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    21 Items To Get Now Before Society Collapses

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    21 Items To Get Now Before Society Collapses

    Do you have what it takes to survive the collapse of society? Do you even know what that would look like? It’s almost impossible to imagine because we’ve been spoiled for generations. We want something, we go to the store and buy it.

    At worst, we have to order it and wait a few days or a week, but it always comes. Rarely are we told we can’t have something we need, like food or new socks. It’s never happened before. There are plenty of fiction books and movies that outline these horrific scenarios, but we’re all thinking the same thing—it won’t actually happen. That’s just the movies. 

    Until recently. Events are unfolding that have changed the way people think about the future. Now instead of enjoying the movie, we’re thinking about how we would handle the situation if we were in it.

    Could we survive a complete collapse of society that wiped out everything? Where store shelves are empty and there's no chance of them being restocked anytime soon? What then? It comes down to what you have stockpiled.

    With the idea in mind that collapse is possible, the following list includes some of the things you would want to have stored away so you and your family can survive. 

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    1. Soap

    It may seem like a luxury, but it isn’t. You have to stay clean and keep your environment clean in order to stay healthy. You won’t have access to prescriptions meds or doctors. Avoiding illness is your best option. That’s done via cleanliness. 

    2. Fire

    Not actual fire, but a way to make fire. Matches and lighters are an absolute must. And because fire is going to be the cornerstone to your survival, you’ll want a backup as well like a flint. 

    3. Generator

    This will make your life so much easier. It may not be an absolute necessity, but electricity to provide lights or charge tablets for amusement are just as important. A propane generator would be ideal. Gas doesn’t last for more than a year at most.

    4. Camp Stove

    This will allow you to heat water and cook meals without starting a fire and wasting fuel you might need to stay warm with in the winter. 

    5. Flashlights

    These are an absolute must. The crank style or solar-charged ones are great if you don't want to worry about running out of batteries.

    6. Water Purification Tablets

    Or a filtering system. These are a huge priority. You can boil water, but that uses fuel. Think long term. 

    7. First Aid Supplies

    You can never have too much. Keeping an injury clean is imperative for your survival

    8. Insect Repellent

    This will be crucial. Imagine no sanitation facilities. If you find yourself sleeping under the stars or hunting for food and water, insect repellent is going to be a must. Bug bites lead to scratching which leads to open sores and you can guess the rest. 

    9. Hygiene Products

    Things like feminine products, toilet paper and wet wipes are just a necessity. 

    10. Heirloom Seeds

    You’ll want to be able to grow your own food whether it’s on some land or in containers. You’ve got to have fresh vegetables to stay healthy.

    11. Candles

    For keeping the bogeyman away in the darkness. These are cheap and easily stockpiled. It will save your flashlights for when you need to be on the move in the dark or need focused, bright light. 

    12. Water

    This is a given. If you don’t live near a water source, you need to have as much as you can store on hand. If you have a private well, you’ll need a handpump or a solar pump to get water from it. 

    13. Food

    Another no-brainer. Dry goods that will keep for years. Canned foods and anything that is shelf stable. Freeze-dried foods are an excellent option as well.

    14. Sunscreen

    This will protect your skin, which in survival is your first line of defense. A sunburn can lead to dehydration. You don’t want your skin damaged if you can help it. 

    15. Self-Protection

    This is going to be huge. You aren’t going to be the lone survivor. Others are going to be desperate and willing to do whatever they have to, to survive. Your friendly neighbor could turn against you if it comes down to him or you. Make sure you have a good weapon for self defense and plenty of home security measures.

    16. Clothing for Every Season

    Wal-Mart is going to be gone. Things like gloves, boots and hats are critical to survival in the winter. If you don’t a woodstove to burn for heat, these things will keep you warm whether you’re inside or out. If you’ve got kids, have a few sizes stored away for their growing bodies. 

    17. Fix-it Stuff

    Tarps, tape, nails and the tools needed to repair your shelter. Shelter is critical to survival. If you’ll be hunkering down at home, you might have to fix broken windows, doors or a damaged roof. 

    18. Heat Source

    If you don’t have a woodstove or fireplace, you'll need some other heat source. Propane or kerosene heaters are an option. If you do have a woodstove, make sure you have plenty of creosote cleaner and a way to clean your chimney to prevent fires and CO2 buildup.

    19. Over-the-Counter Meds

    These will be a boon for trading and for keeping you healthy and comfortable. Think along the lines of ibuprofen, antiseptic, antihistamines and etc.

    20. Walkie Talkies

    To use when you do need to go out on scouting runs. You’ll want to stay in touch with your family and it is unlikely your cell is going to work. 

    21. Entertainment

    Puzzles, books, cards and board games will fight off the boredom. We’re a generation used to constant input and noise. Boredom is a dangerous enemy. 

    These are just umbrella line items. You’ll want to dig in and have backups for your backups. It’s a lot to stock, but when you think about never being able to go to Walmart or Home Depot, it’s easy to find the space to load up on the things that will keep you healthy, happy and alive. 

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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