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    4 Crucial Tools Preppers Need for Their Bunkers

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    4 Crucial Tools Preppers Need for Their Bunkers

    In order to protect you and your family and survive a state of emergency, man-made disaster or apocalyptic situation, it is vital that you have several key tools and supplies on hand. While you might already be well-stocked up on necessities like food, water, batteries, medicine, and other common survival supplies, there are plenty of other things that you should also have ready to go inside your bunker.

    Consider the following four tools that you should have in your bunker:

    1. Berkey Water Filter

    Sold by Camping Survival, a Berkey water filter uses the force of gravity to provide clean drinking water. While you might have what you believe to be enough bottled water, having a backup plan for clean water is definitely important. Your bottled water could be stolen, destroyed, or if the disaster lasts long enough you could end up using it all. The Berkey filters are made from extremely strong BPA-free co-polyester, and it stores between 2-4 gallons, depending on the model.

    The impressive and reliable system works on treated and untreated water that you might find in nearby lakes, streams, stagnant sources like large puddles and more. You could also use it to purify any rainwater that you harvest. Depending on how you configure and set up the unit, it will crank out anywhere from four and eight gallons of purified water every hour.

    2. Door Devil

    In an end of the world situation, panic will ensue immediately. People will be scared and hungry and desperate to grab any supplies they can find. You'll likely have locals beating down your door, trying to get to your family and your supplies. To keep your home, bunker and / or other bug out location as safe as possible, the Door Devil is a must have item. This tough and rugged doorway reinforcement kit will help prevent your door from being kicked in by looters and thieves.

    The product works by strengthening the common failure points on a door, including the hinges, door jamb and the door itself. For example, the 48-inch steel door reinforcement alone has been found to stand up to almost 1,000 foot-pounds of pressure, and the door guard that attaches by the knob and lock adds a great deal of strength to this typically weak part of the door.

    3. Spare Tires

    Ideally, you and your family will survive the apocalypse in the safety of your bunker, but there are certain scenarios where you will have to escape your neighborhood. In case you need to escape fast and head to a new location — or even if you just want to head out to look for a water source and assess the situation in your neighborhood — you’ll need a sturdy car that runs.

    To be sure you are able to get away if needed, keep a set of extra tires in your bunker, along with a tire iron and jack. You can purchase these well ahead of time from an online retailer like TireBuyer.com, which has tires for a huge variety of makes and models of vehicles.

    4. Mini Cree LED Flashlight Torch

    When it comes to supplies that you need to survive an emergency, it’s almost impossible to have too many flashlights on hand. The Mini Cree LED Flashlight Torch, which is available from Amazon, is a budget-friendly powerhouse of a flashlight that is small and easy to carry but still puts out a bright beam of light.

    As a bonus, the Mini Cree’s has a blinding effect when shone into the eyes of others. This is perfect for stopping marauding looters in their tracks.

    Of course, there are plenty of other tools that are worth keeping in your bunker. In the future, I'll publish some more lists of survival supplies every prepper should have.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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