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    Top 20 Jobs to Have When the Economy Collapses

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    Top 20 Jobs to Have When the Economy Collapses

    An economic collapse, like the one many of us remember in 2008, can have a devastating ripple effect across the entire world. When things start to slow down, people have to tighten their purse strings. And when that happens, businesses struggle and start laying off workers. That results in even tighter purse strings, leading to a downward spiral.

    If you remember what happened in the Great Recession, some people fared better than others, mainly because of their jobs.

    There are a handful of jobs that have proven to be recession proof. This means that even when things are tight and money isn't flowing as abundantly, certain goods and services are still going to be in demand. If you have one of those jobs, you should still be able to bring home a paycheck and keep your family afloat, so long as it's not an all out end of the world scenario.

    So what jobs am I talking about? Here are the top 20 best jobs to have during a major economic recession or depression.

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    20. Bartender

    They are going to be very busy. People will want to drown their sorrows and visit their local bars more often. Drinkers may not tip as well as they used to, but they will find money for alcohol.

    19. Internet Marketer

    This will be very popular during a recession. Businesses will cut back in some areas, but they have to market themselves and doing that via websites and other internet marketing strategies will be the best, most cost-effective option.

    18. Mortician

    Funeral homes are always going to be around. Death is a part of life and it doesn't stop when the economy slows. While fancy headstones and elaborate caskets are not going to be big sellers, urns and other more economical burials will be a part of life that simply has to be budgeted for.

    17. Correctional Officer

    Correctional officers and prison employees have a pretty steady future. Unfortunately, a recession tends to result in more crime, which means more people will be headed off to jail or prison.

    16. Security Guard

    Security guards may also see an increase in work. With a tight economy, there will be plenty of people who will risk jail by attempting to steal. Others may be bitter towards a company where they lost their job. These companies want to protect their investment and will be willing to pay for security to keep it safe.

    15. Cybersecurity Professional

    In a digital age, especially during economic downturns, the demand for IT and cybersecurity experts remains robust. Businesses and government agencies increasingly rely on digital infrastructure, making the protection and maintenance of these systems crucial. As cyber threats evolve and remote work becomes more common, professionals in these fields will find their skills in high demand.

    14. Pharmacy Technician

    Pharmacy techs are fairly safe from an economic collapse as well. The doctors will still be in business and they will still be prescribing medicines to their patients.

    13. Teacher

    Teachers have been around for hundreds of years and they are not going anywhere. While there are often budget cuts that limit the number of teaching jobs available, teachers will always have a place in society. A person may need to move to another city to find a teaching job, but a little flexibility can ensure there is a steady paycheck coming in.

    12. Mental Health Professional

    They will be busy as well. A recession can lead to depression and a whole host of other problems. Private facilities may not fare too well, but there will always be a demand in the public sector.

    11. Social Worker

    Social workers play an essential role in society, particularly during economic hardships. They provide support and resources to individuals and families dealing with unemployment, mental health issues, and other crises exacerbated by economic downturns. Their work in community centers, schools, hospitals, and government agencies will become more important as the economy worsens.

    10. Public Transit Worker

    Public transit workers, including bus, train, and subway operators, play a vital role in keeping cities and communities moving, especially during tough economic times. As economic challenges arise, more individuals may rely on public transportation as a cost-effective alternative to personal vehicles.

    9. Truck Driver

    Another necessity. There has to be a way to get goods from point A to point B. While the work may not be quite as abundant, it will be there.

    8. Firefighter

    Another public service that people simply cannot live without. Being willing to relocate will help ensure you can find a job doing what you know. There will be some job cuts, but firefighting services are always going to be around. Wildlife firefighters are also an option. Oftentimes, these people are contracted to help out all around the world.

    7. Engineer

    Engineers in all fields will always have a place in the job market. Green technology is going to be a big deal. Infrastructure is also important and one of the first things the government will funnel money to in order to stimulate the economy.

    6. Paramedic

    There will always be a need for emergency services. The money to fund these services comes through taxes, which we all know is as inevitable as death. Even during a depression, there is still money to pay for things like paramedics and ambulances. This is a service no one wants to do without and the money will be found to keep it active.

    5. Police Officer

    They will be in high demand. When an economic collapse happens, crime tends to spike. This position is similar to that of a paramedic. People want to feel safe, and that includes government officials, so they will make sure there's enough money to pay the police force.

    4. Medical Professional

    They are always going to have a place in the job force. A poor economy does not mean people stop going to the doctor or needing medical attention. Doctors and nurses will still have jobs to report to. There may not be as many hours for nurses, but the jobs will be there.

    3. Utility Worker

    They are also going to keep working. Power line, meter repair, and telephone repair workers will all have steady work. Basic necessities like power, water and phone services are always going to be around.

    2. Water and Wastewater Treatment Operator

    The role of water and wastewater treatment operators becomes even more critical during economic downturns. Regardless of the state of the economy, communities need access to clean water, and effective wastewater management is essential for public health.

    1. Farmer

    Farmers may actually experience an uptick in their local businesses. After all, people have to eat. If you are a farmer who can set up a local stand, you have a great shot at selling your goods as long as you can compete with the supermarkets. A collapse generally equates to higher food prices. People will not be able to afford fresh food prices at the store and will support local farmers instead.


    It's wise to get the training and certifications you need to get one of these jobs. Don't put it off until you can't afford the education needed. Many of these professions require several years of education. Tenure and being a little higher on the ladder will also ensure you are safe from lay-offs and cutbacks that tend to occur when the economy collapses.

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