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    7 Best Weapons for Urban Survival

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    7 Best Weapons for Urban Survival

    Survival situations usually happen in one of two places: in the wilderness or in an urban environment. The wilderness certainly has its dangers, but a good argument can be made that an urban environment is even more dangerous.

    Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that there are bad people in the world that will harm you without thinking twice about it, and this is during normal times. When the SHTF, it will become much worse as good people may follow suit out of desperation.

    The most basic step that can be taken to protect yourself is to choose a weapon and to become proficient in its use. In modern times, there are groups of people that are adamantly against certain types of weapons and violence. To each their own, but just know that when the SHTF and lawlessness take effect, there may be a lot of people that do not share that sentiment.

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    1. Firearms 

    Man Choosing New Handgun In Shop

    Love’em or hate’em, a firearm is almost always the best weapon a person can have to defend themselves. A firearm completely levels the playing field between two opposing parties, and a person does not have to be well versed in its operation for it to still have a devastating effect. 

    However, to be at the top of your game and for the sake of safety, one should enroll in a firearm training course that teaches proper handling and use.

    Ideally, a person should own three firearms, a rifle, a shotgun, and a handgun. By having all three you, will have more options in power, range, and different types of ammunition


    • Easy to use
    • Variety of types to choose from
    • Short, medium, and long-range capability
    • Can be concealed
    • Extremely effective


    • Loud
    • Expensive
    • Some locations prohibit ownership
    • It's dependent on ammunition and a limited amount of ammunition can be carried

    2. Bow and Arrow 

    Man Holding Bow And Arrow

    While a bow and arrow are thought of as a primitive weapon, a bow and arrow is still a deadly weapon at various ranges. Depending on your budget, abilities, and preference, options include a compound bow, crossbow, longbow, and recurve bow. 

    A bow and arrow can be picked up at big box stores, sporting good stores, or you can make one yourself if you have the ambition and know how.


    • Simple to operate
    • Affordable
    • Arrows are reusable
    • Quiet

    Notice Title

    • Difficult to use in close quarters
    • Requires physical strength to use
    • Limited amount of arrows can be carried
    • Slow reload time

    3. Slingshots 

    Man Holding A Slingshot

    A slingshot is a seriously underrated weapon that everyone should take a second look at. They are not just some toy to be carried around in a back pocket but with the right bands and ammunition, they are capable of bringing down small to large wild game. 

    Simpleshot.com has a great selection of everything you need to get started and over the last year, I have used their Scout LT with great success. If you have never used a slingshot before I would suggest starting with plastic ammunition before moving on to steel shot. 


    • Very affordable
    • A variety of ammunition can be used including arrows, but a slingshot will require a modification to it for arrows to be used
    • Silent
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Most people do not find them threatening (this can also be a con)
    • Some ammunition is reusable, and ammunition can be scavenged
    • Simple operation


    • Dependent on ammunition and a supply of bands
    • Some ammunition can be heavy to carry
    • Requires a lot of practice to be used accurately

    4. Knives 

    Man Holding Survival Knife

    Knives are much better weapons than they are given credit for. They have been around for a long time and are used just as much as they always have been. 

    They are widely available at stores, restaurants, homes, and are easily improvised. However, if you have the time beforehand to prepare, I suggest purchasing a good, assisted opening folding knife that has a lock blade. This type of knife is easily carried in a pocket and deploys quickly. Along with a folding knife, you will also want a quality fixed blade knife that can handle heavy-duty tasks and will last a long time. A few examples are the Cold Steel SRK or the USMC Ka-Bar Knife.


    • Affordable
    • Silent
    • Concealable
    • Doesn't require much practice to use
    • Requires minimal maintenance and a knife will last you a long time


    • Only effective at extremely close range

    5. Walking Stick 

    Man With Walking Stick

    A good walking stick will not only help you traverse uneven ground, but it can be used in a lot of different ways. In this case, it makes a great close-range weapon because it creates distance between you and a would-be attacker, and when using it, the stick does not require a lot of force to inflict pain or damage.  

    A walking stick can be purchased from a store, picked up for free in the woods, or constructed from different materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. When choosing or making a walking stick be sure that its diameter is large enough to make it sturdy but small enough to wrap your hand around it comfortably. The stick should also be tall enough that it is above eye level, this will help to prevent any injury should you trip while using it. 


    • Can be constructed from a variety of materials
    • Free/cheap to make
    • Non-threatening
    • Creates distance
    • Does not require a lot of physical strength to use
    • Has a variety of other uses
    • They can be customized to fit different body sizes
    • Silent


    • Only effective at close range

    6. Baseball Bat 

    Man With Baseball Bat Wrapped In Wire

    This is one of those items that everyone should have, and I don’t think it requires a lot of explanation. They can be purchased by anyone and it is an item that is readily available. Metal bats are less prone to chipping or breaking than wooden bats but both kinds make good impact tools and are easily concealed in a vehicle. 


    • Affordable
    • Easy to use
    • Readily available
    • Quiet
    • They can last a long time and do not require outside resources to be used


    • Requires physical strength to use
    • Not as easy to conceal when walking

    7. Crowbar 

    Man Holding A Crowbar

    This is another item that I believe everyone should own, especially in an urban environment. A crowbar is pretty cheap, and it can take a lot of abuse without it affecting its durability. Other than being used as an impact weapon it can also open a lot of doors, so to speak, in an urban environment. 


    • Durable
    • Cheap
    • It will last a long time
    • Doesn't require any maintenance
    • Does not depend on outside resources to be used
    • Versatile
    • Readily available
    • Anyone can purchase one
    • Easily fits inside a pack or vehicle


    • Heavy
    • Requires physical strength to use


    I wanted to end this article by saying the best weapon is the one that you have on you when you need it and that anything can be turned into a weapon. However, some weapons are better than others, and with some foresight knowing which is which will put you in a better position. It is also important to take the time before a survival situation ever happens to practice as much as possible with various weapons. By doing so, you will be better prepared. 

    What other items do you think would make good weapons for an urban environment? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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