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What You Should Put In Bug Out Bags For Kids

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The shit has hit the fan, and you and your family’s lives are in danger. Although sheltering in place would be more convenient, you have no choice but to bug out. So you grab your bug out bags, load the kids in the car, and get out of dodge as quickly as possible.

Then, when you’re already out of town and it’s too late to go back, your toddler says, “I’m thirsty,” and you realize you forgot to pack a sippy cup. Not just that, you forgot diapers, wipes, formula, toys, and all sorts of things. But how would you have packed all that stuff, anyway? Your bug out bag is bursting at the seams as it is. The solution: Bug out bags for kids.

You don’t want to make your kids carry too much weight, but they could at least carry a few of the things they’ll need. But what should you put in a bug out bag for kids? Tin Hat Ranch wrote an article that answers this question. The following post includes a list of BOB items for kids along with tips on what to pack for children of various ages.

What to Put in Bug Out Bags for Kids

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