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Recently I came across Analytical Survival’s Youtube channel. You can view it here. He created the Core Survival Series, 12 videos that explain his survival gear layout in detail. I suggest you adapt the information in these videos to your particular situation.

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The first video, “Survival – Essential Concepts,” is an overview of how to develop a survival plan, gather your gear, and prepare your mind for the next crisis. Most people think if there is a major disaster like a nuclear war, they won’t survive it (and they comfort themselves by assuming it won’t ever happen). But the fact is, most people survive the initial disaster and end up dying a slow death. Unless, of course, they decide ahead of time that they will survive and prepare accordingly.

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One Year Urban Survival Plan


Everstryke Match

  • Bubs

    I recommend a good old fashioned pri-bar and a cheater pipe to fit over to add extra leverage. Also might think about a hand held sledge