For me, the best thing about smartphones is that no matter where I am—sitting in a traffic jam, waiting for a movie to start at the theater, or even in the bathroom—I have something to read. In looking for more things to read, I’ve discovered a lot of survival apps you might want to check out.

American Medical Aid – The authoritative reference of what to do when faced with a medical need, emergency or otherwise. Available on: iPhone.

American Survivalist – Whether you’re new to preparedness and survivalist concepts or a seasoned prepper, you’ll find an abundance of enlightening and useful topics and functions contained in this application to get you started and help keep you informed and alerted to what’s going on in America today. Available on: Droid.

CB Radio Chat Test – This allows you to chat with users close-by or around the world. Don’t expect real CB channels (or truckers) here, but the app brings the spirit of CB communication to your phone. Available on: Droid.

CPR & Choking – New CPR videos that incorporate the latest guidelines issued by the American Heart Association. Available on: Droid, iPhone.

Disaster Alert – This provides a listing and interactive map of Active Hazards occurring around the globe. Additional hazard information can be viewed and shared. Available on: Droid, iPhone.

Disaster Caster – This easy to use App the will instruct your family and friends what to do if there is an Earthquake, Extreme Weather Event, or a Terror Attack. Available on: iPhone.

Disaster Readiness – This must-have app will help you and loved ones rebound from almost any disaster, anywhere, quickly and safely. Available on: iPhone.

Emergency Radio – More than just a police scanner, Emergency Radio has live police, fire, EMS, railroad, air traffic, NOAA weather, coast guard, and other emergency frequencies. Available on: iPhone.

EMS BLS Field Guide – EMS Basic Life Support now with AHA Updates for ACLS Algorithms, Stroke and CPR AHA Updates for ACLS Algorithms, Stroke, and CPR. Available on: Droid, iPhone.

First Aid Pocket Guide – This app was created by professional ambulance paramedics to help in medical emergency situations. Available on: iPhone.

First Aid White Cross – An easy to use application that will allow you to correctly handle an emergency situation. All the basic information you need for the correct handling of an emergency case is illustrated and shortly described. Available on: iPhone.

GotoAID – With a database of over 400 topics, interactive tools, and report generators, GotoAID brings immediate access to first aid information for you and your pets. Available on: Droid, iPhone.

iTriage Mobile Health – Created by two emergency room physicians to help people answer health questions such as “What do I have?” and “Where do I go?” Available on: Droid, iPhone.

Medicinal Herbs – Medicinal plants, herbal remedies & natural supplements have always been a healthy source of life. Available on: iPhone.

Pocket First Aid & CPR – Whether you’re at home or on the road, the American Heart Association’s Pocket First Aid & CPR app is at your fingertips with concise, clear instructions to care for you and your loved ones. Available on Droid, iPhone.

SAS Survival Guide – For over twenty years, the SAS Survival Guide has been the definitive guide to surviving any situation, anywhere in the world. Available on: iPhone.

Survival Pocket Reference – This app provides a quick reference guide on basic survival, evasion, first aid and recovery information. Available on: iPhone.

U.S. Army Survival Guide – The U.S. Army knows how to train their personnel to survive. Their field manual is the most authoritative guide on survival. This app is over 1,400 pages and provides a complete reference guide on basic survival, evasion, first aid and recovery information. Available on: Droid, iPhone.

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