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    10 Wilderness Survival Tips For Your Next Adventure

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    10 Wilderness Survival Tips For Your Next Adventure

    It's a brand new year, and if you're like me, you're already thinking about your next camping trip. But even if you don't like camping, it's still worth learning some wilderness survival tips in case you ever get lost or have to bug out on foot.

    That's the topic of this video by The Survival Outpost. He shares some tips and tricks for conserving your energy,  being more efficient with your time, and taking care of your wilderness survival priorities. Here's his list…

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    1. The Boot Survival Kit

    You’ll always have your boots on, so use them as the first part of your survival kit. At the bottom of one boot, you can place a small, flat plastic bag with magnesium powder and matches for starting a fire.

    In the other boot, you can enclose some water purification powder in a folded piece of tin foil. This way you have the tools for the two survival basics: fire and water.

    2. Make a Plan

    Define your mission and make a plan. Where are you going? How long? When will you return? And make sure you tell someone about your plans. You should even give them a map of your route in case you’re late returning.

    3. Communications

    Have a way to communicate with someone and check in with them twice a day.

    4. Collect More

    Whenever you’re harvesting from Mother Nature, collect more than you think you need. This could include:

    • Firewood
    • Tinder
    • Water
    • Wild foraged and hunted food

    Better yet, store and stockpile firewood and tinder in a plastic bag or other protected material in a campsite or location that you return to from time to time.

    5. Multipurpose Items

    Think of other ways you can use tools and other items for multiple purposes. For example, you could use the back of a folding saw to strike a magnesium fire stick to make sparks. And did you know your boot laces can be used as cordage? Think outside the box with everything you have.

    6. Field Repair

    Pack a repair kit for things that could break. Consider a piece of canvas or denim fabric, a sewing kit or any other items you would need to fix a necessary item or piece of equipment. Duct tape is always a good bet.

    7. Log Feeder

    Cutting logs is a lot of work and burns a lot of energy, especially with a small folding handsaw. Use your fire to do the work. Stack your logs over the fire and either burn them in half or break them after they have burned through.

    You could also use the suspended logs to support a pot for cooking. It’s also a great way to dry out wet wood.

    8. Seal Your Food

    Put all of your food in Ziplock bags to protect it from insects and animals. You can buy specially designed food storage bags on Amazon for this purpose.

    9. Carry Shoo Goo

    Shoo Goo is an all-purpose boot repair product and will make quick work of boot repair in the wilderness. Boots are the most difficult clothing item to repair and Shoo Goo never fails.

    10. Gear Marker

    A gear marker is a small, glow-in-the-dark light stick that has a ring clip to attach to any piece of gear. It makes it easier to find a pack, canteen, or another piece of gear in the dark.

    You can also wear it on your back or front to make it easier for other people to find you or track you if you are traveling at night.


    Practice situational awareness. Stay alert to your surroundings. You never know when a predator—either animal or human—may be on your trail or just ahead, so keep a watchful eye and be careful out there.

    If you'd like to learn more, be sure to watch the video below for more details. If you watch it on Youtube, check out the description below the video for links to some of the products.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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