If the worst happens, you can always build a fire to keep warm and cook You Can Never Have Too Much Coleman Fuel food, but your life will be FAR easier if you’ve stockpiled plenty of fuel. A gallon of Coleman propane fuel will last for about 40 hours and is good for light, cooking, and heating. If you go to Walmart today, you’ll see dozens of 16.4 ounce bottles of Coleman in the Sporting Goods department for around 5 dollars each. I recommend buying a few bottles every time you go shopping there, or whatever you can afford. Remember, bottles of Coleman fuel will be one of the first things to disappear during a panic.

Coleman fuel 16.4 ounce propane bottles are convenient and disposable. The cap is replaceable, the cylinder is pressurized, there is no pumping or pouring, and they work with all propane appliances. As you gather these bottles for your storage area, you’ll want to be shopping for some Coleman appliances. Your first priority is a stove for cooking.

You Can Never Have Too Much Coleman Fuel I recommend the Coleman PerfectFlow InstaStart 2-Burner Stove. With both burners on high, a 16.4 ounce bottle of fuel should last about an hour. It starts with the push of a button—no need for matches or lighters—and will evenly heat two skillets (cast iron is best). These stoves work well in all types of climates and altitudes. The side panels block wind and fold down to form shelves. It’s safe, easy to clean, and stands the test of time.

The only downside of this stove is it’s not as portable as it ought to be. If you don’t pick it up with two hands, the latch can come loose and it falls apart. This can be a real pain in the butt, but if a major disaster occurs and the power is out, I’ll probably leave the stove in one spot, anyway.

The other thing you’ll want to do with these propane bottles is attach them to a lantern. Candles are good, oil lamps are better, but unless you use a good lantern, your home is still going to be very dim and it sucks trying to read a book or spend time with your family in this kind of light.

The Coleman Two-Mantle Propane Lantern is a good choice. You Can Never Have Too Much Coleman Fuel One 16.4 ounce bottle of propane will last around 14 hours in this lantern. This type of lantern can be very bright on its max setting. It has large base with retractable feet to keep it from tipping over, and it comes with a carrying case for when you’re not using it. As with every product I’ve ever used, I do have a complaint (I’m just grumpy that way). I wish this lantern had a push-button starter like the stove has. You’ll need matches to get this going. Not the worst thing; just make sure you’re stocking up on matches.

I was thinking about including the Coleman Catalytic Heater in this article, but frankly, that heater couldn’t warm a small closet. It’s more of a hand warmer than anything. If you really want to be warm, you should build a fire. So in conclusion, start looking around for a good stove and lantern, and start buying bottles of Coleman fuel while you still can!

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  • brian

    Propane is great, but is only one option among many. That said, the average person would be better off buying a propane tank meant for a grill and having it filled. Based on recent Craigslist pricing on spare tanks and the $20 refill/swap at the local mart, this could be done for $40 or less. You would have way more propane than buying 8 of those little bottles. Storage could be a problem in a small apt though.

    You also don’t mention gas, diesel, or kerosene. MSR makes some great multi-fuel camp stoves that will run on all of these fuels + white gas and jet fuel. The ability to cook with jet fuel and kerosene will be appreciated once all of the propane, gas, and diesel is gone.

    You can also buy a very inexpensive collapsable alcohol fuel stove.