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    20 Items To Buy Before A Great Depression

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    20 Items To Buy Before A Great Depression

    Could things get any worse? Could the current economic recession turn into a full-blown economic depression? There’s an old saying that it’s better to be safe than sorry, so if you haven’t started to prepare, you would be wise to stock up on the essentials and buy certain items while you still can.

    As these videos by City Prepping explain, there are twenty items, in particular, that you should stock up on if you haven't already. Here's a brief summary…

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    1. Land

    By far the most valuable asset you can have during an economic depression or recession is land. The reason is simple: land is something that everybody understands the value of because we need it to live.

    2. Knowledge

    Read a lot of books, take courses, watch YouTube videos, and so on. A dollar that you spend on knowledge can pay huge dividends in the future, so learn about survival and disaster preparedness skills in your spare time. (And more importantly, practice them.)

    3. Money and Precious Metals

    When banks fail, paper money will become worthless. Society will turn to other forms of currency. Precious metals are a fine example of something that is known as a good hedge against inflation.

    4. Bulk Staple Foods

    This is the second most important thing to have in your prepper supply, with water being the first. In 2020, we’ve seen massive disruptions to our food supplies. If there is a time to buy bulk staple foods, that time is now.

    5. Personal Defense Items

    Firearms, ammunition, bows, knives, pepper spray, batons, and so on. It will be nearly impossible to purchase firearms and ammunition during a disaster. Take advantage of the time now to stock up on your gun and ammo supply.

    6. Medication

    Pharmaceutical companies can become very unreliable during a crisis, so stocking up on the medicine you need is crucial. Ask your doctor to provide you with a prescription that will allow you to buy prescription meds in bulk.

    7. Canvas, Denim and Cotton Fabric

    These items will be extremely useful for building clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, and so on. Many clothing stores are likely to go out of business, so if you can stock up on these items now, it could be to your benefit.

    8. Hunting and Fishing Supplies

    Food is going to become one of the most sought after resources during a pandemic. This is why it’s critical to learn how to hunt and fish, and to have the proper supplies for it as well.

    9. Cast Iron Skillet

    A cast-iron skillet should be a part of any prepper’s supplies. While anybody has pots or pans, most of the modern ones are not durable and can break easily. Cast iron skillets are the best choices for cooking over an open flame.

    10. Essential Survival Items

    Knives, fishing Lines, compasses, emergency blankets, first aid kits, hiking boots, paracord, carabiners, water filters… You get the idea.

    As I said, the above is merely a summary. To learn more info on these items, watch the video below.

    Because of the popularity of the first video, City Prepping made a second video with ten more items you should stock up on. Here's a summary…

    11. Sewing Kit

    Just like you need to buy canvas and cotton fabric, you should also buy a sewing kit to go along with it. Go with threads that are more durable and have more utility.

    12. Leather Gloves

    Leatherwork gloves will be a lifesaver for many. Have many in your possession. You can use them while working, foraging for food, and building.

    13. Silver and Copper Coins

    Gold will be the most valuable precious metals, but silver and copper coins are a good secondary option as well. Silver coins can be purchased at around $25 each but could increase in value significantly if the economy collapses.

    14. Readers and Eyeglasses Repair Kit

    Remember, you likely won’t be able to go get new eyeglasses or get them repaired in a disaster. Stock up on eyeglasses repair kits and cheap reader glasses that could help get by.

    15. Fishing Traps

    Buy fishing cage traps that you can set up in a creek or river, with the opening against a running flow of water. The idea is that fish will travel into the traps where you can catch them.

    16. Wood Processing Equipment

    Axes, long axes, hatchets, and wood saws are cheap and durable and vital for processing wood for heat, safety, and security.

    17. Campfire Grate

    A campfire grate can be used to set up over a cooking fire. You can then set cast iron skillets, pots, and pans over the top of it. Make sure the grate is solid and durable.

    18. Water Filter

    Go with a big family water filter that can filter through thousands of gallons before needing to be replaced.

    19. Seeds

    Seeds are a critical item for growing food and for bartering. Buy seeds in bulk from all kinds of different plants and crops. Keep them vacuum-sealed in an oxygen-free environment.

    20. Fixed Blade Knife

    Go with a fixed blade knife with a sheath and a full tang, meaning that the blade continues down into the grip so it’s more durable.

    For more details about these items, watch the video by City Prepping below.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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