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One of my favorite Youtube users is ThePatriotNurse. She is an experienced, registered nurse who makes great videos on medical prepping for disaster scenarios and instructions for medical care after the shtf. I highly recommend subscribing to her videos as she covers many important topics such as diseases, medicines, first aid, medical equipment, survival baby care, and more.

Since the focus of this site is more on prepping, I want to share three videos of hers that cover most things you should have in your medical survival kit. The list is not exhaustive as it leaves out some of the more advanced medical equipment, but it’s a fantastic start.

Update: Since I made this post, embedding was disabled for the first video, but you can click “Watch on Youtube” and see them there. The others still work.

One Year Urban Survival Plan


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  • Conyard

    I think the point that is being made is don’t be the “average person”. : )

One Year Urban Survival Plan