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50 More Survival Movies

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Recently I published a post called The 50 Best Survival Movies and I got several comments and suggestions. Lots of people have asked, “What about this movie? Why did you leave out that movie?” etc. So I decided to compile all these suggestions into another list. Now these are not necessarily the 50 best survival movies, just 50 more survival movies. And unlike the last list, I haven’t actually seen all of these so viewer beware.

1. 127 Hours – Based on a true story, this is about a hiker who is trapped in a cavern for five days and must find a way out in order to survive.

2. A Man Called Horse – When an English lord is captured by a Sioux Indian tribe, he is given to the chief’s aging mother as a servant. Gradually, he embraces their way of life.

3. Alone in the Wilderness – The story of a man who found a place, built a cabin, and stayed to become part of the country. The video shows day-to-day explorations and activities he carried out alone, and the constant chain of nature’s events that kept him company.

4. Andromeda Strain – A team of scientists races against time to destroy a deadly alien virus that threatens to wipe out life on Earth.

5. Apocalypto – In the twilight of the mysterious Mayan culture, young Jaguar Paw is captured and taken to the great Mayan city where he faces a harrowing end.

6. Apollo 13 – True story of how three astronauts, stranded 205,000 miles above the earth, fight a battle to survive while Mission Control works against time to bring them home.


7. Battle Royale – A group of children are stranded on an island where their only chance of survival is through the death of all their classmates.

8. Black Hawk Down – This film re-creates the American siege of the Somalian city of Mogadishu in October 1993, when a 45-minute mission turned into a 16-hour ordeal of bloody urban warfare.

9. Damnation Alley – A post-nuclear movie in which nearly all life has been wiped off the face of the planet, leaving only a few survivors.

10. Deadly Harvest – A movie that portrays what life could be like if there were a serious food shortage.

11. Death Hunt – A movie that details the determination of two men in a manhunt across the Canadian tundra.

12. Def-Con 4 – A nuclear war story about three astronauts who witness from space and eventually have to return to Earth.

13. Deliverance – The story of four men who test themselves against the elements and set out on a treacherous ride on the rapids of an Appalachian river.

14. Dersu Uzala – Against a backdrop of the treacherous mountains, rivers and icy plains, acclaimed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa stages an extraordinary adventure of comradeship and survival.

15. Eight Below – The thrilling tale of survival and the incredible friendship between eight amazing sled dogs and their guide.

16. Escape From New York – The suspenseful tale of a lone warrior battling his way out of a post-apocalyptic Manhattan.

17. First Blood – Green Beret vet John Rambo wanders into the wrong small town to find a fellow ‘Nam buddy and gets the living heck kicked out of him by the local law enforcement. He strikes back the only way he knows how, leading to a visceral flight and fight through the local mountains.

18. Gallipoli – The story of two young men who cross continents and great oceans, climb pyramids and walk through the ancient sands of Egypt to join their regiment at the fateful battle of Gallipoli.

19. Gray Lady Down – A disabled submarine sinks down to the side of an underwater mountain and the U.S. Navy attempts a rescue.

20. Hell in the Pacific – An adventure about two wartime enemies trapped alone on a desert island.

21. Into Thin Air: Death on Everest – Re-creates an ill-fated 1996 expedition to Everest that claimed at least five lives, including those of two world-class climbers.

22. Lifeboat – Set during World War II, after their ship is sunk in the Atlantic by Germans, eight people are stranded in a lifeboat.

23. Lost in the Barrens – The story of two boys’ exploration of the Canadian wilderness.

24. Man in the Wilderness – After being given up for dead, Zachary Bass fights man and nature during his 600-mile Northwest Territory trek.

25. My Side of the Mountain – A thirteen year-old boy decides to runaway from home to live in harmony with nature.

26. Never Cry Wolf – Tyler, a young and inexperienced biologist, is deposited alone onto the desolate Arctic terrain. Once settled, he struggles to endure the forces of nature.

27. On the Beach – The war is over. Nobody won. Only the inhabitants of Australia and the men of the US submarine Sawfish have escaped the nuclear destruction and radiation.

28. Outbreak – Disease experts are called in to identify and stop a deadly virus which was carried into the country by an illegally smuggled monkey.

29. Rescue Dawn – Real-life story of a US fighter pilot Dengler, shot down and captured during the Vietnam War.

30. Robinson Crusoe – The year is 1659. There is a shipwreck and the sole survivor Robinson Crusoe is washed ashore on a deserted tropical island.

31. Shackleton – When the expedition ship Endurance became locked in the Antarctic ice, Shackleton vowed to bring every man home alive, and against virtually impossible odds, including a 700-mile journey in an open boat through some of the worst seas in the world.

32. Shoot to Kill – When a cunning murderer vanishes into the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest, pursuing FBI agent Warren Stantin must exchange familiar city streets for unknown wilderness trails.

33. Southern Comfort – When nine National Guardsmen enter the Louisiana swamp for routine training, they are unaware that just a handful of their ranks will make it out alive.

34. Survival Quest – It was supposed to be the ultimate wilderness challenge: Four weeks at the North Rockies Survival Quest School. But when the group crosses trails with an unstable and sadistic paramilitary squad, a shocking accident turns their nature trek into a desperate struggle for life and death.

35. Surviving the Game – A homeless man, recruited as a guide by a band of wealthy hunters, winds up the hunted instead.

36. Tears of the Sun – A crack team of U.S. Special Ops commandos struggle to rescue innocent missionaries amidst the bloody horror of Nigerian ethnic cleansing.

37. The Bounty – The story of a sea captain who, in 1787, steered The Bounty on a 27,000-mile voyage into danger, chaos and madness.

38. The Condemned – Brought to a desolate island, a death row prisoner finds himself trapped in a fight to the death against nine other condemned killers from all corners of the world.

39. The Day After Tomorrow – Despite the ridiculous premise, this is a very entertaining natural disaster movie.

40. The Earthling – The story of a dying man with a fascinating past who teaches a small boy not only how to survive in the wild but how to survive in life.

41. The Killing Fields – Schanberg is a journalist who covered the war in Cambodia, and Dith is his translator and aide, who is exiled to Cambodian labor camps where millions of others have died.

42. The Mosquito Coast – The story of a modern man who takes his family into the jungle.

43. The Mountain Men – Bill Tyler and Henry Frapp lead a rugged life as fur trappers in the Rocky Mountains amongst hostile Indian tribes and must decide whether to help a chief’s runaway squaw.

44. The Naked Prey – In the late nineteenth century, colonialists are captured and hideously tortured. Only one is released, without clothes or weapons, to be hunted for sport, and he embarks on a harrowing journey through savanna and jungle and back to a primitive state.

45. The Omega Man – Welcome to the future. Biological war has decimated life on Earth. Los Angeles is a windswept ghost town where Robert Neville tools his convertible through sunlit streets foraging for supplies.

46. The Poseidon Adventure – Follows ten survivors as they struggle to escape from an ocean liner capsized by a tidal wave.

47. Trigger Effect – When the power goes out in the big city and society starts to break down, husband and wife Matthew and Annie find out that not even suburbia is safe.

48. Touching the Void – Two British mountaineers attempt to climb the previously unconquered mountain Siula Grande. A mixture of overconfidence in their own abilities and underestimation of the climb’s difficulties bring them to grief after the successful slog to the summit.

49. Vertical Limit – A group of brash climbers attempt to reach the icy summit of K2.

50. Waterworld – Set in the future when Earth is completely covered in water and the human race is struggling to survive.

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