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50 MORE Survival Items You Forgot to Buy

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A few years ago I wrote a post called 50 Survival Items You Forgot To Buy which ended up being my most popular post of all time. The idea was to make a list of items the average prepper might have forgotten. Since then, I’ve gotten all sorts of messages from people telling me about other things preppers often forget. I finally decided to compile them into a new list. Here is the result.

1. Activated charcoal – This has many uses, the most important of which is the treatment of poisoning.

2. Altoids – It’s not the Altoids themselves that are useful, but the tins. There are lots of cool ways to reuse them.

3. Animal repellent – This stuff will keep rodents away from your home and small herbivores away from your garden.

4. Baking soda – A very useful item that cleans and deodorizes.

5. Bandanas – Not just a headband. They can be used as tourniquets, cords, slings, and more.

6. Binder clips – Hang clothes to dry, hook tarps together, keep bags clipped down, and more.

Paracord Survival

7. Bungee cords – You may need these to tie valuables to your bug out vehicle, or you could use them instead of rope for other projects.

8. Cable ties – These can be used for building shelter, repairing clothes, building snares, and more.

9. Chap stick – You wouldn’t think so, but there are at least 20 things you can do with chap stick.

10. Cookbooks – Especially ones that explain how to make things from scratch, like this one. You could also look for some good from-scratch recipes online and print them.

11. Crank lantern – No need to waste batteries or wait for the sun to charge it up. This one also has a port for charging electronics.

12. Crayons and coloring books – A good way to keep small children entertained while the power is out. Also, crayons can be used as fire starters or emergency candles.

13. Crowbar – You may need this if you have to scavenge for supplies. It can also be used for self defense.

14. Dental kit – A first aid kit is obvious, but many preppers forget that dental emergencies are also very common.

15. Diapers – I mentioned cloth diapers in the other post, but regular diapers are also important. Plus, they have several other uses.

16. Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants – If you get desperate for food, you might need this.

17. Fire blanket – A quick and easy way to extinguish a small fire.

18. Fire extinguisher – For larger fires you’ll need one of these. We’re supposed to be preparing for emergencies and fires are a very common emergency. Don’t forget this one.

19. French press – No need for a coffee maker. Just add boiling water and enjoy fresh coffee.

20. Frisbee – I know this sounds silly, but there are actually several things you can do with one.

21. Inflatable mattresses – If you and your prepper friends and/or family members all stay in one home, you may need more places for people to sleep.

22. Kiddie pools – You’re better off getting these at a flea market or yard sale. Believe it or not, there are all sorts of things you can do with them.

23. N95 Masks – These provide protection from dust, toxic fumes, and airborne viruses.

24. Meat thermometer – Very helpful item if you want meat that is safe to eat but still nice and juicy. Here is a guide to recommended temperatures.

25. Mesh Strainer – Strain oil, rendered fat, herbs, etc.

26. Mylar blankets – These aren’t just blankets. Here’s a list of 22 things you can do with them.

27. Pantyhose – These can be used to hold bait, make cordage, strain water, go fishing, dehydrate food, and many other things.

28. Paracord – It has dozens of applications. Here’s a list of 44 fantastic uses.

29. Plywood – It can protect your windows during a hurricane, but it’s also great for many other unanticipated construction projects.

30. PVC pipe – As with plywood, this is great to have around just in case.

31. Rem Oil Wipes – This stuff is awesome. Its not just for firearms. You can also use it to keep anything metal clean and protected from rust.

32. Rubber bands – I use these to keep small items together and organized, and sometimes string just isn’t enough.

33. Safety pins – Use as a fish hook, hang stuff to dry, fix shoelaces, attach gear to your bug out bag, connect blankets or tarps to build a shelter, etc. Your imagination is the limit.

34. Sandbags – Use to protect your home from flood waters. They can also be used to gather water, carry supplies, trap animals, patch tents, and much more.

35. Seed sprouter – Sprouts are tasty and healthy, making them a great addition to your survival food.

36. Socks – In the words of Lieutenant Dan, “Take good care of your feet!” They can also be used as gloves, pouches, bandages, masks, and tinder.

37. Stainless steel pot – Great for boiling water, heating soup, cooking Ramen noodes, making instant rice, etc.

38. Steel wool – In addition to scrubbing pots, it can be used start fires, peel carrots and potatoes, and plug mouse holes.

39. Super glue – Seal small cuts, repair water bottles, fix equipment, etc.

40. Landline phone – If the power goes out, a simple landline phone will continue to work.

41. Toys – Another good way to keep kids entertained. Find some good toys that don’t require batteries.

42. Treadle sewing machine – With this you can fix clothes or sew new ones without power.

43. Vacuum sealer – In addition to sealing food, you can also seal things that could corrode, things that could dry out, and you can reseal mylar bags.

44. Vaseline – It’s a firestarter, it prevents rust, and it’s even useful for first aid. Here are 4 reasons to buy it.

45. Vet wrap – Self-adherent tape that holds bandages in place.

46. Waterproof wristwatch – Nowadays most people check the time on their phones or computers. In a SHTF scenario you might want to have a good watch.

47. WD-40 – Good for much more than lubricating hinges.

48. Whiteboard and markers – My wife uses one as a calendar, to jot down notes, grocery lists, etc. Could be useful.

49. Window insulator kit – These are essential during the winter, especially if the power is out and you want to keep the heat inside.

50. Wonderbag – A non-electric portable slow cooker. All you have to do is bring your food to a boil, then put it in the bag. It retains the heat and slow cooks your food for hours. This thing is awesome!

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  • Midknight

    You left out duct tape

  • alanz11

    I think that one’s in the first list.

  • Michael Mixon

    #51 – The Emergency Well Tube

  • The Peaceful Prepper

    I was happy to see activated charcoal on the list. I never hear anyone talk about it and I carry it as part of my EDC. Not just for poisoning, I find it really helps if I’ve eaten something that disagrees with me.

  • beendaredonedat

    A french press! Seriously!

  • LindaK

    The landline is a good idea, however very difficult to procure. We have a “landline”/ home phone, but it is serviced through the cable and would go out if there were no power. Even the phone company, AT and T has voice over IP not a traditional wired land line.