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    18 Strange Home Remedies That Really Work

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    18 Strange Home Remedies That Really Work

    You may think that the remedy that grandma swears by is an old wives tale, but have you tried it? While some home remedies may seem ridiculous, often, there is a reason why they work so well.

    Home remedies started emerging during the 18th century when people had limited access to medicine and educated doctors. Many of these remedies included using plants and natural substances to help relieve pain or make life a little bit easier. 

    Think of home remedies of the past as the life hacks of today. Social media is filled with these somewhat simple ways to use different items to help our everyday life. So, don’t assume that grandma’s own hack isn’t valuable just because it is an old idea.

    Learn more about these strange home remedies below.

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    Use Raw Potatoes on Bug Bites

    Itchy bug bites are the worst for those of us on the homestead with animals and livestock. Mosquitoes, biting flies, and ticks are common culprits for insect bites. When you get a bug bite (and you know you will), consider making a quick raw potato poultice to relieve the itch.

    Grate a potato into a piece of cheesecloth and place on the bite until the potato dries out. The natural liquid in the potato should help relieve the skin of itchiness.

    Dab Toothpaste on Bug Bites

    Your nearest tube of minty toothpaste is a great remedy for bug bites. The astringent makeup of the toothpaste helps dry out the bug bite and itchy liquid left behind by the insect. Dab a few bits of toothpaste directly on the bug bite to stop itching quickly.

    Get Rid of Warts With Duct Tape

    Many of us who struggle with warts head to the doctor to get the wart removed with liquid nitrogen. However, there is an easier way to deal with these pesky little bumps that doesn’t hurt as much as freezing them off.

    Warts on the skin are actually a living and breathing virus that requires air to stick around. Apply a piece of duct tape to the wart, making sure to cover it all to slowly suffocate the virus over a few days. Reapply the duct tape after exposure to water, and you’ll be wart-free in no time!

    Take a Spoonful of Sugar for Hiccups

    No, we aren’t Mary Poppins, but she had the right idea when it came to relieving mouth ailments. A 1970s study showed that patients who had hiccups could eat a spoonful of sugar to help stop the annoying spasms.

    It is thought that the sugar affects the vagus nerve and helps your brain stop the hiccups. Eating sugar for hiccups is a sweet home remedy that will, at the very least, boost your mood!

    Combat Foot Odor With Vodka

    Bacteria is the culprit when it comes to stinky feet. Bacteria grows best in dark and warm places, making a shoe the perfect atmosphere for growth.

    Kill the bacteria with a good old spritz of hard alcohol, namely vodka, that also helps dry out those pungent feet. Spray your feet with vodka from a spray bottle, and also spray down any shoes that are particularly smelly.

    Eat Honey to Get Rid of a Cough

    Honey is known as the “perfect food” because it is all-natural and doesn’t expire. It also is a great way to get rid of a cough! Honey is thick enough to coat the throat, so as you eat it, the throat is soothed with honey which should reduce coughing. It is also a sweet treat to have before bedtime as an added bonus!

    Take Ginger for Nausea

    For those of us who get car sick or seasick, ginger is a great item to have on hand to help prevent nausea. You can make ginger tea to sip on or grab some natural ginger pills from your local pharmacy. The ginger pills are usually located next to the other motion sickness medicine and are a natural way to reduce nausea.

    Look Younger With Buttermilk

    Go to your nearest grocery store dairy case to help you look younger! Buttermilk is rich in ascorbic and lactic acid that can help lighten the look of age spots. Dab some buttermilk onto the age spots with a cotton ball, and let the mixture sit on the age spot for about 20 minutes. Try adding some to any wrinkles as well!

    Sprinkle Cinnamon to Get Rid of Ants

    Ants are not a big fan of cinnamon, making it a great way to get rid of ants in the house! Just sprinkle the cinnamon in common areas where ants are gaining access to the home.

    You can also sprinkle it across ant pathways to help ants turn around as well. This is a great way to naturally rid your home of ants without using toxic chemicals.

    Clean Counters With Glass Cleaner

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding had a great idea when it came to using Windex on everything. Windex usually is reserved for glass cleaning, but the ammonia in the mix can also work great to degrease kitchen countertops and cooking surfaces. Just make sure that the countertop is sealed so that the ammonia doesn’t penetrate and soak into natural stones.

    Deter Flies With Cayenne Pepper

    The strong scent of cayenne pepper keeps flies away from the home, which can be a great tip when living on a homestead with animals. Simply mix a cup of water with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper into a bottle and spritz it around the doors and windows of your home to keep flies away. You won’t be able to smell the mixture, but flies will and should steer clear.

    Baby Powder for Greasy Hair

    Don’t have time to shower? Did you run out of dry shampoo? No worries! Just sprinkle some baby powder into your hair to help cut down on greasiness.

    The powder will soak up any excess oils on the scalp and leave a calming scent. Be careful if you have dark hair, though, as too much baby powder can make it look like you have dandruff.

    Make an Avocado Hair Mask for Split Ends

    Damaged hair with split ends can benefit from a hair mask that you can make right in your own kitchen. Mix together half an avocado with a half cup of olive oil into a bowl.

    Apply the mashed-up mixture to the ends of your hair and then rinse after about 30 minutes. The avocado will help seal the hair cuticle, while the olive oil will soften the hair. 

    Put Lavender Oil on Your Pillow for Better Sleep

    Lavender is a proven plant that can calm the mind and help the body rest. The easiest way to get better sleep is to dab a few drops of lavender oil onto a tissue and then slide the tissue into your pillowcase. You’ll smell the lavender oil all night and be off to dreamland in no time.

    Soothe the Squirts With the BRAT Diet

    Diarrhea is no fun no matter what age you are. Plenty of young parents stick with the BRAT diet to help kiddos with loose bowels, and the same is true for all ages.

    BRAT stands for bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast, and those four foods should be eaten when trying to relieve diarrhea. They also are all easier foods to eat, which should help overall digestion discomfort.

    Cure a Cold With Potatoes

    As one of the oldest home remedies, keep this idea in mind the next time you or a family member comes down with a cold or flu.

    Place raw potato slices onto the bottom of the feet and then cover the foot with a sock. The potatoes are supposed to help with reflexology and draw out impurities. It may sound odd, but it is worth a shot!

    Drink Cranberry Juice to Prevent UTIs

    Those that struggle with urinary tract infections should regularly consume cranberry juice to help prevent the issue in the future. Cranberry juice contains a natural ingredient that helps fight off the infection and the bacteria that causes it. It is important to note that cranberry juice is better when taken regularly before a UTI becomes a problem.

    Rub Menthol on the Bottom of Feet

    You can also rub menthol, or Vapor Rub, on the bottom of your feet to help relieve stuffy noses. This hack is usually used by parents of young children who struggle with small airways.

    Simply rub some menthol on the bottom of the foot and cover it with a sock. The menthol will help open the airway, and the placement is said to help clear the body of sickness.

    So, were any of these strange home remedies new to you? While some of these seem a bit off-the-wall, others have become common practice in many homes. Remember that even though you may think it is weird, don’t knock it before you try it!

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