Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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    45 Items Every Prepper Should Stockpile

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    45 Items Every Prepper Should Stockpile

    Whether you're a homesteader or lifelong prepper, or someone learning about preparedness for the first time because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is no better time to set yourself up for success in case things get even worse.

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    One of the first questions new preppers ask is: What should I buy? In the video below, Drop Forged Survival answers that question. He lists 25 items you should start stockpiling.

    Here's his list…

    25 Best Items to Stockpile

    1. Non-perishable and freeze-dried food
    2. Common and specialized batteries
    3. Lighters and matches
    4. Toilet paper, tissues, wipes, and paper towels
    5. Electricity, power stations, and generators
    6. Duct tape, electrical tape, and glue
    7. Firestarters, natural and store-bought
    8. Ropes and cordage
    9. Candles, lanterns, and lamp oils
    10. Heirloom seeds
    11. Bug spray and sun protection
    12. Fuel, propane, butane, hexamine, paraffin oil cubs
    13. Tarps
    14. Salt
    15. Bags, trash bags, freezer bags, contractor can liners
    16. Antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer
    17. Socks and underwear
    18. Flashlights and headlamps
    19. Bleach and water purification tablets
    20. Nails and screws
    21. Raw and unfiltered honey
    22. Liquor
    23. Fishing lines, trotlines, nets, traps
    24. Maintenance and repair tools
    25. Knives, axes, arrows, bolts, broadheads, bullets, guns

    Bonus Round: Diapers, zip ties, first aid supplies, oral hygiene products, feminine hygiene products.

    Watch the video below for a more detailed discussion of these items and where to get them.

    That list covers all the basic supplies, but you need more than that in a post-collapse world. If hyperinflation makes our money worthless, or if the grid goes down and debit cards no longer work, you'll need barter items in order to buy anything you might need.

    And that brings us to the next list…

    Top 20 Barter Items You Can Get At Walmart

    1. Salt and seasoning
    2. Sugar
    3. Coffee
    4. Feminine hygiene
    5. Diapers, wipes, infant supplies
    6. Toilet paper, paper towels
    7. Emergency food rations and freeze-dried food
    8. Batteries
    9. Matches, lighters, and fire starters
    10. Over the counter medications
    11. Water
    12. Dry drink mixes
    13. Propane, gasoline, solid fuel
    14. Condoms
    15. Honey
    16. First aid
    17. Nails and screws
    18. Trash bags, contractor bags
    19. Candles
    20. Bungee cords, tie-down straps, ropes, cordage

    He also mentions these 9 bonus items:

    1. Tobacco
    2. Liquor
    3. Ammo
    4. Heirloom seeds
    5. Chapstick
    6. Firewood
    7. Books and instruction manuals
    8. Dish soap and bar soap
    9. Precious metals

    To hear more about why these items are the best for bartering, be sure to watch the video below. You will learn what to look for, how much to purchase (and what size), and the best values in terms of brands specifically carried at Walmart stores.

    The video also shows some creative multi-uses for some of these basic items, showing why each item is a good choice in your stockpile. Check it out here:

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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