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    How To Dehydrate Banana Slices

    How to Dehydrate Sliced Bananas

    If you’re new to dehydrating, you should try sliced bananas. They are very easy to dehydrate, they’re healthy, and they make a great snack. #urbansurvivalsite #dehydrate #dehydrating #bananas #foodstorage

    Survival Food for the Poor

    Survival Food for the Poor

    I write a lot about survival food and supplies, but I’m also aware that most people are on a tight budget these days. Many of us are out of work and even most people who have jobs are struggling to make ends meet. All I can suggest is that people make a few sacrifices so they can get at least a one-month supply of food and water. It’s worth it. Look at it this way, if your financial problems get worse, at least you won’t have to worry about groceries for a month. I usually suggest people buy more of … Read More