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    The Most Likely Disasters in Each U.S. State

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    The Most Likely Disasters in Each U.S. State

    Every region of the United States has its own set of natural disaster threats. There are also threats for disaster that come from a state’s infrastructure, too! Military and government presence in your state is always going to present a risk of attack.

    These days we are seeing attacks on power substations and maybe even manufacturing could be a target as we are seemingly headed into a greater conflict with Russia than any of us would like to be.

    Let’s have a look at the entire US and the most likely disaster in each state.

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    Alabama is a coastal state and that is always going to come with the threat of major hurricanes. It is also not uncommon for tornadoes to rip through the state, too. Flooding and severe thunderstorms are another threat of Mother Nature.

    There are military bases in Alabama. There are two nuclear power plants in the state, too. These are targets of terrorism or warfare. Alabama also has a very high poverty rate which is usually linked to crime and in bad times this can lead to civil unrest.


    What people forget about Alaska is that it has the 2nd highest crime rate per capita in the US. This swath of land is so large and so unpopulated that most of it would be left alone to simply deal with the wrath of Mother Nature.

    Blizzards, relentless and deadly cold, wildfires, flooding, landslides, and avalanches are all part of that wrath in the state of Alaska. Preparations must be made to deal with natural disasters in Alaska with capability both on the grid and off grid.


    Arizona is an interesting border state that at the moment has some political division built into it. There is of course the fact that all Border States are facing a kind of war that no one wanted to admit was happening. Maybe INAVSION is the right word.

    There are military bases in Arizona and a couple nuclear power plants should be considered when doing a threat assessment in Arizona.


    Arkansas sees a variety of natural disasters and is one of the poorest states in the country. Poverty is a big problem and because of that crime is, too. Mother Nature is by far the biggest disaster the state would have to deal with.             


    California is a massive state. This makes it hard to hammer down the number one threat that this state will face. We know that every year the state of California gets hit with massive amounts of wildfires. Parts of California suffer so much because of things like droughts.

    In some of the largest cities in California the amount of homelessness and crime have hit unsustainable levels. This means that civil unrest will also be a serious problem for the state of California.

    All of that said, I think the most major disaster that the state of California will face is going to be a massive Earthquake. The world is quaking in old places and new places. It is happening more and more. Eventually it will happen in the US.


    Colorado is a diverse place that likely faces its largest threat from civil unrest. Larger cities will see more of this than smaller towns. However, with the drain on the power grid due to population increase and electric vehicles, it looks like Colorado could also face power grid problems in the winter.

    Floods are also one of the biggest threats that the state faces.


    There is a lot of money in the state of Connecticut. There is a lot of corruption in the state, too. Connecticut faces similar strain on its power grid, just like Colorado. Extended cold winter days will not destroy the grid, but the New England power grid operator warned that they might have to turn the power off should Connecticut have power demands over successive days that are very cold.

    Grid down disaster is what I would be concerned about most during a Connecticut winter.


    Delaware is a very interesting state because at its northernmost area it is close to some of the biggest cities in the nation. To the east and south the state is a little different. Though being a coastal state with a large river running through it of course carries concerns for flooding.

    Wilmington, Philadelphia, and Baltimore are all close to the state of Delaware. Civil unrest and/or human migration in a massive natural disaster are the greatest threats in Delaware.


    Florida is filled with threats. They are literally smashed by massive hurricanes. The invasives are taking over in Florida which is just another thing to account for. There is military presence that could be targeted in warfare and of course the limestone beneath the state is dissipating near the southern tip.

    If you want to prepare to live in Florida, then you need to be prepared to evacuate the state. Your hurricane preparedness plans must be up and powerful.        


    Georgia is a coastal city that faces the threat of hurricanes each year. There are two nuclear power plants that help power the state and these could always present a threat during warfare or a major catastrophe.

    Georgia is home to many military bases including Fort Benning.         

    Along with all of that we are talking about a state with suffering leadership and a severe reckoning with the past that is cause for civil unrest. I think this civil unrest will be its greatest threat in the near future.


    Hawaii, being the chain of islands that it is, will be cut off from the mainland in a serious catastrophe. Isolation could be an incredible threat to the people of the islands. What is most dangerous is its proximity to China and Russia as well as the potential of earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis being that it sits inside the ring of fire.


    Idaho is one of the havens for preppers but that does not mean it is without risks. Cost of living is rising as people move in. There is always the threat of wildfires. If you want to get seriously PREPPER then we could talk about the Mt. St. Helens super volcano.

