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    20 Discreet Weapons You Can Carry Almost Everywhere

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    20 Discreet Weapons You Can Carry Almost Everywhere

    Everyone should feel confident they can defend themselves and their loved ones at any time, no matter where they are going. On the rare occasion that I HAVE to go somewhere that my gun cannot, I make certain to “arm” myself with weapons that will not break the law but still provide a barrier or protection between myself and the ones I love and the bad guys (and bad girls) or the world.

    Why would you want to carry a discreet weapon instead of a firearm or large knife? Well, I personally would never want to go anywhere without my gun – but I am fortunate enough to work from home, never fly, and live in a very gun-friendly rural area where businesses welcome lawfully carrying gun owners. But, not everyone lives under these types of circumstances and must find an alternative type of everyday carry personal protection weapons.

    Even if you can concealed carry or open carry your firearms with you virtually everywhere, that does not mean ALSO discreetly carrying another type of self-defense weapon should be discounted. A stealthy little weapon (or weapons) enhance your ability to protect yourself and those you love.

    When traveling to an area where there is no reciprocity for the concealed carry license issued in your state, or because open carry or local laws are not Second Amendment friendly, packing some alternative forms of self-defense could be all that stand between you and tragedy … unless you walk around with a police officer in your pocket!

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    The Benefits Of Force Multiplier Weapons

    A force multiplier style weapon that can strike an unexpected (albeit not necessarily lethal) blow to an attacker, just might save your life one day. Attackers typically target folks they deem as weak due to their size, age, or sex. 

    Carrying a simple, small, and discreet force multiplier weapon can immediately make you a far less vulnerable target if attacked by someone ever far more physically strong, larger, and younger than you are. 

    Even temporarily decreasing an attacker's ability to control your movements may be all that you need to escape or attract attention and get help. Striking back and inflicting pain may also dampen the morale or bravado of the attacker, causing them to rush away to find an easier target or to deal with the wound that you inflicted.

    Can I Carry Weapons On A Plane?

    Yes … and no. It depends on what type of weapon or item that can be used as a weapon and how it is transported on an airplane. There are a surprising number of weapons that can fly with you in checked bags: unloaded firearms, bow and arrows, billy clubs, cattle prods, and a host of others.

    While these weapons cannot be taken to your seat with you, they can travel with you so that you can carry them for protection once you deplane. All of the items on the list below, with the exception of pepper spray, can be taken on a plane in a checked bag -many to most can be worn on your person or housed inside of a carry on bag. 

    If you want to know in greater detail if a particular item you own or want to purchase can be taken on a carry on or checked back, visit the TSA What Can I Bring website to read the categorized lists or type on the name of the item.

    Top 20 Discreet Weapons You Can Carry Anywhere

    1. Box Cutters

    Utility knives come in a variety of sizes and can easily be concealed easily in a pocket or in some cases, attached to a keychain. This type of force multiplier would be considered a tool in most workplaces and not a weapon that violates any safety policy – but, they are not allowed inside carry-on bags (checked bags only) airplanes or some other modes of public transportation.

    2. Brass Knuckles

    Keeping brass knuckles in your coat or sweater pocket (or less ideally in your purse) helps any punch you can land pack a far heavier blow when in a self-defense situation with an attacker.

    3. Credit Card Knife

    The Cardsharp2 and similar devices only take up about as much space in your wallet or pocket as a typical credit card. Once unfolded, the card shaped weapon becomes a knife with typically a 65 mm cutting edge blade. While this knife is too thin to be considered for extensive or long-term use, it could save your life when in a battle with an attacker.

    The knife blade is commonly made out of surgical steel. Aim for vulnerable and thin parts of the body when using this knife – like the eyes, groin, mouth, and throat. Do not expect this knife to be effectively used for stabbing in the gut and causing life-threatening wounds. 

    4. Fast Strike Whip

    The whip portion of this force multiplier extends 12 inches from the easy to grasp and carry handle. The reach of this weapon helps to keep an attacker further away during a fight.

    You can use the backend of the handle as a striking or stabbing tool – paying special attention to the ribs, jawline, and eyes if the attacker gets past the whip lashing. The whip is simple and quick to deploy from a release on the handle.

    5. Hammer

    Keeping even a small hammer in your purse, glove compartment, locker, or desk drawer allows you a potentially deadly weapon that likely does not violate any office policies.

    6. Karambit

    This type of non-lethal weapon was created in Southeast Asia and resembles the shape of a tiger’s class. A karambit is a melee (or close combat) weapon that can be worn on your belt to make everyday carry far more discreet.

