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    Beware of Road Blocks After The SHTF

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    Beware of Road Blocks After The SHTF

    Roadblocks and checkpoints are a way to control territory, and they could become very common after the SHTF. In this video from the Youtube channel, Reality Survival & Prepping, JJ talks about many considerations for negotiating roadblocks during a nationwide SHTF scenario.

    The main goal is to avoid them, but these tips can help you manage along the way. Here's his list…

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    1. They are dangerous. This is how people control territory in emergency situations from legitimate authorities, and illegitimate people trying to rob you.

    2. Roadblocks are established in limited visibility. You may come upon them quickly. Keep a heightened sense of awareness around curves and hills.

    3. Competent Roadblocks will have multiple people stationed. Assume that there may be back-up.

    4. Primary and secondary roads will be the first to establish roadblocks. Try to use back roads and logging trails where possible to avoid encounters.

    5. Areas of heavy tree covers, rocks, terrain make good roadblock stations. They are looking to surprise you, travel on flat roads.

    6. Have multiple vehicles. From a tactical standpoint, one car is a high risk. If you’re walking, stick to two groups and slightly separate.

    7. Avoid cities and towns. Go the long way to avoid cities, by 5+ miles.

    8. Have primary, alternate, and emergency routes established. Have a plan, know the plan and have rally spots in case of separation.

    9. The first car in the group should travel ahead to notify everyone else of roadblocks. The second car can be signaled.

    10. Expect overwatch. Overwatch stations will pay attention to cars traveling together.

    11. The first car should arrive slowly. If possible, relay information back to the second car.

    12. The second car covers the first. The second car should provide cover and be ready in case the first car needs back-up.

    13. When the first car has passed, they provide cover for following cars. Having a designated shooter or sniper per vehicle is helpful.

    14. Be ready for food, money, ammunition demands. Have some items you’re willing to hand over, but make them work for it so they don’t feel entitled to more.

    15. Have a plausible cover story for your entire group. Make sure these details are believable and shared with the full group.

    16. Assuming you have 4 vehicles, the back 2 should have weapons at low ready and be ready to engage. If something happens, the back two cars should be ready to throw down fire to protect the front vehicles. The first two cars should be polite and ready to put the checkpoint attendants at ease.

    17. Passengers should ride in the back seat. They are the primary shooter and ready to engage.

    18. Wear body armor. You can wear this discretely.

    19. Have go bags next to you. If you must abandon your vehicle, have survival gear and ammunition ready to grab.

    20. Ramming When needed as an out, ram one vehicle as you escape. A midsized sedan or larger won’t sustain enough damage to affect the car.

    21. When approaching a checkpoint, try to determine if it’s law enforcement or bandits. Check for uniforms, vehicles, and weapons to match and look legitimate.

    22. If you believe it’s legitimate, it’s likely ok to provide your ID. If you think they are illegitimate, you may not want to provide your ID to protect assets or people at your address.

    Watch the video below for a more detailed discussion of these considerations.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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