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    24 Easy Survival Hacks Everyone Should Know

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    24 Easy Survival Hacks Everyone Should Know

    One of the most important things you can do to prepare for a disaster is learn some simple survival hacks using everyday items around your house. Such skills may seem meaningless, but in reality, are extraordinarily useful when you don't have the supplies you need.

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    For example, let's say you run out of mouthwash because you simply forgot to stock up on it. If you have hydrogen peroxide on hand, you can use that instead (as long as you dilute it first).

    As this video by Drop Forged Survival shows you, there are many survival hacks that use ordinary household items. Below you'll find a brief summary of the video.

    Hydrogen Peroxide:

    1. Sanitize wounds.
    2. Remove clothing stains (use two parts hydrogen peroxide to one part dish soap, then scrub your clothing before letting it sit for 35-40 minutes).
    3. Product washing (use to sanitize products that you buy at the grocery store).
    4. Clean and disinfect your laundry (just like how you would with bleach).
    5. Use for oral hygiene care either as a mouthwash or gargle (mix one part hydrogen peroxide with one part water).
    6. Use as a toothbrush cleaner (mix with water and then allow your toothbrush to sit in for an hour).
    7. Disinfect your countertop (it’s a good alternative to Lysol).

    Isopropyl Alcohol:

    1. Mix with aloe vera to make hand sanitizer (you can also use ethyl alcohol).
    2. Clean stainless steel sinks and appliances (just rub directly over the surface).
    3. Sanitize electronic devices (just make sure you apply to the flat surfaces only).
    4. DIY ice pack (mix with water and then place in a freezer bag, and the alcohol will not melt).
    5. Odor remover for your footwear (mix with water in a spray bottle and then spray directly into your shoes).
    6. First aid disinfectant (apply to the site of the wound before treating).
    7. Degreaser (remove grease from your kitchen countertops and cooking items).

    100% Vegetable Glycerin:

    1. Soften your skin (this is necessary since we are washing our hands so often – rub this on your hands and let sit for a half-hour to present excessive dryness).
    2. Treating mouth ulcers (glycerin does not have any healing properties for sores, but it can help to keep the area moist so it will not get worse).
    3. Binding agent for hand sanitizer (it bonds very well with alcohol).
    4. Mix with potassium permanganate to make a flammable solution and get a fire going very quickly (use very small amounts, as it is highly flammable).

    Aloe Vera Gel:

    1. Use on your skin and hair for beauty applications (for women).
    2. Apply directly to your beard to use as a shaving cream (for men).
    3. Sunburn relief (apply directly to your sunburned skin).

    Liquor (in general):

    1. Makeshift cure for swimmers ear (pour into your ear, and the alcohol will help to evaporate the water in your ear).
    2. Use as a mouthwash (make sure the alcohol is high concentration, due to the high disinfectant properties).
    3. Use as a sterilizer over a surface such as a table or a kitchen countertop).

    Each of the above items will be immensely valuable for making your everyday and survival efforts easier. For more information, watch the full video by Drop Forged Survival below:

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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