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    10 Improvised Weapons for Urban Survival

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    10 Improvised Weapons for Urban Survival

    Wilderness survival is about man versus nature. You have to survive no matter what weather events, dangerous terrain, or frightening creatures you encounter.

    Urban survival, on the other hand, is more about man versus man. There are a limited number of supplies in the city, so you have to get what you need before it's all gone and defend yourself from the people who want what you have.

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    So while weapons are important for wilderness survival, they are absolutely crucial for urban survival. If you don't have a weapon during a major urban disaster, you're as bad off as someone who doesn't have a firestarter in the wilderness. You may still be able to survive, but it's going to be a lot harder.

    Considering how important weapons are for urban survival, you shouldn't just learn how to use firearms and knives. You should also learn how to use everyday items as weapons in case you're ever in a scenario where your weapons are stolen or you don't have access to them for some reason.

    In this video from Reality Survival, JJ Johnson talks about 10 everyday items that can be used as weapons. Here's his list:

    1. Security Umbrella
    2. Wooden Cane / Walking Stick
    3. Stryker Flashlight
    4. Carpenter Pencils
    5. S&W Tactical Pen
    6. Metal Ruler
    7. Maglite Flashlight
    8. Leatherman Multitool
    9. Write In The Rain All Metal Pen
    10. Stanley Extra Long Bit Set

    If you check out the video on Youtube, you'll find links to these items in the video description. Or you can watch the video below to learn how to use them.

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