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    6 Best Improvised Weapons for SHTF

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    6 Best Improvised Weapons for SHTF

    When preparing for a major crisis or grid-down scenario, obviously you'll want to focus on basic supplies like food and water. But keep in mind that the vast majority of people won't have any extra supplies. This is why crime always skyrockets after a disaster–people get desperate.

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    Ideally, you'll want to carry a good self-defense weapon such as a knife or firearm. But there are many scenarios where you might not have a weapon or might not be able to get to it in time. For those scenarios, you'll have to improvise. Fortunately, there are several everyday items you can use as weapons, and that's the topic of this video.

    Having lived through the economic collapse in Argentina, The Modern Survivalist has learned a lot about this topic. In the video below, he discusses six unconventional weapons you can use to defend yourself. Here's his list:

    1. Multitool
    2. Flashlight
    3. Pen
    4. Keys
    5. Bag of Coins
    6. Wristwatch

    Watch the video below to learn how to use these things as weapons.

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