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    Top 10 Jobs After The Grid Goes Down

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    Top 10 Jobs After The Grid Goes Down

    If the grid were to go down following a major global disaster that wipes out 90% of the population, what kind of occupations would the survivors have?

    Regardless of what job you were to pursue in this situation, you must be adaptable, courageous, surrounded by like-minded people, and willing to try new things. It’s these kinds of people who would be more likely to survive and get to the point where society could rebuild.

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    The most popular kinds of jobs in society right now are retail, clerks, servers, waiters, janitors, secretaries, teachers, specialized services, and bookkeepers. The majority of workers, skilled or unskilled, are working in careers that will have little or no value in a post-collapse world.

    There’s also the issue that people will be more focused on their survival than on their occupations. For example, a mechanic is someone who will likely be very valuable in a grid-down scenario. But at the same time, the mechanic of your group is going to be focused on his or her survival before anything else.

    This means they may only work one to three hours a day on actually repairing vehicles, and the rest of their time will be spent gathering food and conducting other tasks related to staying alive.

    To remedy this, the likely scenario is that we would have a more egalitarian society where people are expected to contribute equally and are paid equally for their work. Cash will no longer be a form of currency, but rather food, security, and shelter will be.

    With the mechanic example, this means they would have their basic needs met by the rest of the group in order to ensure they could dedicate the bulk of their days to actually working on repairing vehicles. The same logic goes for other occupations as well.

    In this video, Canadian Prepper talks about these issues in detail and lists what he thinks will be the ten most common jobs after the grid goes down for good. Here's his list:

    1. Leader
      • Somebody who holds the group together and makes critical decisions.
      • Some groups may have several leaders.
    2. Security
      • Responsible for keeping the rest of the group safe.
    3. Food Procurement
      • Hunters, fishermen, foragers, agricultural workers, farmers, etc.
      • Cook.
    4. Trades
      • Carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, etc.
    5. Medical Experts/Doctors/Nurses
    6. Weaponsmith
      • Gunsmith, someone who can reload or build new ammunition.
    7. Seamstress and Cobblers
      • Anyone who can repair shoes, clothes, blankets, etc.
    8. Entertainers
    9. Communications and Technology
      • Engineers, computer experts, etc.
    10. Chaplin

    For more information on these jobs and what it might be like to do them after the collapse, watch the video by Canadian Prepper below.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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