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    100 Stocking Stuffers for Survivalists

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    100 Stocking Stuffers for Survivalists

    Christmas is almost here! If you're a prepper, survivalist, or homesteader (or whatever you call yourself), here are some things you might want to add to your wishlist. And if you know anyone who is into preparedness or self-sufficiency, get them something they'll love.

    Most of the items on this list should fit inside a standard Christmas stocking (in some cases, a large stocking). Whenever I could, I included links to the product page on Amazon.com.

    For your convenience, I organized the items by cost. Most of them are less than $25, but for the big spenders, there are a few items that are over $50. I hope this list of stocking stuffers for survivalists gives you some great gift ideas.

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    Less Than $10

    1. 24-Piece Camp Cutlery Set – Lightweight yet heavy duty cutlery that can be washed and reused.

    2. Coghlan's 3-Way Camping Mirror – A high-quality, unbreakable mirror that’s perfect for shaving or signaling for help.

    3. Columbia River Knife and Tool's Eat N Tool – This multitool has a spoon, fork, bottle opener, and a carabiner.

    4. Credit Card Knife – Fits in your wallet and unfolds into a sturdy knife.

    5. Mini Multitool – Includes pliers, a knife, a can opener, a screwdriver, and more.

    6. Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets – Lightweight blankets that will keep you warm in cold weather by retaining up to 90% of your body heat.

    7. Everstryke Pro Firestarter – A waterproof lighter that will start a fire in any conditions. Good for up to 30,000 strikes.

    8. Emergency Whistle – A very loud whistle that could save your life in an emergency.

    9. Ferro Rod Fire Starter – Lightweight but high quality magnesium flint and steel.

    10. Fire Starting Paracord Bracelet – A bracelet made high-quality paracord. It also includes a whistle and a fire starter.

    11. Flint Steel Fire Starter – Comes with a striker and flint stone.

    12. Gear Aid Outdoor Sewing Kit – High-quality needles and thread for repairing ripped clothing and outdoor gear.

    13. Gerber Shard Keychain Tool – Lightweight and airline safe tool with multiple functions.

    14. Flashlight Keychain – A solar-powered emergency flashlight that only costs a dollar.

    15. Mini EDC Flashlight – A light yet heavy-duty flashlight that is water-resistant.

    16. Military Can Opener – Small, durable, lightweight, and only costs a few dollars.

    17. Mini Flashlight 2-Pack – Very small and very bright flashlights with 3 modes.

    18. Mini Sewing Kit and Book – All the essential sewing supplies in a premium quality case.

    19. Mini Stun Gun – This Vipertek stun gun is small, effective, rechargeable, and even includes an LED flashlight.

    20. Paracord – An essential part of your survival preps. It's 100% nylon and holds over 500 pounds.

    21. Paracord Bracelet with Fire Starter and Whistle – Comes in a variety of colors.

    22. Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets – 50 tablets and 50 PA Plus tablets to remove the taste of iodine.

    23. Rescue Card – A 16-in-1 survival tool that fits in your wallet. As of this writing, Ape Survival is giving these away for free. All you have to pay is the cost of shipping.

    24. Sabre Red Pepper Spray Key Ring – Easy to use pepper spray canister that sprays up to 10 feet away.

    25. Solar/ Handcrank LED Flashlight – A small light that fits right on your keychain.

    26. Stansport All Purpose Utility Bucket – Made of heavy duty vinyl, holds up to 2.5 gallons, and folds up.

    27. Stormproof Match Kit – A waterproof container with 20 matches that will burn anywhere, even under water.

    28. TAC Force Assisted Opening Folding Knife – Good knife that is also a can opener and glass breaker.

    29. Tinder-Quik Fire Tabs – These take up very little space and catch fire easily.

    30. Ultimate Survival Technologies Fire Starter Kit – These burn at over 1300 degrees even when they're wet.

    31. Wild Cards: Edible Wild Foods – Each card has a picture and description of a wild edible.

    Less Than $25

    32. 100 Hour Plus Emergency Candle Clear Mist – A smokeless, odorless candle that burns for days.

    33. Adventure Trauma Pack with QuikClot – Includes gloves, bandages, gauze, and a hemostatic agent.

    34. Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filter System – A tiny water filter that can handle up to 30 gallons.

    35. Barbasol Can Safe – Great way to hide money or valuables in plain sight.

    36. Carabiner Grenade Survival Kit – Comes with paracord, a fire starter, fishing lines, and more.

    37. Pocket Chain Saw – A lightweight, portable chain saw. Great for campers.

    38. Coleman LED Personal Lantern – A small, bright lantern that weighs only 6 ounces and lasts 24 hours.

    39. Compact Battery Lantern – Converts from a lantern to a flashlight and lasts 92 hours.

    40. Conflicted: The Survival Card Game – By far the most popular card game among survivalists. It's fun and it makes you think about possible survival situations.

    41. Dental Medic Kit – Floss, cotton, and temporary fillings for when there is no dentist.

    42. Emergency Survival Fishing Kit – Quality fishing gear in case you need to catch a meal.

    43. Esbit Ultralight Folding Pocket Stove – A small, lightweight stove made from galvanized steel.

    44. Escape Tool Light – It's a flashlight AND a multitool. It includes a hammer, nightlight, screwdriver, seatbelt cutter, and more.

