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    5 Guns The Government Doesn’t Want You To Have

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    5 Guns the Government Doesn’t Want You to Have

    The American public is becoming more and more volatile. The government sees that, and they are paying attention. The last thing the government wants is an armed population that decides to turn on the seated power structure. 

    This is why the government is cracking down on certain guns. In this article, we are going to look at five guns the government doesn’t want you to have. 

    They Are Ignorant

    Luckily, we are still governed and represented by the people. I know many would argue that, but it is the case in large part. The people who most vehemently oppose guns and gun rights are largely ignorant on the subject. They are governing through emotion. They see people with guns do a terrible thing and they wanna get rid of the weapon that did the terrible thing. 

    Being so far removed from how guns operate really hurts their effort. We have all heard a soundbite from a representative or a governor who says something outrageous like, “a 30 round magazine means you can fire 30 bullets in one second.”

    All that said, these are the same people who have collected an exhaustive list of guns, magazines, stocks, and rounds that they think should be banned. 

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    But They Are Learning

    All that said, these people are learning. They are starting to understand. They are gaining the knowledge and their tactics are getting better.

    We see firearms manufacturers taking heat. We see longer and longer lists of guns and parts that are being restricted in proposed legislature. We even see them looking to affect ammo production as a means of instituting a kind of backdoor gun control.

    5 Guns the Government Doesn’t Want You to Have


    AR-15 On Blanket
    Image via mr.smashy / CC BY-NC 2.0

    This semiautomatic rifle chambered in 5.56 is public enemy number one. You would think that the AR-15 was the weapon most used in gun violence but that is hardly the case. It is incredible to watch the way the AR-15 take so much heat. 

    There is no denying that this rifle winds up on the headlines alongside some of the high profile mass shooters. That is what has given it such a terrible name in the media and put it in the sights, if you will, of those looking to ban dangerous guns

    This weapon is most certainly number one on the list of guns the government doesn’t want you to own. However, this does not make up just one brand or even one type of firearm. Instead, there are numerous brands making a semiautomatic rifle chambered in 5.56 or even .300 blackout with 16 inch barrels and rails outfitted for sights, lights, grips and other accessories. 

    Look, the firearm and the round are effective, the gas impingement system is a marvel, but it is the look of the gun that makes it such a point of focus. It is also the mass production and accessibility to these guns. They can be bought or built. 

    AR Pistols

    Man Holding AR Pistol
    Image via ClassicFirearms

    The only thing the government fears more than an AR-15 with a 16-inch barrel is the one that is designated as a pistol and features 10 inch, 8 inch, or even smaller barrels. These guns can fit in smaller gun cases, discreet backpacks, and operate the same as the full sized AR-15

    Of course, with a shorter barrel you sacrifice accuracy, and the gun is near deafening! 

    The AR pistol works the same way that an AR-15 works. It is a gas-powered firearm. The market for these smaller platforms has exploded in the last 5-10 years. Because this gun is designated as a pistol, you do not have to jump through the hoops to own an SBR or short barreled rifle. Instead, you can buy an AR pistol in the same way you would buy any other handgun

    For an SBR, you have to get government involved and pay for the right to own this type of gun. 

    Mag Fed Tactical Shotguns

    12 Gauge Tactical Shotgun
    Image via Tactical Toolbox

    The 12 gauge shotgun was the weapon that was recommended for home defense by our very own president Joe Biden. He said that anyone who breaks in your house will think twice when they hear that shotgun chamber a round. 

    So, you can do with that what you like.

    When you make that shotgun look a little bit different, feed it with magazines and give it a front grip, well, things change. Now that same 12 gauge shotgun becomes a weapon that the government does not want you to have. 

    These weapons share that same characteristic that our gun grabbing-government does not like. The look. The gun looks different, it looks scary, therefore it should be banned. Of course, these weapons are not used in mass shootings or even regularly used in violent crime. 

    That still makes this one of the guns that the U.S. government doesn’t want you to have. 


    AK-47 Assault Rifle
    Image via Brian nairB / CC BY 2.0

    You would think the perennial weapon of the “villain” would be way more hated and scorned than the weapon of the modern military hero, which is the AR-15. Don’t get me wrong, the AK-47 is most certainly a gun the government doesn’t want you to have. 

    In their eyes, this semi-automatic rifle chambered in a pulverizing 7.62 round is dangerous, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the scary black weapon we discussed at the beginning of this article. 

    The AK-47 is a gas powered semiautomatic rifle that was actually developed way back in 1947 in the Soviet Union. It’s a pretty old gun that still get the job done in modern times. Those who own and operate the firearm know that it's fun to shoot and also incredibly durable. It has a reputation of being able to fire a round in almost all conditions. 

    It is estimated that there are 100 million firearms from the Kalashnikov (AK: Avtomat Kalashnikova) family. Your government would love to see them all scooped up and taken away.

    Scary Looking SMGs

    Man Holding Submachine Gun

    In the eyes of the government, largely, there is NO REASON to have an AR-15. Well, with that logic, you would have a much harder time selling them on the idea of a submachine gun. SMGs are just awesome this day and age. They also come from a long line of weapons that are still great today, like the HK MP5 or an Uzi. 

    I had the opportunity to shoot a SIG MPX this summer and this was a very interesting take on the SMG. The submachine gun is a small firearm that usually fires a 9mm round or a .45 ACP. They usually have a magazine with 20-30 round capacity. 

    The CZ Scorpion is an example of a more modern take on the submachine gun. These magazine fed semi-automatic or fully automatic carbines have tons of potential. What the government hates most about them is their compact nature. They are small and easy to conceal, but devastating

    Bonus: 80% Lowers

    80% Lower

    The beauty of 80% milled lower is that it is not actually a gun. In the eyes of the law, this is a lump of metal that does not require a license. However, if you have the right jig and drill press, then you can turn that 80% lower into a functioning firearm. 

    The reason this is a big deal, and the main reason the government hates them and wants them banned, is because you can buy 80% lowers without a background check, and any of the other hoops you have to jump through to own a gun where you live.

    After milling out an 80% lower, you will still need to buy a lower parts kit or have those parts at home. You will need an upper portion to attach to the lower. You will also need to know how to assemble all of these parts into a working firearm. 

    I know that sounds like fantasy, but it is not. Of course, not everyone can just mill out a piece of metal and turn it into a fully functioning firearm. Not everyone will. Some do. 

    Will They Ever Get the Guns? 

    I think the best bet for “banning” guns in America would be a cultural shift. This shift is happening already. That is the worrisome part. The best time to buy the guns that the government doesn’t want you to have would have been yesterday. 

    Even if guns aren’t banned, people are seeing the pressure that is being applied to the industry. The people themselves are buying so many firearms that it is affecting availability and price. The struggling supply chain is not making things any better. 

    Rising costs are only going to continue from here on out. If you truly aspire to build out a serious arsenal of guns, then you should start prioritizing that. Between legislation that affects manufacture, ammo, ownership, and any other creative way they can strain the market, access to firearms is simply going to become more and more pricey as time goes on. 


    The second amendment is the most important in the entire bill of rights. That is because without the second amendment, the people have no means of protecting the rest of the bill of rights. This is also what makes it such a target. 

    We covered a handful of weapons that the government doesn’t want you to have, but understand that these guns are just the beginning. They are not interested in taking some of the guns. They want ALL the guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. 

    Then the only people who will have them are military, LEOs, and criminals. 

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