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    21 Urban Survival Hacks You Have To Try

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    21 Urban Survival Hacks You Have To Try

    Most people have become so dependent on technology that they're not even a little prepared for a true survival situation, let alone attempting to survive it without any traditional survival gear.

    In a situation such as a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or economic collapse where you are stranded away from your home and without any gear, you will have to find simple, everyday items and figure out how you can use them to survive.

    For example, can you get a fire going without a lighter? Would you know what to do if you got a flat tire? Or if someone a deep cut and you don't have any first aid supplies? If not, then you should find the hacks in this article very useful.

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    Here are 21 random urban survival hacks that will save your ass.

    1. Cordage From a 2 Liter Bottle

    If you need some cordage but don't have any, you can use your knife to get strong cordage from a 2-liter bottle. Use a piece of wood to hold the bottle steady as you turn it against the knife blade and slice off your cordage.

    2. Water Bottle Raft

    If you collect enough water bottles, you can lash them all together under a tarp or garbage bag for a makeshift raft. This could come in useful for traveling downriver in a city should the streets be blocked off.

    3. Crayon Candles

    Crayon Candles

    This one is easy. Hold a lighter under the bottom of a crayon until it melts enough to where you can stick it to a flat surface such as a plate. This way it won't fall over. Then light the top of the crayon. Once it gets going, it will burn for a long time.

    4. Orange Candle

    If you don’t have any crayons lying around, you still have alternatives. An orange is one such example: slice the peel in half and then remove the fruit, but keep the stem in the center. Pour some olive oil into it, use the stem as a wick, and light it. These are just a couple of many ordinary things you can turn into candles.

    5. Soda Can Light

    Use a knife to cut out a window in a soda can and then place a candle inside. The tin inside of the can will reflect the light back across the room to make it much brighter than the candle alone would be.

    6. Battery and Steel Wool Fire Starter

    Bring a piece of steel wool into contact with the terminal of a battery. This will produce sparks, which you can then use to light your tinder on fire. Here are some other unusual ways to start a fire.

    7. Phone Case Cash Holder

    Cash in Case

    You never know when you will need to barter in a survival situation or what you will need to barter for. Store some $20 bills in between your phone case and your phone so that you will always have some cash on hand.

    8. Watch Compass

    If you forgot your compass or don’t have one, the analog watch wrapped around your wrist will do. Tilt the hour hand towards the sun and draw a line between the 12 o’clock and the hour hand. This line is your north to south line.

    9. Toothpaste To Treat Insect Bites

    Toothpaste Bug Bite

    When applied to an insect bite, toothpaste will cause the pain and swelling to go down significantly. Be careful, though. If you've been scratching at it and it has become an open wound, then the toothpaste will sting.

    10. Water From Hoses and Sprinklers

    Garden Hose

    If the water in your city isn't running anymore, there are a few places you can find extra water that other people probably won't have thought of. For example, garden hoses and sprinkler systems. But be sure to purify it before drinking it.

    11. Garbage Bag Ponchos

    When it starts to rain, simply use an ordinary garbage bag as a makeshift poncho. Cut holes through the tops and sides for your head and arms. That is just one of several dozen survival uses for garbage bags.

    12. Soda Tab Fishing Hooks

    Remove the tabs from soda cans, and then use a pair of pliers or scissors to pry them into the shape of fishing hooks. Pierce bait through the hook and attach it to a line to begin fishing.

    13. Leaves For Insulation

    Leaves for Insulation

    When you’re cold from the wind or rain, collect lots of dry leaves and stuff them into your jacket. It won’t give you a whole lot of warmth, but it will do a good job at insulating you from moisture.

    14. AAA Batteries + Tin Foil = AA Batteries

    If you have a device that takes AA batteries but all you have are AAA batteries, you can use tin foil to fill in the gaps. It really works!

    15. Dental Floss Clothesline

    Dental Floss

    Wrap multiple strands of clothesline together and then stretch them between two ends to make a clothesline. The more strands you use, the stronger it will be. Here are some other great uses for dental floss.

    16. Chap Stick for Small Cuts

    Chap Stick for Cuts

    If you get lots of small cuts from crawling under fences, trekking through bushes, climbing trees, and so forth, a quick and easy to way to stop them from bleeding is with chap stick. Doing this will lower the chance that one of those cuts gets infected. This is just one of many other uses for chap stick.

    17. Duct Tape Butterfly Bandage

    For more serious injuries such as an open wound, you need to close it off quickly to avoid infection. Once you've flushed the wound, you can use duct tape and scissors to make a butterfly bandage.

    18. Fix a Flat Tire With Grass

    Flat Tire

    This is one of those hacks that you should only use in an end-of-the-world type scenario where you absolutely have to keep driving to make it to safety. Remove the tire, cut slits in the side of the tire and start stuffing it with grass until it's nice and firm, then put it back on your car. It's not a long-term solution, but it will keep you going for a while.

    19. Use Chips as Kindling

    If you're having trouble finding dry kindling to start a fire, use some regular chips. They are dry and full of fat so they burn easily.

    20. Ziploc Bag Electronic Device Protector

    Phone in Ziploc Bag

    Keeping your electronic devices such as your GPS or phone dry will be crucial so you can navigate or communicate with others. When traveling, store them inside airtight Ziploc bags to keep out moisture.

    21. Swim Goggles to Protect Eyes

    Swim Goggles

    If you're in an area with lots of smoke and/or ash in the air, you should tie a bandana or something similar over your mouth and nose. But what about your eyes? If stuff in the air is stinging your eyes, put on a pair of swim goggles to protect them.

    These hacks are pretty random, so I may keep adding to this list as I think of more ideas. If you have any urban survival hacks you'd like to share, leave a comment and tell me about it.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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