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    7 Myths About Preppers Debunked

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    7 Myths About Preppers

    Preppers are without question among the most stereotyped people in the world. When the word ‘prepper’ or ‘doomsday prepper’ comes to mind, we often think of crazy people living in a well-stocked cabin in the woods, just waiting for the apocalypse to happen.

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    But the truth is that while a small handful of preppers may meet that description, most preppers are just ordinary people who follow the mantra of “hope for the best but prepare for the worst” and make a few extra provisions and preparations in case the worst happens.

    This video by Rogue Preparedness explains and debunks seven big myths about preppers in particular. Here they are:

    1. Preppers Are Scared

    Most preppers are hopeful for the future and live normal lives. They’re just also aware that things could get bad (i.e. pandemics and mass rioting), so they prepare accordingly. In fact, many of them are decidedly not scared because they know they'll be ready if a disaster strikes.

    2. Preppers Are Selfish

    Preppers are not the ones hoarding or clearing out the shelves. Rather, most preppers are the ones who have made small but consistent additions to their stockpiles over time to the point where they eventually have a lot. It's the non-preppers who panic and start hoarding toilet paper at the last minute.

    Simply put, a prepper is not a panic buyer (at least usually not). Most preppers are prepared to help others in times of crisis.

    3. Preppers Hide Away In Bunkers

    As stated previously, most preppers live normal lives in normal homes. Sure, a few preppers have bunkers like you may have seen on TV, but the overwhelming majority do not.

    4. Preppers Want Something Bad To Happen

    Not at all. Preppers simply understand that major disasters are inevitable. No matter where you live, eventually there will be some sort of crisis there. Knowing this, preppers prepare accordingly.

    5. All Preppers Are Heavily Armed

    Sure, many preppers stockpile ammunition and firearms, but not all do. Some preppers may only own a small handful of firearms, or in some cases, no firearms at all. Many preppers also invest in security measures to protect their property, and there’s nothing wrong with enhancing the defense of your home (since most American homes are very easy to break into).

    6. All Preppers Are Preparing For The End of the World

    Most preppers prepare for specific events that they feel are more likely to happen, such as a job loss, social unrest, economic recessions, natural disasters relevant to their area, and so on. The term ‘end of the world’ is heavily romanticized in movies and books.

    7. You Have To Be A Certain Type of Person To Be A Prepper

    Also not true. Anyone can be a prepper. You don’t need to have a certain personality or a certain background to be a prepper. Preppers come from literally all walks of life, and anyone is welcome in the preparedness community.

    For a more detailed discussion, be sure to watch the full video by Rogue Preparedness below.

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    Want To Prep But Not Sure Where To Begin?

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