Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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    Urban Survival First Aid Kit

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    In most disasters , whether it's a hurricane, a terrorist attack, or a city full of looters, people get hurt. Survival first aid is essential in these situations, but very hard to come by due to overcrowded hospitals. After food, water and shelter, medical supplies and a good book on first aid should be your next priority.

    Fortunately, it isn't very expensive to assemble your own first aid kit. Consider all the most likely disaster scenarios, how many people will be with you, their health, and what types of medical emergencies might occur. Now examine the list below and make adjustments based on your personal situation.

    Note: You can get the bandages and dressings together in one kit from The Ready Store for about $25. However, there are many important items that are not included in that particular kit. Those are listed below under “additional items.”

    Now I don't expect everyone to immediately run out and buy all these items. I like to print lists and keep them on my desk so every weekend I can look for a couple more things and cross them off the list.

    1-1/2″x1-1/2″ patch plastic bandage
    1″x3″ adhesive plastic bandages
    1″x3″ fabric bandages
    2″x4″ elbow & knee plastic bandages
    3/4″x3″ adhesive plastic bandages
    3/4″x3″ fabric bandages
    3/8″x1-1/2″ junior plastic bandages
    Fingertip fabric bandages
    Knuckle fabric bandages


    1/2″x5 yard first aid tape roll
    2″x2″ moleskin squares
    4″x5″ instant cold compress
    6″x11/16″ finger splint
    Butterfly bandages
    Emergency blanket

    Injury Treatment:
    2″ conforming gauze roll bandage
    2″x2″ gauze pads
    3″x3″ gauze dressing pads
    4″x4″ gauze dressing pads
    5″x9″ trauma pad
    Eye pads

    Medicine and Antiseptics:
    Alcohol prep pads
    Antibiotic ointment
    Antiseptic towelettes
    Aspirin tablets
    Burn relief pack
    First aid/burn cream packs
    Ibuprofen tablets
    Insect sting relief ointment
    Non-aspirin tablets

    References, Tools, Etc:
    3″ cotton tipped applicators
    First aid book
    Vinyl gloves

    Additional Items:
    (Not included in The Ready Store kit.
    Some of these are very advanced.)
    Activated charcoal
    Aloe vera
    Calamine lotion
    Cotton balls
    Dental tools
    Eye drops
    Hydrocortisone cream
    Hydrogen peroxide
    Imodium A-D
    Insect repellent
    Instant hot pack
    Instant cold pack
    Latex gloves
    Oil of cloves
    Paper cups
    Rubbing alcohol
    Safety pins
    Saline solution
    Sam splint
    Smelling salts
    Snake bite poison extractor
    Sun block
    Super glue
    Tongue blades
    Wound closure strips

    If you can afford it, make two kits and keep one at home and one in your car. Keep track of expiration dates on medications and remember that most meds, depending on the season and climate, will expire several months sooner if they're kept in the car.

    Recommended Books:
    Backcountry First Aid and Extended Care
    NOLS Wilderness First Aid
    Where There Is No Doctor

    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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