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General Survival

3 Day Emergency Preps
72 Hour Supplies
Aids to Survival
All Hazard Preparedness Workbook
Becoming Self Sufficient
Canada 11 Steps to Survival
Captain Dave's Survival Guide
Common Sense Guide To Being Prepared
Compact Survival Kit
Complete Outdoorsman's Handbook
Disaster Handbook
Emergency Preparedness Checklist
Emergency Preparedness Manual
Emergency Supplies Checklist
Family Disaster Facts
Family Emergency Handbook
Family Emergency Plan Template
FEMA – Are You Ready?
FRC Preparedness Handbook
General Supplies
How to Prepare for Any Disaster
LA Fire Department Emergency Preparedness
LDS Preparedness
Mini Urban Survival Kit
National Security Emergencies
Surviving in the City
You Will Survive Doomsday


Animals for Food
Building Plans for Poultrymen
Farm Buildings
Furriers Friend Tanning Hides
Geyelin's Poultry Breeding
Handbook On Cutting Lamb
Homemade Traps And Snares
How to Clean a Fish
How to Render Animal Fat
How To Salt Fish
Plans For A Beekeeping System
Practical Farm Buildings
Practical Pointers On Livestock
Raising Rabbits
Skinning and Dressing Rabbits
Tanning Deer Hides


Bass Pro Shop Radio Guide
Best Buy FRS Radio Guide
Disaster Communications
Disaster Communications 2
Hams to the Rescue
How to Buy a Two Way Radio
Radio Info
Reconnecting After Disaster
Shortwave Radio 101
Shortwave Radio Handbook
Survival Communication 101
Survival Communications Primer


Belgian Cook Book
Genesee Valley Cookbook
Kenton Cookbook
Modern Women of America Cookbook
Native American Health Recipes
Pleasantville Cook Book
Riverside Recipe Book
Second Parish Cookbook
Vegetarian Cook Book
Westminster Cook Book

Cooking Methods

Alternate Cooking Methods
Base Camp Trail Stove
Bush Fungus Stove
Cook Stove Construction
Double Drum Sawdust Stove
Dutch Ovens
Emergency Bread
Expedient Cooking
Fireless Cooker
Food Bucket Stove
Plumber's Stove
Rocket Stove
Sawdust Burning Stove
Thermos Bottle Cooking

Energy, Fire, Light

Biodiesel Safety
Bow Drill
Brooks Solar Living
Build Your Own Generator
Candle Making
Cheat Solar Power
Choosing a Back Up Generator
Coal Extenders
Concentrated Solar Thermal Power
Emergency Power Options
Fighting Fire
Fire by Can
Fire Safety
Flint Steel and Battery
Foot Power
Generator Sizing WP
Getting Started In Solar
Heat, Light and Power
Home Heating In An Emergency
Home Power Magazine
Homemade Windmills
How Much Is Enough
Living Without Electricity
Low Voltage Living
Making Charcoal
Power Outage Checklist
Power Outages
Prepared For Fire
Solar Power
Solar Water Heater
SunWize RVkits specsheet
Tinder Fungus
Water Proof Matches
What if the Electricity Goes Off?
Winter Power Failure
Wood Gas Generator

Food and Storage

3 Month Supply Of Food
Building a Solar Food Dryer
Canning and Preserving
Canning, Preserving and Pickling
Dehydrating Food
Emergency Food and Water
Emergency Food for Babies
Emergency Preparedness Food
Essential Nutrient Sources
Family Food Storage
Food Storage for 1 Year
Food Storage for Survival
Food Storage in the Home
Food Storage and Rodents
Freezer Bag Meals
Get Ready Now
Grain Dehuller
Grain Thresher
Grains And Legumes
Growing and Harvesting Wheat
Hand Operated Winnower
How To Dry Fruits And Vegetables
How To Build A Solar Crop Dryer
Improvised Grain Mill
Keeping Food Safe to Eat
Making an Oil Press
Mylar Bag Sealing Methods
One Year Emergency Food Supply
Peddle Operated Grain Mill
Plant Identification
Preserving Vegetables
Pumpkin Cultivation And Handling
Shelf Life of Food Storage
Solar Cabinet Dryer
Solar Food Drying
Stocking Food
Stocking For Small Spaces
Storage of Wheat
Survival Food Storage
TACDA Emergency Food and Water
Vacuum Packing Seed


4-H Gardening Project
10×10 Free Vegetable Garden Plan
20×20 Free Vegetable Garden Plan
A Better Way to Gardening
Amateur Garden
Backyard Greenhouse
Building a Hydroponic Garden
Clemson – Planning a Garden
Container Gardening 1
Container Gardening 2
Container Gardening Vegetables
Cultivating Vegetables
Drip Irrigation for Home Gardens
Garden Farming
Getting Along With Your Garden
Growing Container Vegetables
Growing Mini Gardens
Growing Sweet Corn
Growing Vegetables at Home
Growing Vegetables Basics
Growing Vegetables from Seed
Growing Vegetables in Containers
Growing Vegetables in Gardens
Growing Vegetables Organically
Growing Voluptuous Vegetables
Home Vegetable Gardening
How To Make Fertilizer
Intro to Drip Irrigation
Keeping Food Safe in an Emergency
NC State – Growing Vegetables
NC State – Home Vegetables
Organic Gardening
Planning Your Garden
Planting a Home Vegetable Garden
Raised Bed Gardening
Short Season Vegetable Gardening
SM Space Gardening
Small Plastic Greenhouses
Start a Small Garden
Start a Vegetable Garden
Start Garden Transplants
Test The Soil First
The Fall Vegetable Garden
Vegetable Garden Basics

