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    40 Survival Supplies to Look for at the Grocery Store

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    40 Survival Supplies to Look for at the Grocery Store

    Gathering survival supplies is more than just stockpiling food, and the grocery store has plenty of items you need in your stockpile. You’re preparing for anything, and while food and water are essential, you also need first aid supplies, candles, batteries, and other bartering items.

    I went through my local grocery store and came up with a few essential survival supplies you can get while doing your regular shopping. If you have a local Walmart, you’ll have all of these or more, but most grocery stores sell these as well.

    Let’s take a look at the best survival supplies to look for in the grocery store. You might be surprised that a few of these play a part in survival

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    1. Aluminum Foil

    Have you ever noticed your grandparents saving aluminum foil? During the Great Depression, this was a huge commodity. It works for meal storage, temporary matches, fishing lures, reflective strips, and even mirrors. 

    2. Baby Wipes 

    Most people think of baby wipes only for infants, but they’re great for cleaning, wiping hands and faces, and random tasks. Plus, if you have an infant, you need thousands of baby wipes. 

    3. Batteries 

    Batteries are useful for flashlights, radios, and tons of other things. If possible, consider buying batteries in bulk because it’s much more affordable. 

    4. Blankets 

    At my local grocery store, I see blankets all the time. Staying warm is essential, so make sure each person in your house has several blankets. These also make great barter items

    5. Bleach

    Bleach is a must-have item in all survival stockpiles. Not only can you use bleach for cleaning, but it also helps filter and clean water in an emergency situation. 

    6. Body Soaps

    I prefer to stockpile bars of soap because they’re cheaper than the bottles and store well. They’re also smaller and slip into your bug-out bag. Grab a few packs of body soaps. 

    7. Borax 

    If you need to clean clothes, borax is a great natural laundry detergent. It’s not ideal to use all the time and by itself, but in an emergency situation, it works. 

    8. Cable Ties 

    Sometimes called zip ties, cable ties are another inexpensive survival supply that you can find at most grocery stores. These will tie your shoes, attach items to your backpack, close gates, and so many other ideas. 

    9. Can Openers 

    If the electricity goes out and you need to open cans of soup, you need manual can openers. Having several openers make great barter items. 

    10. Candles 

    Learning how to make your own candles is a great DIY project, but most grocery stores sell inexpensive candles. These are a great prep item for electricity losses or even a grid problem. 

    11. Canning Jars

    Most grocery stores sell cases of canning jars. You can never have enough canning jars. They help store water, food, and drinking, along with food preservation.  

    12. Canning Lids 

    Canning lids aren’t reusable, so if you can food, you have to replace the lids each time. Boxes of canning lids are inexpensive; I buy some every time I go to the store. 

    13. Charcoal 

    If you need to cook on a grill, you need charcoal, or you can toss charcoal into a fire pit with a grate over the top for cooking. 

    14. Cleaning Gloves 

    If possible, invest in a thick pair of vinyl gloves. These are useful when treating wounds, cleaning, or sorting through debris. You don’t want to touch certain things during an emergency if you don’t have access to medical professionals if you develop an infection. 

    15. Coffee Filters 

    Coffee filters work as filters, funnels, and fire starters. They stack well and fit into backpacks or storage well. 

    16. Dental Kits 

    If you check the same aisle as the Orajel, you’ll find emergency dental kits. These are little kits that let you fill a tooth at home until you can get to a dentist. 

    17. Deodorant 

    Just because there is an emergency doesn’t mean we need to stink – right? 

    18. Dish Soap 

    Dish soap is a possible cleaner for your home, and you need it for washing hands and washing dishes. 

    19. Disinfectant 

    Cleanliness is important; you might not think that keeping your bathroom and kitchen clean is important, but it’s needed when you need to survive. The last thing you want is bacteria entering your food, getting everyone in your house sick. 

    20. Duct Tape 

    Honestly, is there anything that duct tape won’t fix? Duct tape is versatile and has many uses like fixing pipes, patching holes in a tarp, trail marking, making a DIY sling, and so many other ideas. 

