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    What is The RICE Method?

    What is the Rice Method

    The RICE Method is the proper way to deal with soft tissue injuries in the legs such as sprains and pulled muscles. These sorts of injuries usually cause swelling and inflammation which can stop you from walking normally. But if you apply The RICE Method, you will minimize the pain and heal faster. This method is well known among athletes, but it’s important for preppers to be familiar with it, too. After any disaster that leaves debris behind–such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods–people helping with the cleanup effort are more likely to hurt their knees or sprain their ankles as … Read More

    Survival Food for the Poor

    Survival Food for the Poor

    I write a lot about survival food and supplies, but I’m also aware that most people are on a tight budget these days. Many of us are out of work and even most people who have jobs are struggling to make ends meet. All I can suggest is that people make a few sacrifices so they can get at least a one-month supply of food and water. It’s worth it. Look at it this way, if your financial problems get worse, at least you won’t have to worry about groceries for a month. I usually suggest people buy more of … Read More

    How to Haggle After the SHTF

    How to Haggle After the SHTF

    In first world countries, the prices in grocery and department stores are pretty much set in stone. You can’t convince the cashier to give you a better price. My wife and I visit the flea market on occasion, but even there the vendors don’t usually like to haggle. With most of them the price is what it is, take it or leave it. This will change quickly after a major economic disaster. Buyers will be strapped for cash and vendors will be more desperate to sell, so people will have to compromise on prices at flea markets and swap meets. … Read More

    How to Start a Fire with a Fire Plough

    How to Start a Fire With a Fire Plough

    The shit has hit the fan and the power is out. Despite all warnings, you didn’t stock up on matches, lighters, or a flint. It’s getting cold outside, and you could really use a warm meal. What now? There are many ways to build a fire without matches or lighters, but in my opinion, the best way is to make a fire plough. While it does take some stamina, it is very effective. One of my favorite survival movies is Cast Away in which Tom Hanks plays an everyday guy named Chuck Noland. In a very powerful scene, Chuck struggles … Read More