I’m not anti-government. I believe the government has three very important purposes: the police, to protect us from criminals—the military, to protect us from foreign invaders—and the courts, to settle disputes. But that’s it. These three functions were put into place to protect our rights. Any role beyond these three can only take away our rights. Unfortunately, if a government is left unchecked it will grow far beyond these roles and continue to take more and more rights until they are all gone, or until there is a revolution.

By its very nature, an unchecked government will always crave more power. But in order to gain more power, its subjects have to become more dependent on it. This is the real purpose behind the redistribution of wealth, the nationalization of healthcare, and the disarmament of citizens. If eventually all food and supplies are rationed, health care is given out by permission, and citizens rely on the police to protect them from criminals, the unchecked government will have reached its goal: a country full of people who need the government in order to survive.

I'm From The Government...
I’m telling you this so you’ll understand why governments do not have a favorable view of survivalists. A group of true survivalists can feed themselves, give each other medical care, and defend themselves from criminals. They don’t need the government. In an all-out dictatorship, this will not be allowed. There is a reason why dictators like Hitler, Lenin, Mao and Stalin wanted to disarm their citizens and herd them into the cities: People who own weapons and move about freely are hard to control.

Now if you think the government wants to control you because they care about you, then by all means go find the nearest FEMA camp after the SHTF. But don’t complain when you get your daily ration of stale bread, your used cot in a crowded gym, and your lack of medical attention when you desperately need it. A government run amok doesn’t care about you; it only cares about controlling you. People who don’t understand this will not make it an urban survival situation.

Keep in mind I’m talking about worst-case scenarios. If there is a situation like an earthquake or a hurricane, you probably won’t need to hide from the government. But if hyperinflation happens, if certain people are being rounded up, or if WWIII breaks out, you should avoid becoming a refugee at all costs! People who rely on the government are far more likely to end up dead than people who rely on themselves and/or family and friends.

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  • Adtic

    I love this article. very few people realize this,the government is not your friend. there was a reason slaves were not allowed to read, so they could not read their constitution and rights. get a gun and become self reliant, DO NOT RELEY ON THE GOVERNMENT TO TAKE CARE OF YOU, AND READ THE CONSTITUTION, ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS OFF ALL TIME!!!! BOY WOULD THE GOVERNMENT HATE ME, IF I DIE DONT THINK IT WAS AN ACCIDENT !!!!

  • alanz11

    True, you can’t rely on the government and the Constitution is a great read, but you might be a little paranoid. 

  • Anon

    Only the paranoid survive worst case scenarios & they happen regulary enough throughout history.