    Practically speaking, Mother Nature is going to be your greatest threat in Idaho.


    Illinois is home to the city with the best gun control laws in the nation, Chicago. If you are anywhere near that firing range of a city, then that is by far your biggest threat. Of course, there is also the snow and cold in winter.

    They utilize a whopping 6 nuclear power plants in this state and have many military installations. It’s a pretty good target in warfare. The leadership is crazy, too! Steer clear preppers.         


    Flooding and major storms are the vast majority of threats you will face in a place like Indiana. This state is well positioned and a great place for preppers to set up shop. Not much to complain about here!     


    Iowa is another state that has to duke it out with Mother Nature as its number one threat. Severe storms, floods and tornados can all be a problem in Iowa.      


    Kansas is big and flat and gets battered by Mother Nature. In the summer it faces massive flooding and tornadoes and in the winter the temperatures are unbelievably cold with blizzard conditions. There is not a lot to manage outside of nature’s wrath in this nation.


    Kentucky has potential for manmade and nature made disasters. They have some big cities with lots of people packed in. The poverty rate is the 4th highest in the nation.           


    Louisiana has a healthy threat profile. It has a long history with getting battered by massive hurricanes. Along with Mother Nature's wrath this state is home to the 2nd highest poverty rate and the 3rd highest crime rate.

    Tough stats that let you know the larger city centers will be a threat. They might go underwater from time to time, but they are the true threat.


    If you are in Maine, then you must be prepared to deal with the cold. The winters are deadly and you need to be able to sustain yourself on and off grid. If you can dominate the cold weather, then you will be able to deal with Maine’s greatest threat.


    Maryland is a state that is politically insane. That is a growing threat, and the policies create serious threats to health and wellbeing. The city centers like Baltimore and the outlying DC area are a nightmare and only getting worse.


    Massachusetts shares a number of challenges both from Mother Nature and high population density. City centers are massive, and traffic is insane. You need to account for that in your preparedness. That said winter storms are severe, and the threat of coastal hurricanes still exists.


    Michigan is one of the few states with nuclear power plants. These are targets along with the military installations throughout the state. However, it is worth noting that Michigan faces some seriously harsh winters.

    Though there are densely populated areas and struggling cities like Detroit, you have to be prepared for the brutal cold of a Michigan winter on and off grid.


    Minnesota has taken a turn politically that I think very few people saw coming. Its major cities have experienced serious civil unrest. Still, the greatest threat that can come out of this state is by far the cold weather.

    The average lows through December, January, and February are basically 0 degrees! That is a serious winter, and you need to be prepared for that.


    You might not expect it but Mississippi has a serious portfolio of threats. The do not necessarily intertwine but they are all right there under the surface. This state has the highest poverty rate in the country. There are many military bases which could be considered targets and then you have a large 3-unit nuclear power plant.

    Mississippi is also in the line of fire for both tornadoes and hurricanes. I would say these are the greatest threat of all.


    Depending on where you are in the state, Missouri has a balanced threat profile between high poverty and rising crime and the threat of serious natural disasters. It’s a mixed bag in Missouri though the most likely disaster you will face next will be a severe storms, flooding or tornadoes.


    In Montana the US has the largest Minute Man missile base. In other words, the nukes come flying out of Montana in warfare. This will be a target and it could be nuclear target. While it is impossible to know when all that could go down, it is worth preparing for.

    That said, the real battle comes from the challenges of intense rural living with radical winter conditions. The most likely disaster here is severe cold and snow without power.


    If you can deal with Mother Nature in Nebraska then you are ready for the most likely disaster. Winter storms and flooding are the biggest disasters you are going to deal with in this state.


    Nevada is a very interesting place because it can be brutally hospitable in certain areas at certain times. Las Vegas is sin city and you know what goes on in there. That said, the increasing droughts are the most likely disaster that the people of Nevada are going to face. Drought conditions are getting worse each year.

    New Hampshire

    New Hampshire has the lowest poverty and crime rates of any state in the Union. This is another state where the most likely disaster you are going to face is from storms, hurricanes, and Mother Nature at large.

    New Jersey

    Jersey is one of those politically insane states. Civil unrest is certainly a threat throughout the most populated areas. Being an east coast state, the population density is a serious concern. Serious threats from hurricanes are rare but they can happen.

