Lately it’s been hard for me to understand how, with all the looming disasters facing the world, people seem completely oblivious. Even people confronted with the facts seem apathetic. It seems the MSM and all the other distractions of modern society have numbed the populace into a zombie-like state. Unfortunately, most people won’t realize how grave our situation is until it’s too late. I just found this video recently, and it sums up some of my feelings and concerns.

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  • Scott R

    Urban Alan thanks for posting this, I will agree that many people are very detached, Most people will not look 5 minutes into their own future let alone 6 months ahead. We have serious problems facing us but no one cares.

    Scott R

  • Privileged

    I agree about collapse but I unlike many I think it is positive. The natural world which provides our existence needs collapse and last time I checked a person couldn’t eat or drink precious metals.