’s talk about the former, shall we? As it turns out, yes, there are survival items that will last you indefinitely (so long as you take care of them) and it is these survival items that could prove to be the most valuable and crucial to you for when the going gets tough.

    Here are the top survival items that will last (practically) forever. (This is in alphabetical order.)

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    1. Alcohol

    Okay, alcohol and other beverages and foods won’t last you forever once you consume then, but it will last you indefinitely in the pantry in normal conditions.

    Alcohol will be very valuable in an SHTF scenario for a number of reasons. It can be used as a valuable bartering item, it can help alleviate stress in the middle of disaster (when consumed moderately), and it has many survival uses.

    2. Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar, commonly abbreviated as ACV, is a staple in kitchens with numerous health benefits. So long as the bottle it comes in is kept sealed and stored at normal room temperature, it will last indefinitely.

    3. Axe

    In a long-term grid-down scenario, an axe will be a very important survival tool. You'll need it for chopping firewood when electricity is unreliable.

    4. Can Opener

    I'm not talking about electric can openers or the modern ones made with lots of plastic like this, which will eventually break. I'm talking about old-fashioned can openers that soldiers used in World War. Can openers like the one pictured below.

    5. Cast Iron Cookware

    Cast iron cookware is among the most durable kind of cookware in existence, and it’s also very good at distributing heat evenly. BTW, here is how to restore and season cast iron cookware.

    6. Ferro Rod

    Although I recommend having plenty of lighters and matches on hand, you really can't beat an old-school Ferro rod. A typical Bic lighter will give you 30 to 40 minutes of burn time, but you can keep using a Ferro rod indefinitely.

    7. Firearms

    High-quality firearms will last you forever even after continuous use (shooting, packing them in a holster, etc.) to the point that you can pass them on down to your children or grandchildren one day.

    Think along the lines of quality and well-known guns that have a reputation for being well built, such as the Glock 19 or the Ruger GP100 or the Winchester Model 70. Those kinds of guns won’t ever fail you or breakdown, so long as you take care of them.

    8. Honey

    Honey is well known for being able to last forever. After all, there’s honey stored deep in the Ancient Egyptian pyramids that is still fully edible (even though it does crystallize over time, but all you have to do is heat it up to bring it back to liquid form). Here are some more reasons to stockpile honey.

    9. Knife

    So long as you invest in a high-quality knife, the blade should last you forever so long as you take care of it and sharpen it every once in a while. A knife is one of the most multipurpose tools in existence and will be invaluable to your survival efforts.

    10. Leatherman Multitool

    Leatherman multitools are among the highest quality multitools on the market. Take good care of the tool from rust and moisture, and you should still be using it more than ten years on down the road. The same goes for Swiss Army knives.

    11. Map and Compass

    A map and compass will continue to work a hundred years from now just like today (so long as you protect the paper map from getting wet, of course).

    The great thing about maps and compasses is they don’t require batteries like a GPS device does (this is why you shouldn’t be reliant on a GPS only for navigation purposes). Don't think maps are important? Check out these maps you should have in your bug out bag.

    12. Metal Water Bottle

    A durable metal water bottle or canteen from a reputable company should last you forever, even if you drop it on hard surfaces repeatedly.

    13. Mirror

    Mirrors will last forever so long as you keep the surfaces from being scratched. Not only are they good to view your face for viewing injuries or for personal hygiene purposes, but they can also be used for signaling.

    14. Paracord

    Good quality paracord will literally last you forever. You can use it for everything from shelter building to rappelling to hauling wild game out of the woods and so on, and it’s so durable that it can be used repeatedly in this manner for several years without it being ruined.

    In fact, the only thing that could really ruin paracord is if you were to cut and shred it apart with a knife (and that would require effort on your part).

    15. Pressure Canner

    Pressure canners are an invaluable item to have for storing and preserving food over the long term. They will also last you forever so long as you take care of them.

    16. Tactical Pen

    Tactical pens are pens built out of a tough metal such as aircraft-grade aluminum, and usually with a pointed end for defense. Even though the ink will not last indefinitely, the pen itself will and can sustain hard abuse.

    17. Syrup

    Just like honey, syrups such as corn syrup or regular maple syrup will last for an incredibly long time thanks to their high content of sugar. If you’re going to still be making pancakes or French toast after the SHTF, make sure you have some syrup.

    18. Tarp

    Durable ripstop tarps can easily withstand rain, snow, dirt, and the elements. Buy a tarp now, and even if you use it constantly there’s a good chance it will still be usable ten years later. Plus, tarps have multiple survival uses.

    19. Whistle

    A quality signaling whistle should continue to work several years down the road just like it does now. What’s more, plastic whistles float on water and won't rust from the rain.

    Emergency whistles are fairly easy to come by. There are even companies that give them away for free to people who join their newsletter. For example, the Scream Whistle.



    Survival items like the ones discussed above will be incredibly valuable during a disaster or long-term grid-down scenario.  Don’t overlook them when putting your survival and disaster preparations together.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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