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    Civil War Preparedness: 4 Choices You Must Make

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    Civil War Preparedness: 4 Choices You Must Make

    Just a few years ago, the mere concept of a Civil War 2.0 seemed like a fantasy. But now, as tensions have risen and the country has become more unstable, the possibility of a civil war is on a lot of people’s minds.

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    As a result, we can no longer just prepare ourselves for the possibility of a natural disaster or an economic catastrophe. We have to prepare for the possibility of a civil war as wel. Would you be prepared if fighting were to erupt in your city?

    This video by City Prepping explains how to prepare for an American Civil War.

    1. Prepare To Hunker Down

    Always be prepared to hunker down for an extended period of time. If the power, internet, and police services went down, would you be prepared to sustain yourself? Power plants in particular would likely be targeted by violent groups looking to escalate the unrest.

    Do you have enough food, water, medicine, ammunition, and other supplies to last you for not just a few months but possibly for a few years? Do you have alternative sources of energy? A water purification system? A radio to obtain your news under the assumption that the internet and television won't be available?

    Keep in mind that even after the fighting is over, things might not return to normal for years. Be sure to forge alliances with your neighbors so you can exchange resources and help one another in need. Even neighbors with differing political views can still unite under a common cause of keeping one another safe.

    2. Prepare To Bug Out

    Even though hunkering down will probably be the safest choice for you, be ready to get out of dodge if necessary. After all, the fighting could come to you, and in this case, the safest option is to have a plan to bug out.

    To bug out, you need to have a specific destination in mind that you can bug out to and that you believe will be safe. A destination in a secured zone and with family members or friends is ideal. Have a minimum of three routes for getting to this destination, and try to stay ahead of everyone else.

    If there’s a mandatory evacuation order, for example, you should ideally evacuate before everyone else does in order to avoid heavy traffic conditions (and where you’ll be more vulnerable to raiders and looters as well).

    3. Fight Outright or Undercover

    While it may not be your best option, you always have the option to fight on one side, either outright or covertly. After all, you may feel that you cannot stand idly on the sidelines and that your cause is worth dying for.

    But everything changes in war, and the fight for a perceived best cause can become very murky at best. To really understand war, you need to talk to its victims and particularly its civilian population who suffered through it.

    4. Caught Up In The Storm

    Whether you stay in place or flee to safety or choose to fight, you may have no choice in regards to what happens to you. If you stay where you are and hunker down, the fight may come to you. If you flee to a safe area, that area may not stay safe for long (or you may have to fight along the way).

    Therefore, be prepared to get caught up in the storm no matter what. Invest in body armor, always carry a sidearm (concealed preferably so you don’t make yourself a target), and have sandbags ready to go so you can fortify your home if need be.

    For a more detailed discussion of this topic, watch the video by City Prepping below.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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