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8 Essential Items for Your Black Out Bag


8 Essential Items for Your Black Out BagWe’ve all heard of bug out bags, but have you ever heard of a “black out bag”? It’s a bag filled with items you’ll need if the power goes out and stays out for an extended period of time.

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In the following video, Survival Know How explains what to put in your black out bag and why. Here’s his list:

1. LED Lantern

In many ways, an LED Lantern will be better to have than a flashlight. All you need to do is set it down, and you’ll have light supplied to the whole area.

2. LED Portable Hand Up Crank Dynamo Solar Camping Lantern

An alternative lantern idea is an LED portable hand up crank solar-powered lantern. Why? Because it does not rely on batteries to work. Instead, it relies on you cranking the wheel or exposing it to the sun.

3. Set Of Long-Burn Emergency Candles

Candles are among the most overlooked survival items. When you need to get a fire going fast, all you need to do is strike a match and light up the candle, and you’re golden. Get several of them going and you can warm up your hands or create enough light to see by.

4. Green Jumbo Glow Lights

Glow lights are an excellent item to have in addition to flashlights and lanterns. You can also use them as signaling devices as well. Green is one of the best colors because it will shine more brightly in darkness than blue or red.

5. Multi-Powered Handheld Emergency Radio

An emergency radio can be a lifesaver during a major disaster, especially if traditional forms of communication such as cell service or the internet are knocked out. Make sure to get one that can rely on battery power, solar power, or hand crank power so you have multiple options for getting it running.

6. Coleman Single Burner Propane Stove

A single burner propane stove, which is very compact and lightweight, is an invaluable cooking item to have during a power outage. Once you get it set up and burning, you can cook virtually anything over it.

7. Hothands Hand Warmers

The nights can get cold without a heater, and hand warmers (as well as feet warmers) will be an immensely valuable thing to have, especially when you’re trying to sleep. If it’s the dead of winter, hand warmers can help prevent frostbite.

8. Waterproof Matches

Last but certainly not least, no blackout bag is truly complete without matches. Matches remain one of the simplest and most efficient ways to get a fire going. Matches are incredibly compact and lightweight, and you can get a box of roughly 40-50 of them that takes up hardly any space or weight at all.

For a more detailed look at these items along with other tips for getting through a blackout, watch the video by Survival Know How below.

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Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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  1. VA3ROD on September 30, 2020 at 2:13 pm

    I have had a single burner propane stove or over 40 years. Originally I used my tall plumbers propane tank but now the short stocky tanks are more economical, 4 for $20 on sale whereas the tall thin tanks are $16 each. The stocky tank also makes a more stable stand.

    When I get access to a workshop again (right now i am separated and living in a tiny apartment) I will build a simple plywood housing to provide additional support for pots. Three pieces of 1/4″ plywood each 12″ square, with the two side supports trimmed to match the height of the metal pot support above the flame, will ensure a larger cooking pot, fry pan or coffee pot won’t readily fall over. The horizontal top surface needs a round hole cut in its centre so that the burner flames won’t spread out & ignite it. It you want to get fancy, cut the lower edges of the 2 sides to form feet to stabilize the inverted-U-shape.

    The 12″ square as a top surface will support a pot large enough to cook 8 cobs of corn or pasta for 4-6-8 people

  2. Bemused Berserker on September 25, 2020 at 11:13 am

    I would add a Headlamp to that Blackout Bag, and it would be at the very top. Having both hands free while you look for your other light sources, is a safe way to access and deploy your other tools. Whether it’s battery operated or rechargeable, either or is fine.

    • VA3ROD on September 30, 2020 at 1:55 pm

      It also helps you to avoid peeing down the front of your pants. And I’m sure the ladies have similar needs.

      They are readily available in 2-packs & 3-packs. I keep one in my car glovebox, along with a good LED work light, and now that the work lights are so inexpensive I keep several of those in each Bag & drawers in the house. So there is one in each room.

      BTW when I buy a small flashlight that uses 3-AAA cells I look for a plastic body that I can safely clench between my teeth. This let’s me direct the light, they are usually less expensive than metal flashlights, and less damaging to my teeth.

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