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    8 Awesome Vehicles to Survive Doomsday

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    8 Awesome Vehicles to Survive Doomsday

    If you are ever forced to bug out from your home in a disaster scenario, your efforts will always be made easier and safer by bugging out in a vehicle rather than on foot. A vehicle allows you to travel faster, provides you with some level of protection, and has space for you to carry more items.

    That being said, not all vehicles are created equally. In fact, certain kinds of vehicles will be a very poor choice for bugging out. The best kind of vehicle for bugging out needs to meet the following qualities:

    • Be AWD/4WD
    • Have Suitable Ground Clearance
    • Have Enough Space To Carry Your Family
    • Have Enough Space To Haul Your Gear and Supplies
    • Be Reliable

    Most vehicles do not have these qualities, but there are certain ones that do, and these are the vehicles that you should most consider for bug out use.

    If you're a prepper and happen to be in the market for a new car, you may as well get one you can count if should you ever be forced to evacuate. Here, then, are the top eight awesome vehicles to survive doomsday:

    1. Chevrolet Suburban

    Chevrolet Suburban

    While it certainly gets poor mileage, the Chevrolet Suburban more than makes up for it with its extremely large amount of cargo space and excellent towing capacity.

    The Suburban has more room than perhaps any other production vehicle on the market, which is great not only for hauling a complete family but extra gear and supplies as well.

    The engine on the Suburban is equal to that of the Chevrolet Silverado, which means you have superb power for driving over rough terrain or for hauling a heavy trailer with even more supplies in it.

    As an alternative, you could also go with the Suburban’s counterparts the GMC Yukon XL or the Cadillac Escalade.

    2. Ford F-150

    Ford F-150

    Another great option for a bug out vehicle is any 4×4 truck, and your best option here will be the Ford F-150. Not only has the F-150 been the best selling pickup truck since the 1970s, it’s been the best selling vehicle since the 1970s, period (at least in the USA).

    This means that spare parts for the F-150 are virtually unlimited and can be found anywhere. If price isn’t an issue, the best F-150 for driving over rough terrain is the Raptor model. With over four hundred horsepower and superb off road capabilities, it’s perhaps the best production truck for bugging out there is.

    While less popular, you could also go with other 4WD trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ram 1500, Nissan Titan, or the Toyota Tundra.

    3. Hummer H2

    Hummer H2

    The Hummer H2 is no longer in production (it hasn’t been since 2009), but a used one in good condition is a solid choice for a bug out vehicle.

    The H2 undeniably has poor fuel mileage and parking it can be rather difficult in tight conditions, but it’s a tank of a vehicle that can barge through practically anything, with lots of storage space. Off-road capabilities are also uniformly excellent.

    4. Jeep Wrangler

    Jeep Wrangler

    You probably expected to see a Jeep on this list, and with good reason.  Jeep’s are made almost entirely for off-roading and the Wrangler absolutely delivers in this department.

    With four doors, the Wrangler beats out other Jeep models because of its extra space for hauling a typical four or five-person family.

    Another huge plus to the Wrangler is its resell value, as it routinely ranks in lists of the top cars as such.  Beyond that, the Jeep Wrangler is iconic, and instantly recognizable by most folks.

    As a result of its popularity, spare parts and accessories are also relatively easy to find.

    5. Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG

    Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG

    If you want a luxurious bug out vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG would make a very appealing option. But while it’s a luxury car in its interior, its engine is built to military specifications for off-road use.

    It is designed to climb slopes at thirty-six degrees while also offering tight traction control, with close to five hundred horsepower. However, luxury comes with a price, and the G55 AMG will cost you over a hundred grand.

    6. Subaru Outback

    Subaru Outback

    If you’re looking for a smaller bug out vehicle, you still have to select a model with AWD capabilities and plenty of storage, and the best choice here will be the Subaru Outback wagon (essentially a wagon version of the Subaru Legacy sedan).

    Subaru is known for making AWD sedans and wagons, and they largely control this section of the car market. Subaru’s are also noted for their reliability and are popular among outdoors enthusiasts looking for a compact off-road vehicles.

    7. Toyota 4Runner

    Toyota 4Runner

    Truly not enough good things can be said about the Toyota 4Runner. This is one of the most reliable production vehicles on the planet, with used 4Runners commonly reaching over three hundred thousand miles and still being sold for decent prices. In fact, the 4Runner is routinely rated as one of the longest lasting vehicles in the United States.

    The 4Runner is a true utilitarian vehicle. Ground clearance is excellent, the 4WD is one of the best on the market, and there’s plenty of room for storing people and supplies. The 4Runner is an excellent car for outdoor adventurers and will make an equally excellent option for bug out use.

    8. Volkswagen Touareg V-10 TDI

    Volkswagen Touareg V-10 TDI

    If you’re looking for a diesel SUV, take a good look at the twin-turbo Volkswagen Touareg V-10 TDI. With over three hundred horsepower and five hundred and fifty torque, the Touareg’s best feature is its excellent towing capacity (it towed a 747 jet).

    Like the Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG, this is more of a luxury vehicle, and as a result, will fetch you a higher price.


    Selecting a bug out vehicle for doomsday comes down to having a criteria of qualities to look for and then narrowing yourself down to specific vehicles that have those qualities.

    These eight vehicles are the best bug out vehicles based on their reliability, practicality, ruggedness, and the fact that they have proven themselves well over the years.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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