    It is hard and sturdy and designed to inflict as much pain as possible onto knees, elbows, head and hands It can also help protect your hand (or hands if you carry two) during a fight.

    7. Kubaton

    This discreet non-lethal weapon also attaches to a keychain. It is a superb force multiplier for striking an attacker in the eye, neck, face, and groin area. Kubotan are sold with either a rounded or a pointy end – I highly recommend going with the pointy version. This weapon is lightweight and can be nearly entirely concealed in your hand both before and during use. 

    8. Pepper Spray

    Attaching a small can of pepper spray to your keychain keeps it handy and ready to use at a moment’s notice. The attacker will be temporarily immobilized by the intense burning sensation in their eyes, mouth, and nose.

    9. Screwdriver

    This common garage tool can be carried in a purse, placed in a desk drawer, or a glove compartment and used to stab or strike an attacker. As Rick Grimes and his crew of survivors have demonstrated, they are also advantageous to have when engaged in hand-to-hand combat with zombies.

    10. Self-Defense Bracelet

    A weapon bracelet usually has a big and heavy animal or dragon head on the end that can be used to scratch or cut an attacker. The bracelet quickly comes off the wrist and can be swung like a chain to hit an attacker to subdue him or her or used to strangle an assailant. 

    11. Self-Defense Belt

    This is an effective force multiplier weapon that should be able to easily carry anywhere, but it still requires precious time to get it removed from your belt loops in order to deploy. A self-defense belt is typically composed of both leather and stainless steel so it can be used as a powerful whip to keep attackers at bay. 

    12. Self-Defense Necklace

    Stainless steel necklaces that are designed to look and function not just like jewelry, but also as a 380 gram weapon (about the weight of a big can of baked beans) that could be used to strangle an attacker or to secure their hands after a fight.

    13. Spike Discs

    These sharp little gadgets can be placed on the back of a ball cap, through shoe laces, or onto a watch band so they can be used to slice and dice an attacker – Peaky Blinders style!

    14. Tactical Ball Cap

    This ultra-discreet weapon may not be lethal but it still is a potent and potentially life-saving device. The weaponized portion of the hat slides off the front of the bill and can be used to strike, and hit attackers in a method similar to using brass knuckles. The polymer weapon is amazingly discreet and easy to remove and use.

    15. Tactical Flashlight

    These compact flashlights can be carried in a pocket. Purse, or in many cases, attached to a keychain. They often have a strobe function to help distract an attacker, in addition to the pointy prongs on the end that can be used for striking vulnerable parts of the body during a physical confrontation.

    16. Tactical Pen

    This oldie but goodie self-defense weapon weapon is compact, discreet, lightweight, and multi-functional. You can use it as a blocking weapon, a striking weapon, and a puncture weapon. A tactical pen is versatile and can be used for overhand, forehand, and backhanded self-defense moves.

    Striking an attacker with a tactical pen in the groin, ribs, neck, eye, or nose can yield the biggest impact. The pens can also be used for everyday writing—they are not allowed by some airline carriers.

    17. Tactical Ring

    Nearly any heavy and/or pointy right could help your punches be more potent and destructive, but specially designed tactical rings are made out of titanium and can feature a tritium glow bar so you can see what you are hitting.

    This type of self-defense jewelry also comes complete with built-in glass breakers and bottle openers. Some defender rings have a screw off “gem” that reveals a fine sharp point that can be used for self-defense.

    18. Walking Cane

    While there may be limits on the weight or height of a cane, it can be carried onto a plane. A metal or wood cane could easily be used as a weapon to hit and beat an attacker. There are some that come with a built-in stun gun (this one would NOT be allowed on a plane).

    19. Yawara Stick

    This lightweight wooden stick fits neatly into either a side or even front pockets on jackets and shirts. The yaware stick is a Japanese martial arts weapon that is used to target and strike pressure points – it can even break bones when used by trained hands.

    20. Yoogo

    This keychain weapon is far more discreet and easier to carry than brass knuckles – which may not be legal to carry in every state. The Yoogo channels the force of your punch into a smaller surface area, which martial artists consider ideal from an impact power perspective.

    Everyday carry self-defense weapons policies vary greatly depending upon your school or workplace rules or airline you are traveling. Simply because a product is deemed a non-lethal or non-firearm weapon does not necessarily mean carrying it will prevent you from having legal woes.

    Always carefully review the rules pertaining to personal items that can be carried or transported before toting them on or with you inside of a building or mode of public transportation.

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