    21. Face Masks 

    We are so used to wearing face masks nowadays because of Covid, but they should be in your preps too. Pandemic preppers know a far worse virus could arise, so stockpile masks while you can.

    22. Feminine Hygiene Products

    During an emergency situation, cleanliness is vital. You might not have access to medical professionals, so you need to have plenty of feminine hygiene products. Grab extra pads and tampons for the females in your life. 

    23. First Aid Supplies 

    You can never have too many first aid supplies in your survival stockpile. Most grocery stores sell a wide variety of first aid supplies, giving you the perfect opportunity to stock up each time you get groceries.

    Examples of some first aid supplies you should stockpile include:

    24. Flashlights

    Most grocery stores sell small flashlights, so grab as many as you want. Small flashlights fit well in backpacks and purses. 

    25. Hydrogen Peroxide 

    Hydrogen peroxide is one of those versatile items that everyone should have in their pantry. Not only does it have cleaning uses, but it also cleans out wounds and helps to get rid of bacteria that might cause an infection. 

    26. Lighter Fluid 

    Lighter fluid makes starting a fire a lot easier. You have to be careful with this, but if you need to start a fire quickly, make sure you have some lighter fluid in your survival supplies

    27. Lighters 

    Having tons of lighters is a no-brainer when it comes to survival supplies. Fire is listed as one of the most important discoveries ever because it changed our world and humanity. Without fire, you won’t stay warm on cold nights, nor can you cook food

    Yes, learning how to start a fire without a lighter is a great skill – you should practice it – but having an enormous stockpile of lighters is also a great idea. 

    28. Matches 

    Matches are even cheaper than lighters, so you can buy large boxes to store with your stockpiles. Boxes of matches are stackable and take up little room in your pantry or emergency supplies

    29. Medications

    Pain relievers aren’t the only medication that you need to have on hand for an emergency. You never know what situations might arise.

    Here are some things to grab at the grocery store:

    30. Orajel

    Nothing feels worse than a toothache. While good dental hygiene and maintenance are a vital part of prepping, toothaches come out of nowhere. Make sure you have a few tubes of Orajel on hand. 

    31. Pain Relievers 

    Fewer medications are as crucial as pain relievers. While you don’t have access to prescription pain medications to stockpile, you should have plenty of over-the-counter medicines on hand.

    You should stockpile:

    32. Paper Towels

    You can use paper towels for so many things. I suggest grabbing a case each time you can!

    33. Sewing Supplies 

    Whenever I’m at the grocery store or dollar store, I see sewing supplies. I suggest that everyone has sewing supplies in their preps. Not only are these useful for mending situations, but sewing supplies might be a bartering item as well. 

    34. Socks

    You can never have enough socks for everyone in your family. Stores like Walmart or Target sell socks, so I suggest grabbing extra pairs. 

    35. Super Glue 

    Like duct tape and cable ties, super glue is essential for your stockpile. Whether you need to superglue glasses or wood, you can use this. 

    36. Toilet Paper

    You don’t need to stockpile toilet paper as we saw during the start of the pandemic, but it’s one of those items we take for granted until we no longer have it. We saw the panic first hand – people began searching everywhere for packs of toilet paper, and the store began to limit the number you could purchase. 

    37. Toothbrushes and Toothpaste 

    You never can be too cautious when it comes to dental hygiene. A tooth infection will kill you, and if SHTF, you might not have access to medical professionals or dentists. Keep your mouth clean!

    38. Trash Bags

    From protecting items to tossing out nasty items, trash bags are a must-have item in your preps. 

    39. Vitamins 

    Vitamins should be a regular part of your life; it’s hard to take in all of the vitamins needed through diet alone. In an emergency, when access to food might be limited, vitamins keep your body healthy. They don’t provide calories, but they make sure your body has the vitamins needed for proper functions. 

    40. Ziploc Bags 

    Having different-sized Ziploc bags on hand is excellent for storage. 

    Final Thoughts

    Next time you go to the store, look for the items above. You might be surprised by the different survival supplies to look for in the grocery store; it’s time to grow your stockpile beyond food

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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