    45. LifeHammer The Original Emergency Hammer – Breaks glass and cuts through seat belts.

    46. Lifeline 26-Piece Ultralight Survival Kit – Comes in a weather-resistant roll-up bag.

    47. Light My Fire Original Swedish Firesteel – Lasts for 12,000 strikes in any weather condition.

    48. Lightweight Gas-Powered Stove – A high-quality stove for the price, and it's light enough to take anywhere.

    49. Microlight Flashlight – A mini LED water-resistant flashlight for your keychain with 4 functions.

    50. Paracord Survival Belt – A high-quality belt made from 130 feet of Paracord. Easy to wash and clean.

    51. Pocket Pal Multifunction Sharpener – Compact, lightweight, and sharpens all types of knives.

    52. Primos Folding Saw – A durable saw that easily cuts through both wood and bone.

    53. Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System – Great EDC water filtration system. Great addition to any bug out bag.

    54. SAS Survival Guide – A pocket size illustrated guide that shows you how to survive in the wild in any climate.

    55. Smith & Wesson Folding Knife With Glass Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter – A high-quality emergency tool.

    56. Solar Air Lantern – An inflatable lantern that gives you 12 hours of light on a single charge. Great for bug out bags.

    57. Solar External Battery Charger – Has a universal USB charging port that works for most types of phones.

    58. Space Saver Cup – Great for boiling water, and it saves space by fitting around a standard water bottle.

    59. Speed Stick Diversion Safe – Hide cash and jewelry in what looks like a stick of deodorant.

    60. Survival Kit in a Sardine Can – Emergency medical supplies, nourishment, navigational aids & more.

    61. Survival Medical Kit in a Bag – Includes medicine, bandages, blanket, whistle, and more.

    62. Titanium Spork – It's a spoon on one end and a fork on the other end. Great utensil to have in your bug out bag.

    63. U-Dig-It Stainless Steel Folding Shovel with Pouch – A sturdy shovel with a sharp digging point.

    64. UST BlastMatch Fire Starter – Thousands of strikes that are 3 times hotter than a standard match.

    65. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife – A compact, high-quality Swiss Army pocketknife.

    66. Wilderness Survival Playing Cards – Each card has urban survival tips and skills.

    67. Zippo Emergency Fire Kit – A waterproof case with a flint spark wheel and wax-coated cotton tinder.

    Less Than $50

    68. Bahco Folding Saw – Durable, lightweight, and cuts right through wood or plastic.

    69. BaoFeng Ham Two-Way Radio – Probably the best radio you can get for $30.

    70. Bushnell Falcon Binoculars with Case – Powerful magnification for the price.

    71. Case Pocket Knife – This folding knife has a stainless steel blade.

    72. Combat Application Tourniquet – Proven to reduce blood flow in trauma situations.

    73. Encrypted Thumb Drive – Great for people who keep important documents on a thumb drive. This one is password protected and nearly impossible to hack.

    74. Esbit 3-Piece Lightweight Camping Cook Set – A very small cook set that fits well in bug out bags. Comes with solid fuel tablets.

    75. Gerber Machete with Nylon Sheath – Angled blade, ideal for clearing brush or limbs.

    76. Gerber Myth Hatchet – Created for skinning and chopping game of all sizes.

    77. Leatherman Free T2 Multitool – Features regular pliers, needlenose pliers, wire cutters, and more.

    78. Leatherman Pocket Size Multitool – A high-quality multi tool with 15 different functions.

    79. Lifestraw Personal Water Filtration – Filters 265 gallons and you can drink directly from the water source.

    80. LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light – A rechargeable light that lasts about 12 hours. It's waterproof and can even float.

    81. Soap Making Kit – Great kit for making aromatic soaps in different shapes and colors.

    82. Mason Jar Table Top Torch Set – Convert ordinary mason jars into beautiful torches.

    83. Power Bank – A portable USB power bank is a necessity for a bug out bag if you have any USB items with you.

    84. Smith & Wesson Lumen Flashlight – A very sturdy flashlight that is bright and lasts for hours.

    85. Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen – A personal protection weapon that actually writes.

    86. Streamlight LED Headlamp with Strap – This headlamp features 3 brightness settings and lasts up to 120 hours.

    87. Survival Garden Heirloom Seeds – 32 varieties of all natural, non hybrid, non-GMO, heirloom vegetable seeds.

    88. Survival Seed Vault – 100 varieties of heirloom seeds, all open pollinated & 100% non-GMO.

    89. Suunto M-3 G Compass – A compact, high-quality compass designed for accurate direction taking.

    90. Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener – Complete knife sharpener for field, home or shop use.

    Less Than $100

    91. Cammenga 3H Tritium Military Compass – This battle-tested compass won't ever let you down.

    92. Cold Steel Fixed Blade Knife – Stainless-steel blade, non-stick coat, strong clip point.

    93. Cold Steel Master Hunter Knife – A heavy duty knife that will survive even the harshest weather.

    94. Ka-Bar Straight Edge Knife – A lightweight yet very durable knife that can handle all your outdoor adventures.

    95. Leatherman One-Handed Multi Tool – 16 tool in one, 100% stainless steel.

    96. Portable Emergency Jump Starter – This amazing tool with jumpstart your car, charge your devices, work as a flashlight, and can even fit in your pocket.

    97. Solo Stove Lite – The #1 backpacking compact wood-burning backpacking stove recommended by serious survivalists.

    98. Portable UV Water Purifier – Compact UV water purifier designed for outdoor use.

    99. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Rescue Tool – Developed in collaboration with fire and rescue workers.

    100. Victorio Food Strainer and Sauce Maker – Great for making sauces, juices and jams without peeling or coring.

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