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    5 Best Beginner Self Defense Guns for Women

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    5 Best Beginner Self Defense Guns for Women

    Are you currently in the market for the best home defense guns for women? It is important for a woman to know a thing or two about self-defense. You can’t predict what will happen in the future, so it's best to prepare yourself to fight for survival in case you come across a dangerous intruder.

    It also helps to learn something about the best martial arts for self-defense so you can use such skills to save yourself. But if it’s not possible, make sure you're also fully prepared by investing in the best beginner self-defense gun that is safe and friendly for women. When searching for a good self-defense gun, one thing you have to look for is a powerful cartridge.

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    The handgun should be chambered in a powerful cartridge that will stop an assailant, provided you place the shot properly. It should also have a comfortable fit. A proper and comfortable fit is important as this can minimize recoil and ensure that you will have an easier time shooting your target.

    With a comfortable fit, you'll be more motivated to practice using it, eventually improving your proficiency. It's also advisable to choose a reliable beginner self-defense gun that is easy to operate. Ensure that it does not malfunction all of a sudden.

    Now that you know the key characteristics to look for in a self-defense gun, it is time to start your research. Some of the best beginner self-defense guns for women that meet the criteria include the following:

    Glock 43- 9mm

    One of the best choices for self-defense guns that suit the needs of women is the Glock 43. It is small, compact, and lightweight, making it truly appropriate for women. It has a low magazine capacity and a smaller frame. Both of these qualities improve the flexibility of the gun, meaning it's easier to use in various situations. It also works well for concealed carry, which is great for women who are uncomfortable with open carry.

    The Glock 43 is also popular for its accuracy. Shooting is comfortable because it has a small frame that perfectly fits feminine hands. It gives you full control when shooting, thereby preventing you from missing your target. Furthermore, the smaller slide and frame of this gun ensures that you can easily feel all the 9-mm rounds charge.

    SIG Sauer P238

    The SIG Sauer P238 is a famous concealed carry firearm for women. It is equipped with a slide made of stainless steel. One advantage of this firearm is that it is small and compact, making it comfortable to use and completely manageable. With its single-action operation, it functions with the least recoil. The fact that it is small and compact is also a big advantage as this makes it easier to conceal.

    The SIG Sauer P238 is lightweight. Women who have problems racking the slide or those whose grip is not that strong will also love the P238 because it is easy to maneuver and manipulate. It comes with several upgraded options, like the removable night sights and the adjustable windage.

    Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard

    The Bodyguard from Smith & Wesson is also another self-defense gear that a woman should consider investing in. This firearm comes with a synthetic grip, which promotes ease in holding it and significantly reduces recoil. It is equipped with an ambidextrous cylinder release.

    It also has a Crimson Trace laser sight, which offers a psychological edge during stressful situations, provided you use it properly. This laser light also promotes ease in aiming for your target even in low-lighting or reduced lighting conditions. It is lightweight because it weighs only around 14 ounces, so women will never have a difficult time operating it.

    Ruger LC9

    The Ruger LC9 is also one of those high-quality and reliable handguns that women can use for self-defense purposes. It utilizes a single-stack 7-round magazine, which contributes a lot to its compact and slim profile. This profile makes the LC9 suitable for those who wish to carry the gun in a concealed manner. It also suits shooters with a smaller frame.

    It is a reliable and highly accurate self-defense gun. The fact that it is easy to maneuver and control also makes it really suitable for beginners and inexperienced shooters. It is chambered in a powerful self-defense cartridge, the 9-mm Luger. This cartridge is powerful enough to deal with most threats. It also boasts of its manageable recoil.

    Springfield Armory XDS

    This firearm also deserves a spot in this article because it is unique and boasts of its high capacity. One impressive quality of the Springfield XDS with 9-mm capacity is the aggressive grip texturing. This specific quality is beneficial because it results in a no-slip and solid grip.

    The narrow frame of this firearm also helps you conceal it with ease. This single-action handgun takes pride in its steel barrel and slide and polymer frame. It also promotes rapid sight alignment even in areas with low light because of its front sights. Furthermore, you can easily find a compatible holster for the Springfield Armory XDS.


    Every woman who wants to invest in a self-defense gun should spend time experimenting with various choices before making the final purchase. Find out which one fits your hand comfortably. Also, experiment by manipulating the controls of the handguns you are planning to buy. Compare the way they shoot individually. This can help you in figuring out which one is suitable enough for you and can guarantee your safety when dealing with a threat.

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