Health, Medical, Sanitation

Animal Bites First Aid
Base Camp Hygiene and Health
Bee Stings
Bird Flu Diagnosis and Hygiene
Blisters First Aid
Burns First Aid
CPR Instructions
Diabetes Disaster Guidelines
Edible Medicinal Plants
Emergency Childbirth
Emergency War Surgery
Face Masks
First Aid and Minor Injuries
First Aid For Soldiers
Flu Home Treatment
Home Remedies
Home Treatment of Influenza
Isolation Planning
Making Soap
Management of Asthma
Mass Casualty Planning
Medical Emergencies
Medical NBC Battlebook
Pantry Pests
Survival Medicine
Survival Wilderness Medicine
Using Safe Burial Practices
War Medicine
Wilderness Med Kit


BOB Survival Kit
Bug Out Bag
Bug Out Vehicle Basics
Camp Life in the Woods
Community Mitigation
Dangerous Animals
Desert Awareness
Earthquake Preparedness Guide
Extreme Cold Prevention
Flood Preparation
Get Out Of Dodge
Handbook of Knots and Splices
Household Discoveries
How to Avoid Getting Lost
How To Find Your Way
Injurious Plants
Knife Sharpening
Knot Tying
Knots For Camping Climbing Utility
Pioneering Knots and Lashings
Poisonous Plants
Preparing for People With Disabilities
Preparing Your Pets
Signaling And Direction Finding
Snow Shelters
Surviving Terrorism
Wilderness Survival Techniques
Winter Survival
Winter Survival In Your Car

Nuclear, Biological, Chemical

11 Steps to Nuclear Survival
CBR Nuclear War Survival
Chemical Emergencies
Effects of Nuclear War
EMP Commission 7MB
EMP Executive Report
EMP Preventable
EMP Threats 2010
Fallout Protection
Family Fallout Shelter
FEMA CBR Nuclear War Survival
FEMA H20 Protection
FEMA Nuclear Survival
High Altitude EMP Assessment
Nuclear Weapons Effects
Pandemic Flu Citizen's Guide
Radiological Defense Preparedness
Radiological Defense Officer's Course
Recovery From Nuclear Attack
SM-12f Home Fallout Shelter
Social Distancing And Pandemic Readiness
Survive NBC
Threat to U.S. from an EMP Attack
What if Nuclear War is Imminent

Official Manuals

Canada CD Notebook
Canada CD Operations
Canada CD Public Information
FM 3-06 Urban Combat
FM 3-3-1 Nuclear Contamination
FM 3-4 NBC Protection
FM 3-5 NBC Decontamination
FM 3-9 Chemical/Biological
FM 3-11-4 Mulitiservice Tactics
FM 4-02 Nuclear Casualties
FM 4-25-11
FM 5-20 Camouflage
FM 7 NBC Field Handbook
FM 8-50 Bandaging
FM 8-284 Treatment of Casualties
FM 21-10 Field Hygeine
FM 21-11 First Aid for Soldiers
FM 21-75 Combat Skills
FM 21-76 Survival Manual
FM 21-150 Combatives
FM 90-10-1 Combat
US Army Dairy
United States Marine Survival
US Marine Corps MCRP 3-02F
US Marine Corps MSVX.02.01

Self Defense, Weapons

1911 Notebook
AR-15 vs Mini-14
Be Your Own Bodyguard
Choosing a Weapon
Citizen's Homeland Defense Guide I
Citizen's Homeland Defense Guide II
Combat Survival and Evasion
Field Stripping the AR-15
FN High Capacity 45
Glock Versus M1911
Homeland Defense 45
How To Build An AR-15
KS Weaponary
Marlin 336
Military Operations On Urbanized Terrain
Outdoor Life Survival Guns
Secrets Of Street Self-Defense
Selecting A Handgun
Smith & Wesson Sigma SW9VE
Springfield XD Review
Ruger SR9
Stag Review
STG Article
Survival Battery
Survival Firearm
Survival Guns
Survival Weapons
Tactical Ready Guide


Basement Shelter
Build a Fallout Shelter
Build a Shelter
Family Shelter Series PSD F-61-2
Family Shelter Series PSD F-61-3
Family Shelter Series PSD F-61-4
Family Shelter Series PSD F-61-5
Family Shelter Series PSD F-61-6
Family Shelter Series PSD F-61-7
Family Shelter Series PSD F-61-8
Home Shelter Above Ground
Home Shelter Outside Concrete
In Home Shelter Manual
Seven Primitive Survival Shelters
Shelter Management Handbook
Strengthening Exterior Doors
Survival Wilderness Shelter Types
Taking Shelter
Wilderness Shelter Types

US Army Manuals

US Army Aviation Survival Part 1
US Army Aviation Survival Part 2
US Army Aviation Survival Part 3
US Army Aviation Survival Part 4
US Army Corps Of Engineers
US Army Food Deterioration
US Army Frame Structures
US Army Fresh Fruits Vegetables
US Army Mountaineering
US Army Poultry
US Army Preservation of Foods
US Army Red Meats
US Army Shell Eggs
US Army Storage And Sanitation
US Army TC 21-3
US Army Water Foods


Build a Hand Pump
CDC Drink Safe Water
Home Made Berkey Water Filter
DIY Home Plumbing Repair
Emergency Disinfection of Water
Emergency Water Purification
How To Make A Solar Still
How to Purify Water
Priming the Berkey Filter
Purification Of Water On A Small Scale
Purify Water in an Emergency
Rainwater Harvesting
Simple Solar Still
Slow Sand Filters
Solar Photovotaics
Solar Water Heater
Water FAQ
Water Getting Started
Water Purification
Water Survival Course
Water Treatment
Wind Machine for Pumping Water