    I really think states like these are suffering the disaster of so many things like the destruction of policing and rampant drug use that it kills 10's of thousands a year in our nation. The disaster of the State when government becomes too powerful.

    New Mexico

    New Mexico is home to high poverty and the HIGHEST crime rate in the nation. New Mexico is suffering because it is a border state and that is the greatest disaster in the state. It is unfolding before our very eyes.

    New York

    New York state often makes people think of NYC but that is just a small portion of the state. I think the great disaster that the entire state of New York is facing will be the radical climate policies of the state they live in and how they deal with the winters of upstate New York and Western New York.

    North Carolina

    The population is booming in North Carolina and the politics are changing. There are 3 nuclear power plants and military presence. However, the most likely disaster this state is going to face is most certainly Hurricanes because of its coastal location.

    North Dakota

    The insane cold of North Dakota winters is undoubtedly the greatest threat that the people of North Dakota face. Be prepared to face subzero temperatures off grid.


    The big cities in Ohio suffer from all the issues that big cities suffer. That said the state of Ohio is likely to suffer greater issues from severe storms, floods, and winter storms.


    Oklahoma is smack in tornado alley and it gets hit by some big ones every year. This is undoubtedly the most likely threat in Oklahoma.


    The capital city of Oregon has been taken over by street violence and Antifa. It is undoubtedly an ongoing threat for the people who live there. Still, there is plenty for Oregon to deal with when it comes to natural disasters. Wildfires are the greatest concern.


    Pennsylvania’s two largest cities are both suffering from massive problems with drugs and crime. If you are outside the reach of that chaos, then you have Mother Nature's wrath to deal with. Pennsylvania gets almost every kind of bad weather and natural disasters. It can flood and it can have tornadoes, it can face massive snow storms and it can also face heat waves!

    Rhode Island

    Rhode Island is a small state that is big on price. It’s expensive to live there. The politics of the state make it hard to prepare and be self-sufficient. There are tough gun laws, homeschooling laws, and high taxes. In a small state like this you will face natural disasters, but the governing body is the real disaster.

    South Carolina

    This state will be faced with coastal natural disasters and that is the most likely threat, but it is worth mentioning that they are home to 5 military bases and 4 nuclear power plants.

    South Dakota

    If you are living in South Dakota chances are you know that the bitter cold is your real enemy in the winter. That is the most likely disaster you will face. Winter storms that knock out the power are the issue.


    Tennessee is a bit of a mixed bag. It has a high crime rate per 100,000 people but it also faces a wide range of natural disasters. Severe storms, wildfires, and flood are amongst the most common.


    Texas is the largest border state and they are facing their most likely disaster right now. It is the warzone at the border that involves drugs, human trafficking, violence, and the Cartel. Though we have seen the power grid struggle under abnormal winter demand I would say the most likely disaster is the long term ramifications of an open southern border.


    Utah is a very interesting place that is setup to be a haven for preppers but faces some adversity from Mother Nature. Utah has its share of wildfires, drought, and faces serious damage each year from flooding.


    With the 2nd lowest crime rate in the nation, Vermont is a low population density state that will really only suffer from wacky politics and Mother Nature's wrath. They face things like severe winter storms and flooding.


    Virginia has a wide threat profile with the nation’s capital to the north and a major naval base on its east coast. Richmond was home to massive civil unrest in 2020 and the political climate is still unsettled. The most likely disasters in Virginia are power outages due to severe storms. That said, we just never know where things are going with war.


    Wildfires and flooding are two major concerns and the most likely natural disasters you are going to face in the state. You will also have to deal with increased homelessness and crime if you are living in the larger cities.

    West Virginia

    With such low population density in most places West Virginia is more about natural disasters then anything manmade. It is an inland state, so it avoids most of the coastal issues. You can bet on some severe storms and flooding each year.


    This state is pretty straightforward. You can bank on Mother Nature to throw a wrench in the works. We are talking about severe winter storms, floods, and even tornadoes.


    Our final state on the list is another spacious western state with low population density but it does have a lot to deal with from Mother Nature. All inland natural threats are on the table for Wyoming. Floods, wildfires, droughts, flooding, severe storms and winter storms.

    District of Columbia     

    Although not an actual state, the District of Columbia, also known as our nation’s capital, is home to nearly one million people. In this heart of darkness, the threats come from civil unrest and crime. Thought I think the greatest threat to face DC is the fact that it would be top 3 in targets in warfare. Which we seem to be tip toeing closer to.

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