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    8 Things You Need To Do Before The Election

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    8 Things You Need To Do Before The Election

    We live in chaotic times, and things could get even worse after the upcoming 2020 elections should the results swing a certain way. As RSP Tool & Gear Reviews says, there are certain actions that you simply must take before things get worse, as they very well could after the election is over.

    Here are eight things you need to do before the election.

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    1. Build An Intelligence Community

    If things get bad enough, survival will require joining a group. You can’t just stick this out alone as a lone wolf. Begin talking about how you could survive or outlast a worsening SHTF situation with like-minded people. Build a community with them. When things do get worse, you can band together.

    2. Get A One-Year Food Supply

    Did you know that the average American family only has enough food in their fridge and pantry to last them for about a week? That’s hardly anything at all. Earlier in the spring, we saw a glimpse of what shortages look like.

    If things get worse, the shortages will return, and they will last longer. At the bare minimum, it’s not unreasonable to have a year’s worth of emergency food and water stocked up.

    3. Prepare For The Fires Of SHTF

    Fire safety now needs to be a major concern for you because we’ve seen what rioting is like in major cities. What if the rioting like we’ve seen in Portland or Seattle becomes even worse? What if they begin tossing small fires into your place of business or house? The time has never been better to brush up on your fire survival skills.

    4. Put Survival Gear In Your Bug-Out Vehicle

    One of your cars needs to be a designated bug-out vehicle that you can use to get out of dodge in a jiffy if you have to. It’s also vitally important that this vehicle be ready to go with supplies that you could live off of for a few days.

    5. Learn Prepper Radio Communications

    Can you imagine a world where you have to communicate without the internet, phones, email, texting, or social media? Learn about how to use the different kinds of prepping communication systems including CB radio and HAM radio.

    6. Learn Primary Disaster Preparedness Concepts

    This essentially covers how well prepared you are for a major disaster to hit. In case you're forced to evacuate, do you have a bug out plan in place? Do you have a rendezvous point to meet up with other people in your group?

    What about a home defense plan? Do you have enough food and water and medicine set aside for a good amount of time? These are the kinds of questions that you need to be asking yourself.

    7. Beef Up Your Home Security

    Replace your doors and locks with heavy-duty alternatives. Learn home defense techniques. Have the appropriate defensive firearms easily accessible and be trained in their use. Invest in some kind of an alarm or security system so you can detect intruders before they arrive.

    8. Prepare For The Pandemic To Get Worse

    Last but not least, the pandemic we are currently experiencing could very well get worse. Are you prepared to hunker down at home for months on end if you have to? Do you have supplies stockpiled to last for that time? Are you prepared to take care of the sick members of your family when professional medical help is no longer available?

    Check out this video by RSP Tool & Gear Reviews for a more detailed discussion.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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