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    Civil War Preparedness: Food and Water

    Civil War Preparedness - Part 1: Food and Water

    Today we’ll look at the #1 most important aspect of civil war survival: sourcing food and water. Something made more difficult by the urban environment. #urbansurvivalsite #civilwar #preparedness #survivalfood #emergencysurvival

    10 Weird Canned Foods That Are Surprisingly Good

    10 Weird Canned Foods That Are Surprisingly Good

    These canned foods probably sound weird, but they’re actually very good. If you’re looking to add some variety to your food stockpile, check these out. #urbansurvivalsite #cannedfood #weird #survivalfood #emergencypreparedness

    How To Make A Survival Fishing Kit That Will Last

    In this article, we’ll explain how to create an effective survival fishing kit that will still be usable if the time ever comes where your survival depends on catching fish. #urbansurvivalsite #survivalfishing #fishingkit #fishingtips #survivalfood