If the dollar collapses, it will be the largest inflationary disaster in history. In fact, it will be the first economic disaster to affect every single person in the world. Since the dollar is the reserve currency of the world, its collapse would mean global hyperinflation. No one knows just how painful that would be, but we can all agree it would be very, very bad. If this happens and you’re stocked up on enough supplies, you might be able to stay home and ride it out until order is restored. But if you are in any of these five places, you should move.

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  • WorriedInTN

    I like this video and thank you for putting it out there. I hate to admit that I do not want to “like” it on my FB page for fear of looking looking crazy as none of my close friends seem to be on the same page as my husband and myself. I am trying to go on living my day to day life but it is becoming harder and harder not to think about preparing; it is always on my mind. I am storing food, learning how to can, bake bread. I got my first gun a few days ago, something I swore I would never do with 2 young children at home. I. AM. SCARED.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be scared. Even though things look bad and we should be prepared for the worst, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world. Remember, most people made it through the Great Depression, life in Soviet Russia, etc. We prepare for the worst so we can continue living and enjoying life, so if you’re not enjoying life now you’re missing the point. Just do what you can to get ready, but don’t forget to enjoy the little things.

  • Bob Hathaway

    I viewed your video with interest but I have to disagree on your selection of Israel as one of the worst places to be. Israel is one of the most economically stable nations in the world at this time. It has almost not been affected by the economic downturn in the world. It produces some 95 percent of what it consumes and so will have no shortages. It also has some of the world’s largest gas reserves so no problem with heat, production and power. It produces the majority of medications that the world consumes. It has desalination plants so no water shortages. Yes, it has muslim terrorist enemies living within its borders but there is no nation in the ME that can stand up against its military. While the muslims teach their kids to hate and kill, the Jews teach their kids to live. They have been through this before with many powerful nations coming against them in their history and they have learned how to survive. It is inbred. But the most important thing is that their G-d has prophesied exactly what the video portrays and HE says Israel will survive. I guess that about sums it all up.

  • Anonymous

    You make some good points. I’ve always worried that if the dollar crashes and the U.S. can’t pay for troops, then we’d have to leave Israel alone in the ME thus it’d be a dangerous place to be. Then again, I’ve never been there so I’m no expert.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Miller/100000952005408 Bruce Miller

    Money Troubles80% of all Americans live withing 40 miles of a
    Uranium fissioning, humanocidal waste accumulating, reactor. American
    reactors storing up to four times their design capacities for
    homicidal wastes at the moment, and no solution yet devised, no
    solution implement-able. As financial belts are tightened, costly
    security lessened just where are we going? This represents a “Hidden
    Deficit” the cost for remediation far beyond the money earned
    selling the electricity produced.Polluted country-side, something
    few urban Americans ever consider, guaranteeing there will be no
    place to go to, to escape the impending horrors! Remember: Even
    Canada is under snow more than half the year, and has been hunted,
    fished clean already!Pan Eurasian Empire is growing at an
    alarming rate, very rapid population increases, mostly small bodied
    folk living much closer to the ground than Americans, on minimal
    caloric intake, very little meat in their diets, and sustainable in
    their own environments – something few Americans can claim.China
    dropping U.S. “Paper” rapidly now, and Japan buying into
    the Yuan and Chinese securities in place of their former U.S ‘paper”.
    Russia trades freely in Yuan now, not U.S. Dollars, and many smaller
    countries are following suit, Vietnam most notable one.The
    boiling pot is in the U.S. Alone.