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    9 Best Canned Meats for Preppers

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    9 Best Canned Meats for Preppers

    When it comes to emergency preparedness, most of us understand the importance of protein. It's one of the main reasons preppers and homesteaders raise chickens and other livestock. Protein is an essential part of a balanced diet, and it's imperative for surviving off the grid and becoming more self-sufficient.

    Thanks to the recent pandemic, many people have stopped and looked at how much food they keep in their homes and whether it can sustain them for a long time. While some people hunt or raise animals for their supply of protein, most of us need to simply stock up on canned meat.

    Shelf-stable protein options are important to have in your home. There are all kinds of canned meats out there. Some are great, some are kind of weird, and some are downright disgusting. In this article, we're going to list the best canned meats that you should stockpile so you'll have plenty of protein when the grid goes down.

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    1. Chili

    Canned Wolf Chili

    A can of chili has both meat and beans that provide a lot of protein. You can choose to stockpile chili with or without beans, but either choice will give you a ton of flavor in a ready-to-eat meal. We like this pack of Wolf Brand Spicy Chili.

    2. SPAM

    Canned Spam

    Well known in many parts of the world, SPAM is a shelf-stable protein option that has earned its place on your stockpile shelf. It is relatively cheap and full of protein that is edible right out of the can.

    SPAM is best served when fried, which should be easy to do if you’re in a survival situation and already have the fire going. It's also very affordable, especially if you get a 12-pack.

    3. Corned Beef Hash

    Canned Corn Beef Hash

    This variety of Mary Kitchen Corn Beef Hash from Hormel is a good option for preppers looking for a one-stop meal. Each can is 14 ounces, and they come in packs of 12. What's great about this canned meat is it also comes with potatoes and seasonings to brighten up any meal.

    4. Tuna

    Canned Tuna Fish

    Whether you choose tuna in oil or water, loading up on cans of this important meat is important. A can of tuna is not only small, which means you can store more of it, but it also is a great way to mix up the monotony of protein choices that you have on hand. As a lean fish, tuna includes omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital to overall health.

    Tuna sometimes comes in large packs, like this 48 count pack of Starkist Canned Tuna. Try mixing up your stockpile with the newer tuna foil packets that come in different flavors like lemon pepper or sweet and spicy. While you can get the flavored tuna in large bulk orders, this smaller variety 4 pack is worth considering if you just want to try it out.

    5. Chicken Breast

    Canned Chicken Breast

    Another great canned meat is canned chicken breast. Chicken can sometimes be a bit on the weary side of the canned meat section, but this set of Kirkland Canned Chicken tastes and looks great. The big chunks of chicken are easy to eat or add to a meal, and each can is 12.5 ounces.

    6. Keystone Meats

    Canned Pork

    Keystone Meats is a well-known Ohio based meat company that produces great all-natural meat options to add to your stockpile. They have a wide variety of different meats and flavors that usually come in a 14.5-ounce can. You can purchase this meat online but usually find them cheaper in stores around your local area.

    7. Tamales with Sauce

    Canned Tamales With Sauce

    To help add some variety to your meat stockpile, consider picking up a case of these La Preferida Beef & Pork Tamales. Each can is 15 ounces and includes enough spices to create a delicious meal that is a bit different from the rest. These also come in packs of 12.

    8. Vienna Sausage

    Canned Vienna Sausage

    Some of the best canned meats are the ones that can add protein to any kind of dish. Vienna Sausage is one of those options that can be eaten by itself or sliced and added to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We like this box of Libby’s Vienna Sausage on Amazon that weighs a total of 5 pounds.

    9. Beef Stew

    Canned Beef Stew

    Opening a can for a complete meal is a good option for preppers. Dinty Moore Beef Stew comes in a 15-ounce can that includes the beef as well as potatoes and vegetables. Warm up the can and add in some water to make a comforting meal even in the worst of times.

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    Home Canned Meats

    Old Canning Pot and Jars

    When choosing to can your own meat that you either raised on the farm or have harvested yourself, it is vital to learn how to do it correctly to not accidentally harm yourself or your family. Meat is a low acid food, making it the perfect spot for bacteria to grow when canned.

    Canning your own meats is a process that can include the whole family. You should be able to can any kind of meat that you raise including chicken, pork, beef, rabbit, and venison. Many preppers also choose to can their own pickled versions of protein like pickled eggs, which can come in handy in a survival situation.

    No matter what kind of meat you choose to can, make sure that you research how to make it and can it so that the end product is safe and healthy to eat months or even years down the road.

    Protein is an essential part of any emergency stockpile. Meat is an important part of any balanced diet and is a needed component when surviving in an SHTF situation. Stock up on your meat storage by choosing any or all of these canned meats for preppers.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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