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    Surviving Doomsday Review

    Surviving Doomsday Book

    Are you really prepared to survive anything? Most preppers would have no trouble getting through a simple hurricane and a few days without power. But what about a few weeks without power? Or a few months? What if gangs of looters are going from house to house, taking whatever they want? What if your home has been flattened and you are forced to bug out of the city? Author Richard Duarte asks these questions along with many other tough questions in his book, Surviving Doomsday: A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster. He also provides the answers. Richard’s home was … Read More

    Ragnar’s Urban Survival

    Ragnar's Urban Survival

    I just recently finished reading Ragnar’s Urban Survival: A Hard-Times Guide to Staying Alive in the City. This book is a good starting point for people who intend to stick it out where they are if disaster strikes. Ragnar touches on all the basic topics you will need to know in order to survive in the city, and shares some practical things you can do to start preparing. Here’s a preview of what’s in this book. Chapter 1: Basic Survival Philosophy. One of the more memorable lessons from this chapter is the Rule of Threes. For example, you should have … Read More

    Top 10 Books on Survival

    Top 10 Books on Survival

    Update: Since I first wrote this post, many other great books have been released such as Surviving Doomsday, The Art of Eating Through The Zombie Apocalypse , and these urban survival books. So although I no longer consider the list below to be my top 10 books on survival , I still think they’re all very good. I haven’t read every book on survival (there are too many to keep up!), but I’ve read a lot. I went through my book shelf and tried to decide what I think are the best well-rounded survival books. After about an hour, I narrowed it … Read More