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    How To Make Hand Sanitizer

    In March of 2020, Amazon.com removed more than one million product listings from its website due to price gouging related to the Coronavirus or COVID19. Pictures from Seattle, Italy, and Hong Kong show bare store shelves as panic buying takes hold. One of the recent examples of hoarding and price gouging is in the category of hand sanitizers. While both the CDC and the World Health Organization recommend hand washing as the primary way to prevent the spread of COVID19, they also recommend hand sanitizers when hand washing is not possible. It’s a good idea, and now everybody is buying … Read More

    How To Make Firewood From Recycled Paper

    How To Make Firewood From Recycled Paper (With Pictures)

    Firewood from recycled paper is easy to make and, once you have a basic setup, you make the stuff on a regular basis whenever the paper piles up. #urbansurvivalsite #firewood #diyfirewood #recycle #upcycle

    How to Make Char Cloth with a Zippo

    How to Make Char Cloth with a Zippo

    Although you can buy char cloth, I recommend making it yourself. In this video, Sigma 3 Survival School explains how to make char cloth step by step. #urbansurvivalsite #charcloth #zippo #diy #survival

    How To Make An Easy Portable Can Stove

    I’m positive that anyone — even people who are terrible at DIY projects — can make this DIY alcohol stove. Here’s how to do it. #urbansurvivalsite #diy #diystove #homemadestove #alcoholstove