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8 Ways to Avoid Dangerous People During a Disaster

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If you ask a random person what is the most dangerous predator in the world, most people will mention animals wolves, bears, lions, sharks, and so forth. But we often forget that the most dangerous predator Earth is the human. They should not be underestimated, especially if they’re desperate.

When a long-term disaster such as an economic collapse occurs, the vast majority of people will not be prepared. A typical city only has about 3 days of food in the stores. After that, people with supplies will be targeted. I’m not saying every single person you encounter is going to rob you, but crime will definitely go up, especially if police are stretched to the limit (and they will be). This post is about how to avoid making yourself a target when out among civilians.

If you have any fantasies of yourself as a Chuck Norris type hero who can kick three or four guys’ asses at once, stop dreaming. Even if you’re in great shape, you’ll be hard pressed to win a fight with one thug, and thugs often travel in packs. And even if you do win the fight, what if you’re seriously wounded? Hospitals might be overcrowded or closed. So do your best to avoid combat. Here’s what to do:

1. Blend In. When out looking for supplies, materials or water, don’t look well-to-do. If you’re wearing your nice new jeans, hundred-dollar sneakers and Oakley sunglasses, people are going to assume you have a lot of stuff wherever you live and you will be followed home. Instead, wear torn jeans, old boots and a dirty T-shirt. Most criminals won’t waste their time with someone who looks as poor as they do.

2. Carry a Weapon. It’s a good idea to carry a gun with you, but it needs to be concealed. If it’s not, there’s the possibility that criminals might sneak up and jump you so they can steal it. Try carrying something like an axe or a shovel openly. Few people will care about stealing your shovel, and they’ll be less likely to rob you for fear of getting smacked in the face with it.

3. Look Confident. By this I mean stand tall, hold your head up, walk purposefully and confidently. Criminals prey on the weak, and if you look nervous or scared, they’re more likely single you out.

4. Stay Out in the Open. This might seem like the last thing you’d want to do, but it’s actually safer. If instead you sneak up and down alleys, you’ll be more likely to wander into a trap where you can’t call for help.

The Lost Ways

5. Avoid Large Crowds. Yes, you want to be out in the open where you can call for help, but being in the middle of a large crowd does not count as out in the open. It is too easy for someone to pick your pocket unnoticed.

6. Travel in Groups. The more people in your group, the less likely you’ll be robbed. Never travel alone if you can help it.

7. Know Where You’re Going. The less time you spend outside, the better, so don’t risk getting lost. Bring a map with you and study it carefully ahead of time. Make sure you know the quickest, safest way home, no matter where you might be.

8. Don’t Go Out at Night. This should be self explanatory. If you absolutely have to go out at night, bring a flashlight, but don’t use it. That would just make you a target. However, if some suspicious people approach you, shine the light on them. You’ll be able to see them and they won’t be able to see you. This way they’ll be more likely to back off. One more tip: Hold the flashlight as far to the side of your body as you can reach, that way if they shoot at it, they’ll likely miss you.

Remember, humans are the most dangerous predator of all.

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One Year Urban Survival Plan


  • G Hunt

    Location, location, location. Long before disaster strikes, choose a dwelling site that is easily defensable and has natural resources to provide food and shelter. An island lake site is good as well as an isolated penensula. Cities are basicly traps. Preparation,is esentail. Begin now. The end of the world is not the thing to prepare for. Rish assesment is taking stock on how to prepare for the unexpected. Loss of employment,earth quakes, floods, and ice storms are yearly events. Cival riots are periodic happenings even in our USA.
    It such event money does not mean anything more than printed paper. Food, water, light and shelter do not come from money. One can not buy gas, food and other suppplies when the propriators of these shops are closed or supplies are not existant. Yes, the people in towns will riot, steal and kill in short order. I have personaly wittnesed fights in the streets over battries. I have wittnessed broken highways and people hiking a hundred miles to the coast because transportation was broken after earthquake. Prices will rise sharply in the first few hours as there is a rush of the unprepared for stores in towns. Exaustion of supplies comes quickly. Theft, robbery, and murder follow in quick order. People traped at home and dependant on electricity sit in darkness and cold. Those dependant on mechines for repiration and life support are the first to die. Hospitals will board up their emergency rooms and entrances. Law enforcement will ceace. So prepare and find a reasonalbe defenceable location. How do I know this? I have lived in several natural disasters lasting weeks. Because of preparation and a good defencable location I did well and my local country neighbors ( a mile or two away) found I was able to provide water and food. I had heat where they did not. Was comfortable while others were on the edge.
    Respectfuly. G. Hunt

  • Papa Bear

    While at home ,during “normal” times or disaster times, a good dog is helpful for security. If you have to go out to look for supplies, having a dog with you will help. A potential attacker will think twice about taking on both a person and a dog. also a dog may provide you with enough of a warning and distraction to arm yourself Papa Bear

  • papa bear

    Just a thought about Christmas trash. For those of you fortunate enough to have received “High Ticket” items for Christmas DO NOT put empty boxes out for the trashman. Theives will be crusing, Looking for these advertisements, To come back later and break in to steal them.

  • Rene

    Cut up big ticket item cartons, boxes, containers – into much smaller chunks and stuff them into the plastic bags full of wet – paper garbage. I just did that with couple of things I bought. I also could burn things in my fireplace if I wanted too.

  • Rene

    During all out chaos and lawlessness – Martial Law and Curfews will more or less mean nothing! Roving bands of thugs and thieves will use Martial Law and Curfews to cherry pick victims at home. All of those Mega Mansions and Gated Communities will be the first to be raided by groups of men 15 to 25 or more strong. They will not be looking to negotiate or reason with you – just blow down your doors, marching in guns blazing if needed and demanding anything they
    can eat, use, sell, or trade. FOOD, GUNS & AMMO , Jewelry and gold or silver, gasoline- vehicles, drugs, booze, medical. etc.. Good luck thinking you’ll defend yourself against them. Many of them will be former military and police and they’ll know how to take you down and out.