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Although survivalists are usually portrayed as paranoid conspiracy theorists by the main stream media, during a crisis they are heroes.

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Department of Agriculture poster Take a look at this poster. The U.S. Department of Agriculture printed and distributed it during the Great Depression. At that time the country was suffering terribly and soup kitchens were being stretched to the limit. There was a desperate need for regular people to pick up the slack, so the government actually encouraged them to raise chickens, grow gardens, and can food. Nowadays, local governments are actually trying to stop people from growing gardens on their own property or arresting them for harvesting rainwater from their own roofs.

There was a time when everyone was expected to be a “survivalist.” If there was a disaster or a long-term crisis, people were expected to take care of themselves and each other because it wasn’t possible for the government to take care of everyone. But now that we have things like welfare and Medicaid, few people bother to be self-reliant because they think if something terrible happens, someone else will help them. The problem with this attitude is that one day the government won’t be able to take care of everyone, and communities may rely on those “crazy preppers” for survival. The more preppers there are, the easier it will be on everyone. 

Consider FEMA’s pathetic response after hurricane Katrina. Governments tend to be slow and inefficient, particularly in situations like that. But if average citizens all had a 72-hour kits with food and water purifiers, there wouldn’t have been near as much suffering. For every survivalist, there is one less person waiting in line for food or water, which makes life easier for everyone.

Consider a couple other areas of survivalism where everyone benefits. When more people have first aid kits and know how to use them, less people die because the hospitals aren’t as overwhelmed. Or when people have guns to defend their homes, the police won’t be spread too thin.

The point of all this is that the world needs survivalists. There are certain to be more disasters, and I’m positive another economic crisis is coming. But if you’re able to take care of yourself, you won’t be a drain on others and society will recover more quickly. You might even say it’s your civic duty to be more self-reliant, as the Department of Agriculture once believed.

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  • Chuck Culbertson

    Hey Alen,
                   Just started reading your site today and very impressed . I just wish I could of found it sooner. I think you are really on the right track with the idea of making this as current as possible and keeping us informed with what is going on. looking forward to your articles.
                God Bless, Chuck

  • Kalev Neigaus

    I like your idea very much! :)

  • Groningen

    Good idea! God bless you. Greetings from Groningen, The Netherlands :)