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    3 Types of Guns Every Prepper Should Own

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    3 Types of Guns Every Prepper Should Own

    Every prepper knows that disaster could strike at any time – be it nuclear war, asteroids striking the Earth, or simply Mother Nature going haywire. Regardless of the method, we are definitely on a path towards fundamental destruction, and if we want the human race to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, we need to be prepared.

    Besides the usual supplies like food, water, clothing, and shelter, you’ll also need to know how to defend yourself and your family. Why is that? Well, after SHTF there will be a general state of confusion, and, according to doomsday specialists, every shred of civilization will quickly disappear from those left around.

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    This will lead to violence and you’ll see people around turning on each other or on you. In such a grim scenario, nothing can keep you safer than a well-maintained weapon.

    That’s why, today I decided to talk about the three main types of weapons every prepper should own and know how to use. Why three? Because there won’t be a shortage of enemies when the world goes upside down, but there would be a shortage of ammunition and weapons.

    So, to make sure you’ll manage to face the first wave, keep three guns close by.

    1. The Shotgun


    Shotguns are powerful weapons and can be used against big adversaries (or zombies for that matter). Even better, they are great at taking big game down such as deer and elk.

    Still, the very basic use of a shotgun is home defense and warding off looters. The best part with this type of weapon is that you don’t really need to be accurate, and it shoots fast and repeatedly – the perfect combination when you’re fighting for your life and you feel both adrenaline and fear pumping through your veins.

    The main advantage point of a shotgun is the fact that it can shoot using different types of ammo. You can start with small-pellet ammo and move up to buckshot which is great when you have to take down a huge opponent (human or not).

    Of course, these are quite big weapons and the recoil they develop can be uncomfortable. Still, with a bit of practice and some adjustments, you can easily get accustomed to it.

    If you’re on a budget, I recommend the Mossberg 500 Shotgun in 12 or 20 Gauge. However, if you’re open to investing a bit more money, I think the Remington 870 Special Purpose Marine Magnum is a better choice. The Remington is reliable and anti-corrosive so you won’t have to waste too much time on cleaning it.

    2. The Handgun


    Don’t underestimate the use and power of a handgun! Besides the fact that they are easy to conceal and a lot easier to carry than any shotgun or rifle, the handgun is also extremely useful in a close quarter battle situation.

    Still, I don’t recommend getting an automatic pistol – these can jam at the worst moment and they need special attention. If this is your first handgun, it is tempting to reach for an auto, especially if we consider all the recent action movies. However, in a survival situation, a revolver will be a lot more reliable.

    The revolver is safe and, in the rare case it jams a squeeze of the trigger will un-jam it. In my opinion, there is no safer pistol to use than a high-quality revolver, if you are a good shooter. Of course, to become a good shooter, you need lots of practice.

    Tom from goog gun is an expert in training shooters of all ages and using all kinds of guns, so I decided to ask him how long it takes to become good with a revolver. According to him, you need at least a few months of daily practice continued by a few more months of constant weekly rounds.

    But you shouldn’t just lie down and wait for the apocalypse once you’re good, you need to keep your reflexes sharp, so continue practicing as often as you can.

    For an SHTF scenario, I recommend getting either a .357 Magnum with 125-grain hollowpoints or a six-inch barreled .38 (or both).

    3. The Survival Rifle


    Also known as a combat rifle, this weapon should be in your arsenal for hunting and self-defense. It’s a backup for the shotgun, if you will.

    Many, when they hear about combat rifles, think about assault models, but I am not such a big fan. The so-called assault rifles are difficult to maintain and they do jam a lot if you don’t know how to use them. So, if you’re not an experienced shooter, I recommend a lever action rifle like the Marlin Model 336.

    This type of rifle shoots fast, comes with lots of magazine capacity, and has an amazing trigger action that even a beginner can master. It is also accurate, it’s not picky on ammunition, and you can use it to shoot anything from small to big game.

    Still, if you’re new, you should choose a rifle that fits your needs. While the model recommended is lightweight and handy, it may not be the best for you.

    A few final words…

    In my opinion, every prepper who owns these three types of guns should do just fine when it comes to hunting and self-defense. Of course, you also have to know how to use them, so make sure to practice as often as possible.

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