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    6 Wearable Tech Gadgets For When Disaster Strikes

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    6 Wearable Tech Gadgets For When Disaster Strikes

    Everyday seems to bring yet another reason to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. If it's not a virus outbreak that's on the news, then it's a new security threat. Whatever the current crisis, there is no time like the present to update your bug out bag. And wearable gear is almost always better than gear you have to carry around.

    In the immortal words of Benjamin Franklin, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Here are six pieces of wearable tech to help you be prepared and increase your chance of survival when disaster strikes:

    1. Earmuffs

    Although earmuffs probably aren't at the top of your list of must-have items, consider that disasters tend to be loud and your five senses may be your best defense in survival situations.

    The Altus Brands’ Pro Ears are ear protection and then some. These electronic ear covers resemble headphones and allow you to hear what is going on around you while simultaneously shielding your hearing from loud noises, like gunshots or explosions.

    Any noise that is louder than 70 decibels is automatically reduced by half by the set's sound compression technology. The weatherproof circuit board is placed inside the set and there are no external wires to catch on things or become damaged as you move around. If you're in a situation where the noise level is high, these earmuffs can prevent serious damage to your hearing.

    2. Solar Backpack

    An ingenious apparatus, a solar pack functions like a regular backpack, but is equipped to harness sunlight and convert it into power. The exterior of the sack is lined with lightweight, flexible solar panels that absorb sunlight and store the energy in a battery for later use.

    Most packs generate about 6 watts of power, which can be used to charge small electronics through a USB adapter. This means you can be completely self-sufficient without giving up all of your electronic devices when on the move.

    3. Heated Insoles

    In addition to needing to care for your hearing, you also need to tend to your most natural mode of transportation — your feet. Particularly in cold climates, your feet are susceptible to wear and tear as well as frostbite.

    The ThermaCELL ProFlex Heated Insole slips into your shoe or boot to easily add extra padding to your footwear as it warms your lower extremities.

    4. Smartwatch

    A smartwatch like the Samsung Gear S can keep you up to date on the news of the disaster, give you access to maps and GPS to help guide you to safe ground and keep you in communication with your loved ones. You can also monitor your health stats, heart rate and sleep, which is important in a high-risk, high-stress environment.

    5. Rechargeable Headlamp

    Undoubtedly, you need a portable light when disaster strikes. Whether it is the sun that goes down or the entire electrical grid, a headlamp can light the way. A rechargeable, multi-beam headlamp like the NAO headlamp may be your most reliable choice.

    This wearable tech automatically adjusts its brightness to suit your current environment, offers up to 575 lumens, has a long burn life and uses a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

    6. Water Filtration Pack

    To top off your bug out basics, you need a device that allows you to top off your drinking glass. In most disaster and survival scenarios, clean water becomes of the utmost importance. However, traditional water filtration systems are bulky and awkward to transport.

    The FFD water filtration pack can be worn as a backpack or chest pack, is small and compact and houses a water filtration system that is operated by a handheld pump.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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